Friday, January 30, 2009

Can you feel the love tonight?

I just read this post from Yessica and it seriously made me want to cry (I think I’m super emotional lately).

Literally, these girls are my best friends, and they absolutely mean THE WORLD to me. Like she said, we have an amazing connection no matter how close or how far we are. I feel forever indebted to Google/Gmail for keeping us so close (thank you G-team!). I really couldn’t be thankful enough to have friends like this. We are all so different, yet still so very much on the same page. All beautiful, all talented, all amazing. How did I ever get so lucky?

And not to rehash this statement she made, but I really do believe my friends are better than yours…of course, in a non-impertinent way.


Ok, y’all are gonna think I’m nuts (and I know I should have better things to talk about than Jessica Simpson’s recent weight gain), BUT I don’t think she looks bad! To me, I think she looks a lot healthier and her face looks so much prettier rounded out. The only thing is, she’s wearing an extremely hideous and unflattering outfit. Cut the chick some slack…or new jeans, at least.

PS, this is coming from me, who doesn’t even like the girl…and by “doesn’t even like the girl” I mean, she annoys the hect outta me. Whatevs, off to write more important topics…

Thursday, January 29, 2009

More monkey love

Thank you, El Adam, for sending me this one the other day. It made me “awww.”

Monkey love and best buds

Cute me out some more, why dontcha?

Ok…don’t mind if I do.

Thank you, El Adam, for sending me this one the other day. It made me “awww.”

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Silver sheen, silver queen

The kama knit hat in smoked pearl by WeSC. Do want.

Also, can I haz pretty eyes like that. Dang!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Her Morning Elegance

This is so lovely I want to cry

…not just the video, the song, his voice. (I even love the Chevy commercial using this song)…it surrounds everything with wonderfulness.

Find me!

I forget who this artist is, which blog I grabbed it from, and how I can find more of it. I know it’s a lil’ graphic/horrifying or whatever, but I love it. Sorry, I’m not all girly. Seriously, though, it’s awesome. Someone please help find Veronica.

Sometimes lesbians can be so cute

Friday, January 23, 2009

Peace, love, and harmony

Yesterday, I had a day off and went to get a manicure and massage. I need help trying to relax so I can stop these awful migraines I get, the stress I feel, and get the sleep I’m so deprived of. My dad has been suggesting a massage for quite some time, so he bought me a gift certificate (he’s quite the believer in such health remedies and stuff like that). I’ve never had a real massage before except for the time Angela and I went to this place in the East Village (which I hardly consider “real” because it pretty much resembled a prostitution parlor), but I was really excited to see what it was like and hopefully get these crazy kinks out of my neck.

All in all, it was awesome. It obviously felt good, but what it really did for me was sooth my mind. It was so peaceful, and I felt so warm and relaxed. I think, more than anything, I loved the woman who did my massage. She’s was so sweet, so caring, and made me really want to take care of myself. I almost felt loved by her…like as if she were my parent or a close relative looking out for me. She talked to me with such sincerity (something you don’t normally get from someone who is pretty much just looking at you like a paycheck). She talked to me both before and after about ways to improve my health and wellness, and I felt completely inspired to follow her advice. As a former nurse in her earlier life, I feel like I can trust her knowledge.

I definitely want to go back again. You’d be surprised how many ailments you can help through massage therapy. Next time, I’ll have to follow her instructions more carefully, though, because I did not drink enough water after our session and I got another pretty bad headache. Apparently, you have to do so, so you can flush out the toxins that get broken up and released into your blood stream from a massage (giving one a “toxic headache”). Geez, she sure knows her stuff. I’m practically in love with this lady.

Now, I can’t wait to turn on my orchestrated music and fall asleep listening to the flutes. I’m beginning to feel like a hippie.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

No diggity

In case you haven’t heard, already, like the rest of the world. Paramore will be touring with No Doubt this summer. Seriously? Seriously. Could their lives be any more awesome? No friggin’ Doubt, man! You know my ladies and I will all be in attendance. Don’t judge me because I get stoked on my ex’s band.

And, what the crap? They have their own shoe, now? Geez.

I'm in love with their love and companionship

What great role models they are for our country. I wish them and our nation a prosperous and bright future ahead. Le sigh.

Don’t they just make you feel so proud to be an American?

A beautiful moment that warmed my heart…I’m such a sap.

(video via perrymichelle)

The performance BeyoncĂ© gave was the most genuine I’ve ever seen her do, and I’ve, also, never seen her smile like that before. It humbled her diva-like persona, and I thought it was beautiful.

I might be obsessed with these girls for the next 8 years

Awwww, someone reminds me a bit of myself.

Malia making me proud, again

These girls are gonna grow up stunning

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Wild Horses

Childhood living
Is easy to do
The things that you wanted
Well I bought them for you

Graceless lady
You know who I am
You know I can’t let you
Just slide through my hands

And wild horses couldn’t drag me away
And wild horses couldn’t drag me away

I watched you suffer
A dull aching pain
And now you’ve decided
To show me the same

No sweeping exits
Or offstage lines
Could make me feel bitter
Or treat you unkind

And wild horses couldn’t drag me away
And wild horses couldn’t drag me away

I know I’ve dreamt you
A sin and a lie
And I have my freedom
But I don’t have much time

Fate has been suffered
And tears must be cried
So let’s do some living
After we die

And wild horses couldn’t drag me away
And wild horses couldn’t drag me away
And wild horses couldn’t drag me away
And wild horses couldn’t drag me away

by Charlotte Martin

Evil never looked so good

via Platinum Evil

Monday, January 19, 2009

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Wedding Woes

So one of my best friends is getting married in August, and while I usually hate weddings (it’s nothing personal), I am just so stoked for hers.

I’ve thought about this a lot because, quite frankly, I feel bad hating on them so much. I swear, I can’t say this enough, it’s really nothing personal. I’ve come up with a few reasons as to why I think I dislike them:

1) Since I’m no where near this point in my life right now, marriage just sounds ridiculous. I still feel way too young for this (though, I don’t like to put an age on things). I just don’t feel grown up enough (that sounds a bit silly). None of my super close friends are married or even engaged, really (except for a very select few), so I don’t feel a part of this club.

2) The whole traditional wedding bores the friggin’ bejeepers outta me. Okay, this is gonna sound awful, it’s mainly facetious, but I’d almost rather attend a funeral. Okay, okay…obviously, not really (geez, I can practically see everyone’s eyes bugging out for that one), but what I mean is that it’s hard for me to feel a connection at weddings. A funeral is always sad, it’s much easier to put myself in a place of mourning (even if I don’t even know the person). Anyways, before I sound any more morbid…

3) Maybe I’m just jealous. Currently I do not have a boyfriend, so maybe I just wish it was me who found “the one.” It’s not that I do not know how love feels (I have most certainly been in love and it is the most amazing experience I’ve ever had), I am just, now, waiting for the right person to come along to hopefully fall in love again. I’m in no hurry…trust me.

Really, though, my purpose for this post is because I’m all for the unique weddings. I have no idea what mine will be like (if I ever even have one at all), but I’d like to think I’d make it extremely personal and to make my partner and I happy and not anyone else. I know my lady, Jessica will have an awesome wedding because a) I know all the little fun details going into it, b) the most amazing people (aka all of my friends) will be there, and c) they’re a freakin’ fun and fantabulous couple! So basically, because of her upcoming date I’ve been really getting into (and partially becoming obsessed) with other people’s weddings (we have to do our research!).

So yeah, these are some unique weddings I’ve enjoyed:

The Snow Bride as I like to call her. It’s a friggin cute idea, but I, personally, could never do it because I hate the cold.

The Canary & her fellow. Yes, I love this mostly just because she chose a yellow wedding dress. But for something simple, I think they did it so cute. Just a little wedding at city hall to make things legal.

How cute are they?

There’s more, but maybe I’ll post later and spare you too much marriage-mushiness.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Ramen Girl

Sure, this is a different kind of movie to be putting out there, but maybe that’s why I would like to see it…plus, I love BM, and anything I could learn about another culture is intriguing to me.

I dunno…just looks like a feel good movie, ya know? Who wants to see it with me?

Heavenly Hathaway

And to think I used to strongly dislike this actress! Shame on me! Look at how gorgeous she has become. Like an ugly duckling to a beautiful swan, she’s a real princess in her own fairytale. Anne Hathaway just looks more and more stunning everytime I see her. Cojo (from Access Hollywood?) may be right, she almost resembles a new age Audrey Hepburn…do you agree?
At Sunday night’s Golden Globes:

In October 2008’s issue of W Magazine:

Monday, January 12, 2009

Fanning Fan

I believe I’ve said this once before, but I am such a fan of Dakota Fanning. I’m not sure if it’s cause she’s so darn cute or if it’s because she’s an amazing actress for her age. Well, she’s not exactly “cute” anymore…she’s blossoming into this beautiful young girl (gawd, “blossoming” is such an awful term that reminds me of those pamphlets they handed out in the 6th grade about getting your period and turning into a “woman”…sorry, Dakota), but seriously, how gorgeous does she look? She’s so naturally pretty. I hope her ever-growing, rising fame doesn’t ruin what good she’s got going cause this girl is going to continue to get work…and lots of it. I love love love her. Yay, Dakota!

At the People’s Choice Awards:

At some other red carpet event:

This is where we live

by 4th Estate

Secondhand Serenade

No, not John Vesely (though I am a fan)…this lovely chandelier made out of second-hand jewelry. It’s so gorgeous and would totally go on my wish list for my dream home. Not only is it a whimsical piece, it would probably give off the most romantic lighting with (I’m sure) just the right touch of sparkle.

PS…I do believe that is a unicorn I spot, no? Either that or it’s a horse (obvs to me…it is most definitely a unicorn).
created by Floto-Warner

Hi, my name is Jiscilla, and I am a blog-a-holic

Developing in or around the early 2000s (quite possibly even the later 1990s), it began as a rare, but serious disease . Today, it is found quite common, however still just as serious.

I seriously spend too much time reading other people’s blogs, but I can fully blame that on Google Reader for making it so dang easy. Seeing as there’s a million blogs I love and for all different reason, I wanna start trying to showcase them, so I can spread the love. I will start this with Never Slap The Gift Donkey.

NSTGD always provides unique and entertaining posts, though I’m not really sure what the ideal subject is. All this time I thought it was a dude writing (it’s not)…but whatever, Kayne reads her blog, and so do I.

She’s supposedly from Virginia Beach and her post on that makes me want to join a band so bad just so I can tour and see all the unique places of the world. Ok, maybe Virginia Beach isn’t the most unique place, but it does have a restaurant called The Jewish Mother just a couple miles west of it which I’d like to visit (no, I’m not jewish).

Essentially what got me to recommend this blog (besides the name) was this post about “6 useless me-facts”. I loved her #2 about how she removes the white umbilical-cord-looking thing when cooking/baking eggs…but then I got to #5, and I wished I had thought this instead of her:

“As a child, I thought the small chicken pox scar in the center of my forehead was where my unicorn-horn used to be.”

But then I thought this would be impossible since I obviously still have mine. ;)

Anyways, Never Slap The Gift Donkey.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

The Real World: Brooklyn

I’m writing now to talk about The Real World: Brooklyn that just aired for the first time tonight. I can honestly say I stopped watching The Real World when I started noticing the cast members getting younger (basically meaning that I was the one getting older and the cast members were staying the same age), but this season I plan to tune in.

Earlier this summer I made an agreement with the MTV production crew not to post any pictures nor write about any experiences I might have with any of the castmates, due to the fact that they filmed weekly at Angels & Kings (where I take pictures for nightlife photos) until the season aired. Well, I’m not really here dish out any gossip cause quite frankly, I don’t have any (that and I like to keep it to a minimum here). I only know the cast from interacting with them at Trainwreck, and as far as I know, they all seem really cool. I remember talking to my friends, wondering about how this season would pan out on tv because they all seemed to get along so well. They all seemed really nice; they all seemed normal. I never saw any fights or anything really devious.

Seeing some of the previews of episodes to come got me a little nervous, cause I really don’t want to see them fight or get in arguments. I know it’s only natural, but I’m not the kind of person that loves to see a quarrel. I want everyone to be happy.

Anyways, as for the cameras invading our tiny little space in Manhattan, you can only imagine what it was like. Truly, cameras are at AK all the time, so it’s not like it’s something new, but somehow you got your regulars that acted pretty damn annoyed by them. The only thing I have to say about that is, come on! Everyone acted annoyed, but you know they secretly tried to get on camera any chance they got. Also, you’ll notice whatever side of the bar the cameras went, so did the majority of the crowd. I don’t necessarily get it because even if you do get on camera for a minute or two, no one will recognize it or remember you even a day later. I don’t know, I suppose I’m just venting.

In case you didn’t already know, though, Baya had joined the Trainwreck team of Dagger and Rob Hitt, DJing weekly for Trainwreck. She quickly fit into the mix, and she was the first of the cast I met. I absolutely thought she was ADORABLE (and totally my height!). I didn’t find out until later, her reason for wanting to come to New York was to dance. Shoot, that makes me like her ten times more! I can’t wait to see how that goes for her in episodes to come.

As for the other castmates, I enjoyed Scott & Chet the most from a personal standpoint. They were always at Trainwreck and totally friendly. Mr. muscle-man Scott was not nearly what I expected (having a different kind of experience with dudes as big as him), but the guy is super super nice.

Chet is absolutely cool, too, but I hate how people kept knocking on his style in tonight’s episode and in the aftershow. Personally, I love it. What can I say, I’m into dudes who wear skinny jeans and brightly colored shoes. The only style I like to put down is style that has no style (does that make any sense at all?).

Whatever, on to JD…I know he’s gay and all, but I have to say I almost have a minz crush on him. I don’t know what it is because he’s much more boisterous than I am, but I think I just always tend to like the gay guys. Oh well.

Now, moving on to Katelyn, I will honestly say I had NO IDEA she was transgender until after they stopped filming and someone told me. I’ve never talked to her…I just never noticed. I hope people don’t make out her gender change into a big huge issue. I think what she had done is an awesome thing. If it’s what makes her feel happy and most comfortable in her own body…I’m all for it. As for the other 2 girls on the show, Sarah and Devon…I really didn’t talk to them this summer at all, either, but I definitely thought Sarah was cute and reminded me so much of my friend Anne Marie from Nashville. Then, lastly, there’s Ryan. Ummmm, I don’t ever recall seeing him! Am I blind? I had no idea there was another castmate. Maybe I met him, I dunno, I just don’t remember ever seeing him out. Can anybody fill me in on this?

But, yea, that’s my rundown on the show and the cast. I hope this season turns out the best, but for all good reasons. I love New York, so I hope they represent well.

What did you think of tonight’s episode? Do you have any expectations for this season?