Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Christmas Quickie

Just wanted to say Hi and wish everyone a very Merry Christmas. It's been a long, fun, and exciting day (bunch of pics in my hiplog). We took way more than the necessary amount of pictures and hopefully I'll get to put them up sometimes soon...and maybe (if I even dare) I'll put up some video of the god awful karoke that took place as well (but dont get your hopes up).

Hope everyone got to spend time with their family, friends, and loved ones and had a wonderful day.

I've been M.I.A. in the El Jay community for a couple weeks now.....now it's time to catch up.


Thursday, December 14, 2006

Tis the season!

This is gonna be really quick cause I have to get back to work soon.

I just wanted to write and say Hi Hi Hi! Christmas season has been crazy so far and been full of partying, goodies, & friends. I wish people wouldn't make it so commercial, though. It makes me really sad when people forget why this holiday is so special to begin with. It always just makes me so thankful to have all the friends and family that I do. I can't tell you how much I just want to tell everyone that they are so special to me. Ok, I'm a lil cheesy, but I can't help it. I just, sometimes, tend to dwell on the things that are so problematic in my life, and when I really sit down and think...I realize that I am so lucky and so blessed. So yeah, I just wanted to say that...maybe get some other people thinkin on that too.

I can't believe how many parties and how many events I have this month. I'll give you a quick rundown:

---Last night I worked another Hpnotiq event at the new Swarovski store @ Rockafeller Center for their grand opening. It was a private showing so the clientelle was a lil on the snooty side, but I enjoyed talking to a lot of them. They were more friendly than I would have expected (unlike the events I've worked at Tourneau), so it wasn't really torturous. The stuff they had on display was really pretty...a lil too glitz for me, but I can still appreciate it. I liked watching the ice skating on the rink right outside and across from the store. (Ummm...can we go ice skating please?)

---Tonight, I'm going to a showcase (dance) at SOB's. I'm kinda really excited about this. I love supporting my fellow dancers.

---Tomorrow night...The Oohlas? Ladies, are we still down for this or did tix already sell out? I'm still down cause I freakin' love them, but I don't know if they'll be tix left. I'll have to do some 'search.

---Saturday...my first rehearsal for this gig I got as a backup dancer for some solo female R&B artist. Then...dun, dun, dun....Curbside Christmas Bash. I can't wait. It's gonna be full of cookies, cakes, drinks, board games, and the coolest people I know! I'll be bringing the Hpnotiq. One bottle or two? I'll need feedback on this one. Plus, I'll bring some things for mixing. Oh and the mud balls...oh man, you don't even know. My mom's secret recipe. It is soooooooooo good (plus, it's just fun saying you're eating mud balls). And what's this I hear about venturing out late night to Justin Timberlake's SNL afterparty? Totally loves.

---Sunday....rehearsal all day again. Then, it's BDC's last day open @ 57th street (please see hiplog)...*tear.*

---Monday....SPIN magazine party in which I will be Christy Decker for the night cause I forgot to RSVP early enough...lolz. Christy, if you can make it.....puhlease try! Kelly will makeout with bouncers if necessary, so I'm not worried about getting in. ;)

---As for Tuesday...not sure if I'm going home to visit the fam this night or the next day. Depends on what enticing escapades are at hand.

So yeah, that's my entire next week before I go home for the holidays. I should prolly fit shopping in there somewhere. Haha. Ok, back to works for me. Yuck.


PS...I have another audition for Beyoncé in a 3 weeks....eeep!

Monday, December 11, 2006

My review on A review

I haven't really sat down in the past week or so and got the chance to write on any one specific thing, so when I found myself writing a more lengthy response to my dear friend Jessica Are I's latest post...I figured it was worthy of posting on my own el jay. I feel like if I had a laptop, I would write so much more frequently because I would be able to just sit in bed, relax, and type away (hmmm...where can I score myself a laptop without having to actually pay for one, lol). Annnnyways....to give you an overview of what the topic is...it's about the lovely boys of Monty Are I...or more like about their music. Jessica gave her complete track by track review and this is how I responded:

Remember I am speaking towards JAI:
Ok, so first off, I'll state that this has been my most favorite post of yours ever. Maybe it's because I know exactly everything you speak of or maybe it's because I can hear every track in my head as I read over each of your depictions. (Plus, pictures and little side referrals are always fun.)

So now, to answer your questions...obvs you know I love these boys, and obvs you know I can't pick just one song to be my favorite. I will, however, start with saying that Between the Sheets and Hearts Bleeding (not on Wall of People...possibly their first recorded song? I dunno, but you would know this) were my first original favorites. Yes, I think I go through stages....which leads me to the release of The Red Shift where "O Brother" kinda latched onto me even though I am the most uninformed person on any form of politics possible...yet somehow, I still got it. Also, I must note, you forgot to mention the high impact choir vocals at the end of the track. That alone could have been the bait on the hook that reeled me in (bad analogy, I know). Then, my friend...I moved on to Castlebound which might have been my longest running fav. However, when Wall of People got released, I kinda dove into Dublin Waltz and Just In Time (I'm a sucker for ballads). And right now, I can honestly say there isn't a song that I don't get excited about when I hear it come on my iPod playlists. Like you, each song kinda just reminds me of someone or something or just a specific point in time. Music just does that...I hate and love it all at the same time (if you know what I mean).

As for live shows, I've almost been to as many as shows as my ex's band. Ok, maybe not quite that many, but the number is quickly growing. I will definitely say I am going to miss shows at the uber tiny venues like The Continental and not just because it is no longer a performance venue (may it rest in peace), but because MAI is just getting too big to be playing at such places anymore. As for my favorite show, it would have to be my first show ever in RI at Lupos (yes, the night I met you). And when I say first show ever, I literally mean that. It was basically my first rock concert...shocking, I know. I had only seen people like Britney Spears and DMB in concert before (with the one exception of a Local H/Alkaline Trio show in high school that a friend snuck me out to). But anyways, as I was saying, Lupos was pretty much my first real rock experience...or at least what I consider it to be. Being a dancer, I was never really interested to see people just singing and playing their instruments on stage (not to mention I was way into hip-hop and rap and didn't quite have the right kind of appreciation for rock music as I have today). I didn't think there was ever much to it, but when I saw Monty on stage for the first time it basically blew me away. I fell in love with the rock scene almost instantly. Their energy and passion equaled to what I always thought so captivating about dancers moving around so intricately on stage. It was visually gratifying to see them totally rocking out on stage and getting so caught up in the moment. Their connection with the hundreds of fans in the audience has to be my favorite part of it all...it was just awesome. I tend to notice even now, when I go to show, I'm just watching the crowd's reaction to the band playing, and just seeing the connection going on between the two...it is beyond rad. I find it totally fascinating and most definitely inspiring...to do something I love just as much...to find that sort of bond...to have a reason behind what exactly makes us tick. So that would have to be my favorite show, but I can't go without mentioning Warped 05 (another first) on Randall's Island in NYC. All I can remember is tons of dirt, dust, trash, and filth everwhere. I was completely covered in dirt and grime from head to toe...and loved every bit of it!

So in my reply, I'm sure you got more than you bargained for a response, but I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed myself. And now, I must go to sleep. Good night or good morning to you.

Rock on all MAI fans!

So yea, lately I've been taking on a lot of different tasks...y'all know me...busy busy girl. I'll prolly go into detail about what I've been up to at a later date in time, since I'm still waiting to get a few things off the ground. I do have to say...I'm excited about all my upcoming projects It's kept my mind occupied. Tomorrow I have another day off (a nice 4 day weekend...using up all my vacation time that's not allowed to be carried over in the new year). I plan on resting up seeing as I went to bed at 7am this morning (insomnia always gets the best of me), and right now the effects of my lack of sleep is kicking in at this relatively decent hour (at least for me). 2:00am is about my normal bedtime hour....really, there is something wrong with me.

Ok, seriously...I getting really tired. Gnight!


Saturday, December 2, 2006

Are you L.A.M.B. enough?

Yes, I know...It's a lil late to be writing an entry, but I called in sick today at work because I woke up feeling oh-so ill...and I caught in a nap in the early evening hours, so I'm still a lil awake. Not sure why I felt so sick this morning. I did go out last night (to The Annex for a Stolen Transmission evening & the debut of DJ Erica Are I) but I didn't drink or anything like that. The only thing I can think of is that I tried this new energy drink, Tab, for the first time (definitely not liking it either...I'm gonna be sticking to Red Bull even though its getting uber expensive). Anyways, I felt like throwing up all morning long but did everything not to since I have a huge fear of it (yes, weird...I know).

But speaking of last night...I had so much fun. (Pics are now officially up!) Erica bringin back the 90s...definitely a hit. I swear, my feet never stopped moving. Mike and I definitely stuck it out till the end...even Miss DJ herself went home before us (don't worry, there was still music going). We said we'd stopped at "SexyBack," but then "Beating Hearts, Baby" came on...and I couldn't contain myself, so we ended up leaving a lil after 3:00. Doesn't Erica look super hawt in her new L.A.M.B. cashmere hoodie?

Now...speaking of L.A.M.B....I picked up some way mega-ly awesome L.A.M.B. gear myself the other day and I suppose I'll give you a lil fashion show. You can find more pics in my hiplog. Sidenote for those that don't know: my friend Anthony works for L.A.M.B. and was the one that came up with the phrase in the title of this entry and he said Gwen asked him to come up with some ideas for the upcoming season, too...so we'll see.

That's all I can write for now cause I'm starting to feel tired and sick again...I guess that's my cue to go to bed.

Have a great weekend, everyone!


PS...I fixed some things on my website (as you may have already noticed...the music is back up)...and I'll try to fix everything completely by the end of the weekend...not to mention, hopefully updating the music and media pages.

Saturday, November 25, 2006


Not really much to say. Just random blurbing...

For those that aren't the luurkers I aspire them to be...I dyed my hair. It's not a huge change, but def noticeable and I love. The pic below doesn't really do the color justice. It's a dark chestnutty brown...kinda Lindsay Lohanesque, but it was my first dye job ever so I think it was a reasonable change. And that's all I pretty much have to say about that.

Thanksgiving was lovely, I must say. I got to see my mom's side of the family and went to my aunt's house to celebrate. All my cousin's are pretty much newly married except for the youngins, of course, and we even had a baby on board this time around...little April (gosh she's cutie). The food was so scrumptious, I wish I went back for seconds...but this year I did good and decided not to go overboard. I hate that "wow, I shouldn't have at that last bite" feeling. I didn't even really get sleepy until way late and I made it through Ryan's entire game against Miami, but passed out almost immediately after.

Tonight I stayed in and spent quality time with the fam. My mama hates when I finally come home from NY to visit and end up going out...plus I really just felt like stayin in and veggin. Me n' my mama are good at that...lol. But my brother and his girlfriend came over for a repeat Thanksgiving dinner...not leftover, but an entirely fresh display of turkey, gravy, potatoes, carrots, etc. etc. And after we filled our bellies yet once again, it was time to sit down and watch my new favorite show: Ghost Whisperer with Jennifer Love Hewitt. I was never a huge fan of hers, but I must say I love her in this show...and hence she inspired me to dye my hair originally. I haven't quite got the same color, but I'll shoot for it next time probably. Buuuut my mama had made these amazing pumpkin squares the other night which I decided I will definitely get the recipe of and possibly attempt for the Curbside Christmas Bash...that is...if everyone likes pumpkin.

As for plans for tomorrow....I will be flea-market shopping cause that's what I'm into now. Maybe a trip to good ol' walmart for a few stock-ups. And then it will be off to Grammy's house I go. I love that lady so much.

Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving and ate lots n' lots of goodies.

Much love,

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Oh the holidays....'n' PICS!

Hi, hi, hi!!!

Oy...again, it's been a while. I try, I really do...to write more often, but it's not exactly easy. But like I said before...keep checkin my hiplog cause I update it everyday. And my hiplog will be great this week because I'll be going to Connecticut to visit the fam for Thanksgiving. Omigosh, I'm so excited. Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas.....my favorite time of year!!! And speaking of...

Halloween = the most fun I've had in a long time. (NEW PICS posted as of Sunday night...check it in my "NYC Nightlife" section...and leave sum comments cause I said so). It was a tuesday night and where else would we go on a tuesday night but Black & White. Perf. I was down for anything...and taking a cab there was the best decision ever. I didn't want to waste another moment not being with the whole Curbside Gang. We saw some pretty wild costumes, but I must say...we were the cutest.

Ok, like half the girls there were in bunny costumes, but that's cause they were giving out free drinks to the girls who were going along with the Private Gentlemen's Club theme...(check out Erica's sweeet tights she screenprinted herself in my pictures). So yea, it was mucho fun and we totally danced the night away. Erica & I were the only girls left standing come 2:00 am. Though, I had work in the morning...it was HALLOWEEN (my favorite) so i wanted to be a trooper...and that I was, all thanks to Red Bull. Hell, we even ....well, lets just say we couldn't get enough of good ol' B&W. Erica and I made it a late night.

As for Thanksgiving...it's only 2 days away! Uh, I'm seriously craving the turkey dinner already. Mmmm, turkey, gravy, mashed potatoes, corn, squash, sweet potatoes, green beans, pumpkin pie, apple pie, sweet potatoe pie and more...oh my! Wow, that just really made me hungry. I'm a lil sad my Niquealla won't be home to hang with. She'll be in Miami for Ryan's game (jealous)...but I most definitely will be watching it on the TV screen. I was actually supposed to go to Boston this past weekend to see him play, but plans didn't really fall through and I was a little sad. I've never seen one of his games in person...not since High School at least. And supposedly he's having a good season (although I'm not much of a football-wiz). I have to admit...I get excited watching his games cause I feel like I'm in High School again (wasn't really into any Marist (College) sports...well, besides Basketball, of course). But I'm so excited to see my puppy (well, she's not really a puppy anymore) and my Mags....I just love them so much and miss my an-yimals terribly when I'm in NY.

Then...Christmas...all I have to say is Christmas Curbside Bash! Gonna start counting down the days. Matter of fact, I'll start baking now! Lol...jk...but sooooooon!

Ok, but I really have to cut this short cause I'm at work and soooooo much has been going on, and I've been running around like a chicken with my head cut off. Hopefully I could write more later.

Love all y'all! Have a Happy Thanksgiving!


Sunday, November 5, 2006

Gristedes run

Walkin past our park and down the block to the grocery store....pretty sunset

Saturday, November 4, 2006

In the words of my roommate...

"I have three words that sum up why so many people of our generation have ADD...


Seriously, when was the last time you watched an episode of Pee Wee's Playhouse...well for me and Ash, that was last night. I don't think I ever realized how cracked out it was. I used to love that show! Him with Cowboy Curtis, that genie dude, Penny, and his big rubber band & foil balls...but next time you watch it, you'll realize one topic/segment only lasts 30-45 seconds...and that's if your lucky! It seriously started to make my head hurt. Regardless, it was still a fantabulous blast from the past!

Friday, November 3, 2006

Basically...Pics & Hips

I've added some pictures over the past week to the Photo Album...so check it and leave comments to make me happy.

Also, I've added my hiplog to my site as well. For those that don't know what a Hiplog is...it's basically a mobile blog via sidekick. And for those that don't know what a sidekick is...look it up! Believe it or not...I've had plenty of people ask me. Maybe it's a city thing...or maybe just a music industry thing...or maybe just for those obsessed with keeping in touch with people and who are internet happy, but for those people who don't know what it is...this is it:

So yea...my Hiplog is added under my "Features" section...and I update it daily. Yes, I said DAILY!!! It's a mini blog, and it goes wherever I go...so enjoy it and have fun following me wherever I go. It's the closest you'll ever get to being my lil sidekick...hence the name. And yes...I only have the Sidekick II...and I'm proud. The "3" doesn't really have any other features and I'll wait for an even better version to come out before I upgrade. I waited a whole year before I caved into getting mine back in January and now I'm addicted, but I love it. If you don't have one now...you should go out and get one so we could be kick buddies. And that's all I have to say about that.

As for other things....I could write forever on the events that happened over the past week, but I stayed home from work today cause I'm a sick lil puppy, and I don't think my body will let me sit at this computer any longer. So this will be it for now. I love you all! Keep in touch!!!


Chicken Noodle Soup...

Chicken noodle soup...with a soda on the side.

Well not really with a soda, but that's how the song goes. But yea, I'm sick and stayed home from work today, slept, and ate me some chicky noodle soup.

Thursday, November 2, 2006

Wednesday, November 1, 2006

Happy Halloween!

Ok, so I fell asleep before I got to send out that last entry...I love the mornings where I wake up with my sidekick in hand. Erica, you are not alone!

And since I went to bed at 5am (leaving only 2 hrs of sleep before work), naturally, I woke up late. That left me with 15 minutes to get ready, and (would you really expect any different?) I just barely missed the bus. I had to sprint to the next stop (of course, laughing all the way at myself). Gotta love totally cracking up at the things I do...I can be quite amusing sometimes. Supposedly Christy thinks the same, too, as she was cracking up at me the entire night last night. Uh, last night...such good times. This will all get recapped by the end of the day, I'm sure.

I wonder how long it will take for me to crash at my desk today. It's always the best when u catch yourself doing "the head-nod." I have no clue how I'm gonna make it to dance tonight.

Okay I'm done now...time to actually do work. Here are some pics from before we went out last night.

PS...I was the infamous played-out playboy bunny due to the Private Gentleman's Club theme...and free drinks! Good thing I went 100% sober last night...lol.

Freakin B&W owns

Erica...can I just say....what the hell just happened? Did we really just do that? I know you love me....yes, I totally am your hero...this is great....really great. Who DOES that? We do...we sooo do. Amazing! Seriously amazing.

And, now, I'm in a cab...that smells like sex...annnnd I kinda wanna throw up. Gewwwww!

Oh boy....I can't wait for tomorrow's recap....and can we give it up for Red Bull....oh yeah!

Sorry, this entry was a total shout out.

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Free skating

Wow that came fast! I was walking through Bryant Park tonight and they apparently just opened the ice skating rink. Funny thing is...its 70 degrees out!

But now I gotta meet up with Sophia to borrow her ears...no seriously. Then...time to run home so I can get ready for tonight. Woohoo...can't wait!

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Trust a try

Off to BDC again.

Danced to an oldie but goodie...Janet's "Trust a Try." I've already done 3 completely different shows with this song, but it never seems to get old.


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Monday, October 30, 2006


On my way to go see Gym Class Heroes and AAR @ Hammerstein....So excited!

Can't wait for curbside hangz with the whole gang....after parties? We'll see....Weee!


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Good times

Uh why am I still awake? Maybe the red bull didn't help...ah well.

Good times tonight, though. I could prolly go forever in detail for a complete play-by-play, but I really should be going to bed now cause I gots work in the AM....(gotta love 8:00 clock in).

But as for a quick run-down...GCH = Amazing. No way in hell they shoulda went on first. The Starting Line or (at least) The Format should have. GCH is wayyyy better and deserves a lot more. I mean, I could understand if it was MCS...but come on now....The Format? Ridiculous. AAR also = amazing. Full blown dancing our feet off and major fist-pumping action going on...which Miss Jessica Are I had taught me the art of.

Ok that's really it for now.


PS...why do pictures always make it look like we're so far away from the stage...and why did it take us 20 minutes in line at McDonald's just to get a drink? And even more importantly...why do I look like Elvira?

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Saturday, October 28, 2006

Friday, October 27, 2006

Halloween...or everyday apparel?

People on the train never cease to amaze me (aka scare the hell outta me....lol). This guy was hella entertaining, though. He couldn't sit still for more than 5 seconds or go without singing or making farting nosies the whole way to his stop. He did do a great impersonation of the closing door's beep. All dressed up for Halloween, too....or was he?

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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Feelin' corny

Hahaha...this has been what's fueling Holly & I for the past 2 days...and this is what it does to us.

Like her little candy corn baracade to block me out? Haha...we amuse ourselves. We have to, otherwise we'd go insane...or maybe we already are!

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I friggin love this magazine. Obsessed!

(Oh, and not to mention the Nylon color MAC eyeshadow, too) swweeetttt!

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Sunday, October 22, 2006

Oh, CT

Drivin to my brother's. I miss my car. :(

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My puppy showin me her costume for Halloween.

She's so cute.

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Saturday, October 21, 2006

Homeward bound

Mike brings the movie...and I bring the POPcorn. Lol. Train rides home have never been so fun.

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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

New Pics

Ok so really quick...

I have new pics up in the photo album from the Gym Class/Cobra show and I put half the pics back up of the ones I lost before somehow. Hopefully, these ones don't disappear, too. For some reason, both of my servers have been giving me trouble. Grrr.

And just because...

Another youtube video from the show

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Waiting for the train

I really have nothing spectactular to say...except that I feel really gross right now after eating somethin I shouldn't have after doing so well on this diet I'm on. I haven't caved once...but I suppose damn birthdays get u all the time. Not to mention I have this sorta-date (but not really) on monday and involves going out to eat....definitely feeling nauseous already. At least its at a vegetarian restaurant.

So yea, finally the train is here....and right now I'm sitting on the F train next to this guy who keeps looking at me and is really creepin me out. Plus, he speaks spanish and I can't understand a word he's saying...not to mention, he smells and is now picking his nose. Gewww...the downside of NYC. Uh ok, gotta look the other direction cause I don't want to acknowledge him. Ok so there's this cute asian girl sitting across from me who is falling asleep but is trying hard to stay awake. She has on this supercute army green jacket that could almost look like something Triple 5 Soul. Ooh she has on this really really pretty ring. Its pink, big, and sparkly. Hahaha way to go on detailed descriptions, Jiscil...and way to refer to myself in the 3rd person.

I actually can't believe I'm still typing here but I suppose I have nothing better to do than just sit here on the subway. I love people watching though. I love to just watch and observe. Do u ever try guessing what people's names are? It sucks cause ur really not gonna ask em what it is in the end...and sometimes when u think ur so on...it just erks u not to find out. Just another one of my weird, silly antics.

Uh...I'm getting really sleepy now and I just want my bed.

Wow this is getting really long and pointless and I'm almost at my stop so I think I'm gonna end this right here. Ahh well...peace in the middle.

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Thursday, October 12, 2006


Ok, so I have no idea what happened to the pictures I posted up about a week ago...cause now they're gone and disappeared. I'll try putting them back up again and putting up some new ones as well.

As for this past week...not much has been going one, except work has been really crazy busy. And I'm sure by now, everyone has heard about the plane crash into a building not too far from where I live (I can actually see it if I walk outside my building). It happened yesterday, and it's so sad to hear that Yankee's pitcher, Cory Lidle was the one flying the plane. I mean, the whole thing is just sad in general and so tragic. Supposedly a woman who lives in the apartment the plane crashed into was home. It was somewhere around the 20th floor. She's so lucky to be alive. It actually got me thinking because it did happen so close to my building, and with my roommate and I living on the edge of the East River...planes and helicopters are flying by all the time. Helicopters usually come the closest and they even shine spotlights through our windows sometimes. Freaks the hell out of me when I'm not expecting it. So far, I think there's been 3 helicopter crashes along the East River this year...and they happen to be all within a matter of a couple weeks, but that was earlier this spring. It's just so scary how much anything can happen at any given moment. It really makes you put things into perspective. And not to be all creepy with a freakish analogy (like Miss KB would say)..but read yesterday's date upside down --- 10/11/06 --- ummm is that not crazy or what? I mean, I know it wasn't related to some sort of terriorism, but still...a plane crashing into a building in NYC isn't one of the most common things. With people still scarred from 9/11...it's just another thing to make you think.

Ok, I'm done now. Time to go home and watch Ryan on TV. BC football game on ESPN tonight...big game...watch it!


Tuesday, October 3, 2006

Birthday Bash/Afterparty & Shopping Spree

So I suppose I'll make an update. Not too much going on right now. I'm just sitting at my desk at work where I should actually be doing some work...but that can wait, right? Anyways, I'll have more pictures up tonight (hopefully). I prolly won't get the ones up from Jessica Are I's Birthday Bash/Killers Afterparty for another week or so...but I will have the pictures from Gym Class Heroes/Cobra Starship show /afterparty for you and possibly even some extra from other nights out.

So yea...last Thursday was Jessica's Bday (Happy Birthday Jessica!), and we totally celebrated all night long @ The Annex. Erica planned it carefully so that each guest was a surprise, and I must say she pulled that off well. It was a blast. IMAROBOT (?) played a tune or two (which we really didn't stay around for, but decided to go downstairs instead). Then The Killers made an appearance weaving in and out our dance party we had in the basement DJ'ed by Ultragrrrl (whom I have yet to meet) providing us with a wide aray of dance party music. Supposedly it was an afterparty for them (The Killers), but I'm still curious as to what it was "after." Anyways, Mr. Michael Opeinnheimer (aka Mike) decided to come and stick it out, as well, even after his week-long party binge. Christy and I scoped the scene all night long eyeing a specific hottie in a blue hat, but instead got repeatedly molested by some guy who obviously never got the hint after I told him twelve times to lay off. Sadly, I had to pull him aside (to spare him the embarassment...if that was even a possibility) to specifically point out exactly why we wouldn't dance with him. Let me just tell you, it takes a lot for me to pull someone aside to repremand them, but I'm not afraid to do that if I find it necessary. He was just a bit un-called for and I wanted my girls to be able to have a good time without this guy tryin to get "all up on" everyone. Note to guys: If a girl says something like A) I have a boyfriend (even if she really doesn't) or B) Don't touch me or C) I don't want to dance with you...get the hint! I, later, apologized to his friend cause I did sorta feel bad for calling him out like that...I think he was a friend of a friend, too, so I didn't want to step on any toes. But overall, I think things worked itself out okay...sometimes, guys just annoy the crap out of me...lol. We still had mucho fun, though, and Erica got her first taste of the good ol' island...she (hopefully) slept cozy on my couch before having to wake up a few hours later. I had to go into work the next morning and I lead her off the island so she got home okay cause lord knows this place can make a person feel lost. Gotta love going to work on a couple hours sleep. They always enjoy my enthusiasm I have on days like that.

But anywayyyss...last week I kinda had a shopping spree. I bought the new Saosin CD and The Oohlas debut release. Fully satisfied. Must, must go out and buy The Oohlas...they're Oohla-lovely! Hehe. I also happened to buy the movie "Gia" which I popped in Saturday afternoon for a little bit of vegging out. I still can't help but want to be a lesbian for Angelina Jolie...lol. Then...I got to buy another pair of vintage boots (my third pair this month...eep!). I also bought a bunch o' socks the other day because I looove having supercute supercomfy socks (I just hate spending money on them, but they were cheap, so all was good). Hmmm what else? Oh, I bought this really cute secretary top, and 3 really amazing necklaces that pretty much cost me my lunch and breakfast for the next three weeks...(looks like Soup to go and PB&J for me ). Overall, though, my purchases has made me quite happy (for the moment, at least...er at least until I look at my bank account). I think I'll take a break this week and give my wallet a rest.

Well, I guess that's it for now...check back tonight for pics!

Much love,

Oh and PS, y'all must go out and buy this "Stay Gold" hoodie that my girl, Erica, designed for Clandestine Industries. I swear, it totally rocks and not just cause she designed it, either. When I put up new pics tonight, you'll see Gabe from Cobra Starship rocking it out at the show/afterparty. Everybody loves it. Yay Erica!

Monday, September 25, 2006

NEW JiscillA.CoM!!!! & GCH/Cobra Starship

Ok ok ok....It's been a week or more since my last update, but this one's a good one. Or at least, I think so.

Sooo yea, I kinda went on hiatus for a few months...with everything, it seemed...but I'm working on getting back to my regular ol' self (not sure if that's a good thing, yet or not). Anyways, I just finished the new and improved jiscilla.com....well, sorta....lol. What I mean is, the new layout is up and running, but of course there's always bugs and still a lot of ideas in working progress. I tend to make things a little too congested and tend to overkill on ideas...so give me some feedback, let me know what you think. I'm always open to suggestions. I hope you like it, though. My last layout was really dark and this one has a much lighter approach. I've added some new pages...and deleted the unneccessary ones. I tried to make navigation easier instead of "artsy" like the last. No new pics as of yet, but most likely I will have new ones up by the end of the week (finally...I know!). And you all know how I love to promote the things I'm currently into and love to show support for people and ideas I really believe in. Sooo yea, take a look around. I got lots of stuff for ya. And that's about it for now regarding that.

As for the past week er so....not too much has been going on. The event of the week was definitely going to the Gym Class Heroes/Cobra Starship show and afterparty avec la Curbside Gang! Woot woot! Much fun was held and major feet were sacrificed all for the sake of dancing to swoontastic beats. And of course, (would you really expect any less) I got much of it on video as you can take notice below. Travis is beyond adorable and impossible to resist with his clever lyrics and silly facial expressions. For all those that don't know...Gym Class Heroes' "As Cruel As School Children" is a "must have" this season. I'm not really sure how to describe it....kind of like an indie hip-hop thing backed up by real guitars and drums? I don't know...but most of their stuff is really funny and will definitely make you want to dance with your "Clothes Off"...okay, that was really cheesy, but I couldn't help it. I believe that'll be their next single, though (super stoked). Also, I got to run into a friend I met on Warped after the show, so that's always cool. Small world! But yea, then we made an hour long hike to Black & White for the afterparty....okay, it wasn't really an hour, but poor Christy was still in her heels (I brought flip flops for the walk), so I imagine it must have felt like an hour to her. Then from there...we proceeded to dance to the wee hours of the morning (er...I made it till 4:00, at least....the other girls 6AM??? Gotta love that L train...jk). I believe we might have been the last ones standing on the dance floor, though. And I must have been insane thinking it was a good idea to go into work the next morning on only 2 hours of sleep. I basically fell asleep at my desk at least 3 times throughout the day. Overall...to sum it up...all worth it! You gotta check out GCH, though ( www.myspace.com/gymclassheroes ) and Cobra Starship, too ( www.myspace.com/cobrastarship ...yea, they do that "Snakes On A Plane" song).

Alright, well...I really should be working right now, so I better go before I get in trouble.

Hope everyone likes the new .CoM! And check out the vid below of the opening to GCH Tuesday night at The Knitting Factory. Sorry, it's a lil shaky,...I couldn't help but dance.

Much love,

Monday, September 11, 2006

Can't sleep

Ahhhh...its almost 4 in the morning and I have to wake up in 3 hrs to go to work. I hate when I can't sleep. I barely ever write in here, too...so that's how u know its really bad. Even the insomniac friends I have are sleeping right now. I'm just lying in bed wide awake with my dang sidekick barely even entertaining me. Hmmm maybe I'll start reading a new book. Yeah, that's what I'll do. The Five People You Meet In Heaven...here I come. Whoa, that was lame. Ok yea...that's it now...I'ma stop. Night night!

(via sidekick)

Friday, September 8, 2006

Gorilla Biscuits

The following post is for my dear, Crystal. To all my Marist peeps out there...we all know and love her...especially with her own little language she has...Crystal is certainly one of a kind, and I know she will appreciate this most.

Well one crazy night down in Acapulco on Spring Break, the sun was just about to rise and after a night out at El Alebrije we were all too wired to go to sleep...so I decided to do a lil story telling...or more like...a little "educating" if you will (demonstrations definitely NOT included). Well, since I usually don't tell my stories twice (they tend to lose their initial effect after the first time), I left it up to Crystal to repeat. So like all stories that get passed down...things change a bit. Needless to say, the whole name changed and basically made the story 10 times funnier than it already was....way to go Crys! I really had NO idea how you came up with that....but I couldn't believe it when the last issue of AP came to my door and there it was! I swear, I died laughing.

Anyways, my whole point in posting this was to brighten up your Friday and basically say...the weekend is here! Hope it gave y'all a good laugh, and I'm sorry to those that are sooo confused right now. To those that understand what the hell it is we're talking about...I apologize......profusely! We're really not that perverted.....okay....yes, we are.

PS....stay tuned......new Jiscilla.CoM coming soon!

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Sands of time

Ahhhh writing has become obsessive to me. I feel like every second I have these thoughts coming into my head, and I just need to write them down. Maybe it's cause I missed out, maybe I just have all this angst built up. I hate working a full time job (and 3 other part-times). I'm still a teenager at heart. There's so much I want to do with my life, and I feel like time is already running out.

Currently Listening
Shadows Are Security
By As I Lay Dying

To work or not to work?

Not sure what to do. I have a wedding to go to this Sunday...my cousin's to be exact, but I got asked to work a Hpnotiq event on Saturday for some Katrina Relief Fundraiser. I can do both, but it might cause a lil stress. I can def use the money (it's a big event so we get paid more), but I can bet my parents won't be too happy about picking me up from the train station at 9:00 at night. Yea, that's almost past their bedtime, lol. What to do...what to do?

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Monday, August 21, 2006

Rest for tomorrow

Again...I have so much on my mind that I just want to let all out, but I'm sleepy and I really need my rest for tomorrow. I have no idea what the day is going to bring, but I know I will be plenty busy seeing as it is market week. I need to leave early for my audition, too....I hope it goes well. I'm not nervous...more just worried about what to wear. Every audition is so different, but I was pretty much informed today to go ready like we're shooting a video. Definitely kicking myself in the ass, now, for missing a month cause my body isn't as toned as it was before. Also, I haven't danced in stilettos since the spring, so this should be interesting. Even if I don't get it, it's a good way to get myself back in the routine of things. I still have yet to find out exactly what it's for...the rumor mill has been brewing with all the possibilities regarding the time of year. It all seems to make sense, but too much is going on in the industry right now to really know. Guess I'll find out tomorrow.

Sleepy Sleep time...so tired.

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Thursday, August 17, 2006

Today is my birthday...

So this past month or so, I've been going through a lot of things. It's hard to explain, but I think it's pretty obvious, now. I haven't been the happiest person in the world, but I try and hide it as best I can. I'm sorry if I've become distant...it's just the way I tend to deal with things. I think about it everyday, but I won't write about it here...now is not the time, and here is not really the place. I write to vent, and I write to understand...to see my words more clearly. I'm the kind of person with a million thoughts going through my mind, and since talking isn't always an option, writing is my next best solution.

Last week, I found out that my father has skin cancer. That, too, hit me pretty hard. Quite frankly, it scares the hell out of me. My best friend was diagnosed with cancer about 3 years ago, and to this day it still affects her. Such a beautiful girl...and so undeserving. I admire her for more things than she'll probably ever know. She is my best friend, the best kind a girl could have. I know no matter how far apart or how long it's been...we'll always be...best friends. This past December, I also lost a friend to cancer. It was completely heartbreaking. I was close with him. I miss our late night talks we used to have and his quirky sense of humor. I never got to tell him how much I really cared...although, I know he watches over me now with the rest of our friends and his loved ones. What would I be without these people in my life? They are so much stronger than I'll ever be. My father...he is everything to me. He knows me better than anyone in this world, and I turn to him for everything. Without him, I don't know what I'd do. The doctors say they have a good chance of removing it all, so I will pray for this everynight.

Besides writing though...I've been trying to keep myself occupied in other ways. I'm finally back to dance after taking a month hiatus, I've been working on a new Jiscilla.com, and I've been busy spending a lot of time with my family......not to mention, this past weekend, I got to hang out with some super cool new friends.

So on a lighter note....Mike, Trevor, & I headed out on a 4-hour bus ride to Boston where we met up with Dan & Phil. The boys went to a Red Sox game and I got to see my BFF, Niquealla, whom I haven't seen in months. She starts up Law School in a couple weeks and with that work load, who knows when my next chance to see her will be. I've missed her more than I could imagine. She is like a sister to me. Unfortunately we only got to hang for a couple hours, then it was off to Rhode Island later that night with the boys. We were going to see Monty Are I play for their CD Release show at Lupos in downtown Providence. It was kinda funny...I noticed their tickets had the same exact date from the last time I was there at that venue just one year ago. They did an amazing job, though....seriously such an amazing show. Their hometown crowd is so awesome and everytime I see them play, I get completely caught up in it. They are so talented and their performances are so full of energy. I truely love their music, and you can tell that they really love what they do. Can't wait for them to come to the city, so we could rock out again.

But of course, what's a CD Release show without an afterparty? My girlington, Erica, had set up one hell of a party for the boys...including strippers and all (haha jk...well sorta. We didn't really have control over the girls dancing on top of the bars). So yea, we had good times dancing the night away even sans Gym Class Heroes & Snakes On A Plane...but we made the most of it. Next day, my new friends and I hit up the diner across from Erica's apt...then chilled with Rita (lol). Eventually, it was time to make our way home back to the big ol' city. Christy, Kelly (fellow New Yorkers) & I hopped on the bus for 5 hour trip home where a man literally sat on me (well my legs, at least, while I was asleep), but overall...good times.

Rita's is my new found ice cream subsitution obsession. We're so myspace:

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2006

So I just got word...

The one-hour 2006 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, which will be broadcast on the CBS Television Network in December 2006, began as an Internet event in 1996 and, due to its overwhelming success, was picked-up for broadcast rights by CBS in 2001.

This year, the show moves from New York to the Kodak Theater in Los Angeles for the first time, and features top models Gisele Bundchen, Adriana Lima, Izabel Goulart, Karolina Kurkova, Alessandra Ambrosio, and Selita Ebanks, as well as some very special guests, informs an official release.

This year's fashion spectacular will feature dazzling runway segments, musical performances, red carpet interviews, model profiles and a behind-the-scenes look at the making of the world's most celebrated fashion show, adds the release.

For those that know me...know how big of a deal this is for me. Working for the company for more than 4 years and having spent approximately $8,000 (all discounted, too...and yes, they keep track on our files of how much we spend) over that period of time shows just how much I love anything and everything VS. Lord, I didn't even know I made that much money while working for them...lol. Anyways, but yea...basically I love Victoria's Secret.

I'm a little sad to find out they moved the location from NY to LA. Last year, my friend Joanna was in the show...dancing of course (although, she's 5'11 and has the body of a VS model). She was one of the "toy soliders"...it was a very cute excerpt they did. I wonder if any of my friends in LA will get casted. I don't think any of them are that tall though.

Kinda excited to see who they chose to walk the runway though...Here would be my "dream angels team:"

The Veterans aka Angels
Adriana Lima
Alessandra Ambrosio
Gisele Bunchen
Izabel Goulart
Karolina Kurkova
Naomi Cambell

The Returners
Ana-Beatriz Barros
Bianca Balti
Carmen Kass
Caroline Trentini
Caroline Winberg
Doutzen Kroes
Eugenia Volodina
Jacquetta Wheeler
Julia Stegnor
Liya Kebede
Morgane Dubled
Natasha Poly
Oluchi Onweagaba
Omahyra Mota
Polina Kouklina
Ujjwala Raut

The Newcomers
Ai Tominaga
Anja Rubik
Cintia Dicker
Daria Werbowy
Dewi Driegen
Du Juan
Freja Beha
Hana Soukapova
Heather Marks
Jessica Stam
Mariacarla Boscono
Miranda Kerr
Noemi Lenoir
Sessilee Lopez
Tasha Tilberg
Tuii Kuik
Valentina Zeliaeva

Not sure if I got Veterans and Newcomers all right, but I think that's what they are.
Uh I can't wait!

To all my VS originals...party at my place this year!

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Project Runway - Fashion Icons

Uh....ok, so I have to comment on tonight's Project Runway!

First of all, Project Runway is basically my favorite show. I never watch tv, so it's rare when there's something I find I really have to watch...and yea, this show is "the one" for me. Lol. I think it's just so brilliantly done...and I tend to question if others feel the same...that is, if they weren't in the fashion industry. Everyone I know that's in this industry is obsessed with the show. Last season, one of the contestants was even an old roommate from FIT of a co-worker of mine. Small world.

Anyways, enough of that...tonight's show!

1) Michael has been my favorite since day 1. He's cute, sweet, and his taste is soooo my style. Every single show, I just love him more and more. I'm so happy he won tonight (oops, hopefully that wasn't a spoiler for anyone). But really, they haven't been showcasing him enough and showing off all his work, but I'm predicting this is because I think he'll be in the top 3. Plus, he doesn't really cause any drama...which is what the cameras love. He's just too sweet. Did you see how he called his mama tonight? Too freagin cute!

2) Can Angela please get kicked off already??? I mean, seriously...she just annoying. I was so pissed she had immunity to tonight's cut. She got so "big-headed" after winning last week's challenge. She needs to go take her lil' "rosettes" and shove them down her throat...enough already!

3) Uli freakin amazes me...she might be my new idol. She works soooooooo well with prints. I'm jealous.


4) I'm sad Bradley's gone. He did kinda deserve to get cut, but I love his personality. He's adorable. He reminds me exactly of this guy, Andy, I work with. I mean...pretty much dead on...to the tone in his voice and even the way he looks (minus the curly hair and beard). I'm gonna miss him. :-/

But yea...as for who I want to go to the final 3....well I have 4 candidates: Definitely Michael...then Uli, Allison, and Laura (I kinda like her sarcasm).

What do you think?

PS...I liked tonight's challenge. They definitely switched things up A LOT though, with the whole model situation. Made me mad at first, but then it kinda made things interesting. Not really sure it was "fair," but I guess that's all in an opinion.
Ahh well...can't wait till next week's episode.

Wednesday, August 9, 2006

Monty Are I, Danity Kane, & Cassie...OH MY!

Quick lil' side note...

So I just got word that one of my dance instructors, Manwe (I was in his showcase piece last winter) choreographed for DANITY KANE and is gonna be on their season finale show tomorrow night...so if you happen to watch, look for him. He's extremely talented and extremely hott (yea, I said it...Manwe, you're hott. Not much of a secret, though).

Me & Manwe

And as for CASSIE...

Rhapsody (my other dance instructor), has spent endless hours with her on preparing her for her debut album which just came out in stores yesterday. A bunch of my girls I dance with, as well, have been performing with her at all her live shows...so make sure to go out and get the ablum cause we've been playin it at the studio for like 3 months now and it's definitely a hott R&B album.

Annnnnnd...I sooooo apologize for not posting this any earlier, but....my good friends of MONTY ARE I had their first full-length album under Stolen Transmission Records come out on August 1st....and let me just tell you, you need to go out and get it. It's pretty much...hmmm how should I put this...face-melting? Yes, that's it...definitely face-melting. I don't want no "ifs" "ands" or "buts"...I mean, I already have all the songs already, but I'm going to buy it anyways, so if I'm gonna buy it, that means you should too. And the only reason why I haven't bought it already is cause I'm waiting to go to their CD Release show this weekend in their hometown of Providence, Rhode Island just so I can buy it personally. I want the whole package deal, mang! So buy buy buy and support support support...spread that Monty love.

Oh and sorry bout the lack of updates...I'll get around to it...promise.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Tuesday, July 25, 2006


Your silence speaks louder than words...you dont have to say anything, I already know everything I need to know.

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Down By The River

Well...I sit here down by the river...writing to you on my sidekick. Its late but not too late...only like quarter to 11:00...kinda just thought I'd come down here by myself and just hang out for a while.

A lot has been on my mind lately, so I thought I'd come here to get away from the silence of my apartment. Its actually quite quiet here for being NYC...although still noisy enough with the humming of generators from the buildings behind me, the dull drone of the traffic across the river, and the waves gently breaking on the rocks a few feet in front of me...enough noise to keep my thoughts from spinning around in my head. Every few minutes a passerby walks by, usually a couple hand in hand...either that or someone trotting along in their nightly jog. Still...its quite peaceful. Kinda makes me wonder why I don't come out here often. It's almost a treat to living in this place people refer to as "The Big Apple." Not many people can walk out their apartment building to see a body of water only several yards away.

I always loved rivers, lakes, and things. I wanted a pond so badly in my back yard growing up, but I have to say, my parents did a great job making a substitute for that...a "barrel pond" in which our goldfish and turtles live in during the right seasons on our back porch. I even went to college right off the Hudson River....yet I didn't take much advantage of that either like I probably should have. Sometimes I think we take things forgranted in life...actually, I know we do. Its the simple things...those simple things are what makes life so beautiful. God works his mysterious ways. I wonder what His thoughts are on such an industrious city such as this. Does it take away earth's beauty, or does it only add to how amazing this place is? And do you ever wonder how bridges stay up? I mean, there's only a few bases...and they're holding up thousands of tons of weight! I feel like they would collapse in the middle. But I suppose that's just me being uneducated in the feild of architecture. It still amazes me, though.

And now, while I can't see a star in the sky, either from the smog of the city or the clouds from a desolate day...it still remains a beautiful night with a light summer breeze. And as a boat cruise floats past going upstream against the current all while playing "Girls just wanna have fun," rain drops start to fall lightly on my head...so, I believe, that is my cue to wrap this up and go inside where I can lay down under my comfy blanket on my comfy couch so that I can continue to read "Lovely Bones" in which I recommend to absolutely everyone if they haven't read it already. I might just even call it my favorite book ever...and I'm only half-way through it.

Well that's it for now...a different kinda of journal entry, I know, but I hope you enjoyed it. I have a feeling I might be writing more of "these types" in the times to come. Hope y'all have a good night, though. Much love.


Monday, July 17, 2006

Paris Hilton & Warped Tour (what a combo)

First off, here's a picture from the day Paramore shot "Emergency" out in LA. You guys all have to do me a favor...when it comes out, vote for it like crazy so it gets tons of airtime.

So I Hung Out With Paris Hilton...

...for real. On Wednesday night, I ended up going to this very private party of no more than 50 people at Le Cirque in the city...for anybody familiar with restaurants in NYC, it's one of the most exclusive and expensive ones. It was mostly family and close friends, but the rest were buisness counterparts which was partially the reason I was there. My friend is Joss Stone's manager and he is looking to team up with the same people Paris use for an upcoming project, so they had invited him to join. Paris ended up being pretty nice, but we talked to Mr. & Mrs. Hilton the most. Mr. came up to us first and started talking to us about her new album and stuff. He seemed really happy with it and it was cool to see how much he supported his daughter (although I'm sure there were still dollar signs in the back of his eyes). He was nice, though. And then Mrs. Hilton was super friendly, too. She was kind of a riot...she totally cracked me up...maybe even a lil diztier than Paris, either that or just feelin a lil tipsy. Everyone there turned out to be extremely nice...except I can't tell the kind of vibes we got from Paris's socialite friends (there was only a handful). Their faces seemed familiar, but I couldn't put names on them...mostly guys and pretty much all model types, of course...kinda made me gag, though. They kinda looked like plastic dolls, and as her posé, they formed a CONSTANT circle around Paris. She looks exactly like she does in all her pictures...I was kinda surprised cause normally when I meet celebrities they turn out to be a bit of a disappointment, but pretty much everything about her was perfect, but I guess I really didn't expect any less...I mean, that is her job, right? To just go to parties and look perfect all the time...damn what a tough job. I wanna know who made her dress because I loved it. It was a pretty creamsicle color and it kinda reminded me of this dress my mom had way back in the 70's. Anyways, all I can say is, when it comes down to it, she is the best media whore out there, and I don't hate.

Warped Tour 2006

Can I get a "woot woot" for Warped Tour 2006? So yea, it began on Thursday in Columbia, MD...and I got to go so I could spend time with the boy (it's been a bit too long since I last saw him in May, so we decided not to wait another 2 weeks when I fly out to Houston to see eachother again). The bus ride down was easy and I slept most of the way cause I had to leave my apartment by 5:30am just to get there in time. It was such a beautiful day out and it makes me wish I could be outdoors more...lol, kinda sounds funny, but being a city girl, now, really makes you miss these kinda things. Warped almost reminds me of being back at camp...oh how I miss those days of being a camp director, haha. Anyways, it was really nice out, and I got to see their new tour bus which is absolutely amazing and ridiculously huge. I still can't believe it has 12 beds? It's really really nice and they definitely deserve it after traveling in a 12-person van for a year. I can't wait until I fly out at the end of the month to be on tour with them for a few days cause there's so much I want to see going on at Warped (plus, I'm dying to see my boyfriend again). I only really got to see UnderOATH play. Jeremy brought me up on stage to watch as we stood right behind them. I've never seen them play live before, and I swear they gave me the chills. I can't tell what's more amazing...the band and their energy they give off or watching the crowd feed off of their energy. It's so crazy to see such a connection. They are really really amazing and just to see people so dedicated and into their craft...it's so intense. There is NOTHING like performing on a stage...and I've said it a million times, but to either be the one performing or to be the one on the receiving end, it is such a rush that can not be described unless you are there to experience it. Usually, unless I'm the one performing (referring back to dance of course) I tend to like to sit back and just watch the entire scene going on so I can just soak it all up and absorb everything that is going on around me. And I hope everyone has at least experienced this once or twice in their lives cause believe or not, I know people who haven't...and that, to me...just isn't right. So before I get any deeper on the subject...the rest of the day was great. I was a bit sad, though, that I didn't get to see Monty Are I play, but Justin didn't call me back until it was too late. Guess I'll just have to wait till August to see them play in the city again...booo. Anyways, I'll put up pictures sometime soon. For next time, I'm gonna have to get all the set times for all the bands I want to try and see and I definitely need some more CDs so I'm gonna have to start saving up my cash again...yikes! Can't wait.

Well, that's it for now.....hope this wasn't to long for ya and I hope all is well with everyone.

Much love from above,
♥ J ♥

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Good Things....

Despite the huge lay-off we had at my company last week (32 people got let go)...so many amazing things are happening right now and this is just a fun-packed week. I'm gonna sum it all up really quickly, though, cause I'm a bit tired.

1)On Sunday I went to see Monty Are I play at Continental (yes, Monty had to change their name again...but this time it's official, not to mention they are now signed to Stolen Transmission Records). Let me just tell you....it was definitely "face-melting." Their new stuff is absolutely amazing, and I strongly encourage everyone to buy their CD when it comes out on August 1st.
Check them out at either www.montyarei.com or www.myspace.com/montyarei

2)Rhapsody's class last night was simply off the hook! Cranked up the bass to a new Busta joint...and I'm telling you right now, I'm running out asap to buy this whole album. And as much as I love being a girl and workin the sexy vibe...I freakin love the nights where we get to play up the whole "I'm a bad-ass gansta" role. I am a girl, right? lol. I wish I had video to show.

3)My girl, Masha, that I dance with is starting out her music career and she just opened up her myspace page this week. She's a super cool girl...gorgeous, too. Definitely a triple threat (or maybe even more for that matter...she's modeled for national ads and even appeared on my favorite tv show, Law & Order). As soon as she gets songs up, you know you'll be hearing from me to go check out her page.

4)Tomorrow, I am going to a Paris Hilton soiree. Yes, that's right...Miss "Stars Are Blind" herself is the guest of honor. We're taking bets on whether or not she shows up at all...but it's an extremely classy event at Le Cirque (for those that live in Manhattan, know the seriousness of all this). Michael Opeinnheimer and myself have been practicing our snobby voices so we can mingle with the likes of all the socialites. Should be quite interesting.

5)All I'm gonna say is that my boyfriend's band has their second video coming out really soon. It's for their song "Emergency" and it's simply amazing. It will totally rock your socks off and I can't wait for it to come out so y'all can see it. They all look so good. I will post up a picture from the day of the shoot sometime really soon.

6)Warped Tour starts this Thursday in Columbia, Maryland and I get to go see my one and only love in just one more day. I can't even describe how happy this makes me. I've been beaming all week just knowing that I will get to see him again so soon.

Uh...I'm definitely on a summer vibe and lovin it.

Love you all!

Friday, June 2, 2006

July Issue of AP Magazine

Sooooo...this will be short and sweet cause I don't feel like looking at my computer screen anymore. My boyfriend just left for Japan yesterday to tour with Punchline and October Fall. I'm already missing him like crazy, so thank god, it's not that long of a tour. But I got the chance to pick up the latest issue of AP Magazine where they were featured once again (not to mention another 8 times in this same issue). So here's their full-page spread (I was too lazy to put up the other little mentions so this is all I gots for ya).

Oh yah, and PS...don't forget to check out my post below about Cassie.

Oh...and PPS, I picked out the shirt Jeremy is wearing in this shoot ;)

Support Cassie

It's all about the support people. And I'm here to support one of R&B best up and coming new artist, Cassie. A couple of my friends are dancing with her on tour, not to mention...my lovely Rhapsody is her choreographer. She also choreographed her video...so with this...you must check it out as it was debuted on TRL today.

Also, a special note from Cassie...my cousin booked her to perform in Hartford tonight, but unfortunately with the debut on TRL today in San Diego she had to cancel (they bumped up the debut 1 week early). However, Rhapsody relayed the message to me that she wanted everyone to know she was really upset she could not perform tonight in Hartford, especially seeing as it's her homestate. She is definitely planning on rescheduling and hopefully for her CD release in August...so that's somethin to look forward to. Stay tuned for more on Cassie cause I've heard her entire album...and it's ON FIRE!!!

Show the support people and look for Cassie's CD in stores August 8th.


PS...I'll be posting videos of Cassie and my girls on my Media Page hopefully sometime soon, in the meantime...download Cassie's "Me & U" on iTunes. Peace & Love.

Saturday, May 13, 2006


Wow, this past week has been the most pointless week at work ever! I have been so bored and had to try and make up things for myself to do to keep busy. My desk is even clean! Lord, you know what that means...I absolutely had nothing to do besides lurk around on myspace, cruise through livejournals, and write the most hilarious emails ever back and forth between Michael Opeinnheimer, Temis, and I. (I think I'll have to document these somewhere...and please refer to Temis's blog on myspace for the most hilarious event occuring this week involving almonds and a messanger...yea, we're nuts...haha, ok, bad joke).

Anyways, I did have a very fun weekend. I met up with my boyfriend Thursday night over in Poughkeepsie at his show on The Rocket Summer tour. It was at The Loft again where we first met back in October. :) (Good ol' Po-town!) But besides having an allergic reaction we had a really good time (like we always do). I was there to take care of him and make him feel better anyways. :-P (however, I still don't think he should've played. What can I say...he's a trooper) But we ended up taking last train back to the city and didn't get home 'till late. Unfortunately I still had to go into work the next day (I shoulda listened to Jeremy and called out sick). Friday's are nice though cause they are half-days and I feel like it's pointless to call outta work when you get out at 1:00. Alsooo, I forgot to mention before, but there's a lay-off going on at work and we've been waiting to hear for weeks of the outcome. Our company is supposedly getting cut in half and in the rumor-mill, Friday was supposed to be THE day (but once again, we were wrong). Pretty much everyone is planning on getting laid-off, and quite frankly, the majority of us actually want to. But anyways, Jeremy got to stay home all morning and slept in bed while I did absolutely nothing at work. That really sucked. So when I got home, we rushed to get to venue they were playing at that night, The Knitting Factory. Got there...had enough time to grab a nice bite to eat, then it was time to roll. Mike and Ash got tickets to come to the show, so they came right before they went on. Mike used to go to their shows with me before I met Jeremy, and Ash had really wanted to see them perform. It was a good time and we had a nice balcony view. Afterwards, we went out to the Comedy Cellar, which was fun but I was so tired, I literally was asleep through every comedian except for the first and the last. It was kinda funny and I just laughed at myself. One of the comedians was in the middle of their joke and just looked at Jeremy and was like "Oh hey, Axel!" and then went right back to his joke. It was funny. And then the last comedian (who's from Best Week Ever) started crackin on him a lot (it's a small place, so that's what they do...pick on people in the audience). He was like "Dude, what are you...in a band or somethin?" Haha...poor Jeremy was just like "Uh yeah." He was so cute...I love my boy. Anyways, he asked him what band and cracked on him a lot more, but it was cool cause after the show was over, a couple people came up to him afterwards and were like "Dude, I love your band" and they were like 30...so yeah, that was cool. So after we left it took us FOREVER to get home and I was literally about to cry cause sometimes the city is just so annoying...not to mention we had to get up at 6:00 the next morning to go to Bamboozle in NJ (had to be there for 9:30). And let me tell you, that whole trip was NOT fun either...here's how our morning went:

6:00am - wake up call (pack, shower, get dressed & ready to go)
7:15am - get on bus
7:30am - get on subway
8:05am - walk to PENN station (w/ 300 lbs of bags)
8:14 - get on NJ transit train
8:27 - get off train to transfer, walking through what seemed bigger than an airport
8:35 - get on Rutherford train
8:41 - get off train and figure out where the hell we were
8:43 - call a cab
9:00 - missed first cab
9:13 - finally get in cab
9:14 - try and convince cabbie that there actually is a sports arena (the Giants Stadium)
9:16 - almost get hit by a train
9:30 - arrive at the venue even though the cab driver basically spoke no english

Rest of the day - complete chaos!

So yea, this day was extremely eventful. I tried to help Heather and Christi most of the day in the Merch tent. Poor Heather never got a break...it was insane. Even while they were playing, people were still buying merch. Then, by the time I got back to the booth right after they finished their set on stage...I could barely get back to the tent cause there was at least 300 people there just waiting for Paramore (see pics below). I literally had to swim through people and one girl was just like "I'm not moving" so she must have thought I was tryin to cut her. God, people can be vicious...lol. The whole day was so much fun though. I love stuff like this, so I had a really good time. We attempted to go to the afterparty, but when we got back to the hotel I kinda got in an arguement with my parents over the phone so I was upset for a lil bit...then we kinda feel asleep...hence, we didn't make it out. I felt bad, but anyways...to continue (wow, this is long...sorry)...we drove to Connecticut the next day. Jeremy got to meet my parents (finally) and my brother and his girlfriend. We all went out to dinner and that was really really nice. Texas Roadhouse...yum. But sadly, we dropped him back off at the venue they were playing at that night and I had to say goodbye cause my parents were driving me back to the train station so I could go home back to the city.
So yea...that was my weekend. I had a great time. (Wow, I haven't written like that in a long time...I'm such a story teller, haha) Anyways, here are just a few pics from Bamboozle: