Monday, October 30, 2006

Good times

Uh why am I still awake? Maybe the red bull didn't help...ah well.

Good times tonight, though. I could prolly go forever in detail for a complete play-by-play, but I really should be going to bed now cause I gots work in the AM....(gotta love 8:00 clock in).

But as for a quick run-down...GCH = Amazing. No way in hell they shoulda went on first. The Starting Line or (at least) The Format should have. GCH is wayyyy better and deserves a lot more. I mean, I could understand if it was MCS...but come on now....The Format? Ridiculous. AAR also = amazing. Full blown dancing our feet off and major fist-pumping action going on...which Miss Jessica Are I had taught me the art of.

Ok that's really it for now.


PS...why do pictures always make it look like we're so far away from the stage...and why did it take us 20 minutes in line at McDonald's just to get a drink? And even more importantly...why do I look like Elvira?

(via sidekick)

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