Thursday, August 10, 2006

Project Runway - Fashion Icons

Uh....ok, so I have to comment on tonight's Project Runway!

First of all, Project Runway is basically my favorite show. I never watch tv, so it's rare when there's something I find I really have to watch...and yea, this show is "the one" for me. Lol. I think it's just so brilliantly done...and I tend to question if others feel the same...that is, if they weren't in the fashion industry. Everyone I know that's in this industry is obsessed with the show. Last season, one of the contestants was even an old roommate from FIT of a co-worker of mine. Small world.

Anyways, enough of that...tonight's show!

1) Michael has been my favorite since day 1. He's cute, sweet, and his taste is soooo my style. Every single show, I just love him more and more. I'm so happy he won tonight (oops, hopefully that wasn't a spoiler for anyone). But really, they haven't been showcasing him enough and showing off all his work, but I'm predicting this is because I think he'll be in the top 3. Plus, he doesn't really cause any drama...which is what the cameras love. He's just too sweet. Did you see how he called his mama tonight? Too freagin cute!

2) Can Angela please get kicked off already??? I mean, seriously...she just annoying. I was so pissed she had immunity to tonight's cut. She got so "big-headed" after winning last week's challenge. She needs to go take her lil' "rosettes" and shove them down her throat...enough already!

3) Uli freakin amazes me...she might be my new idol. She works soooooooo well with prints. I'm jealous.


4) I'm sad Bradley's gone. He did kinda deserve to get cut, but I love his personality. He's adorable. He reminds me exactly of this guy, Andy, I work with. I mean...pretty much dead the tone in his voice and even the way he looks (minus the curly hair and beard). I'm gonna miss him. :-/

But for who I want to go to the final 3....well I have 4 candidates: Definitely Michael...then Uli, Allison, and Laura (I kinda like her sarcasm).

What do you think?

PS...I liked tonight's challenge. They definitely switched things up A LOT though, with the whole model situation. Made me mad at first, but then it kinda made things interesting. Not really sure it was "fair," but I guess that's all in an opinion.
Ahh well...can't wait till next week's episode.

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