Friday, November 3, 2006

Basically...Pics & Hips

I've added some pictures over the past week to the Photo check it and leave comments to make me happy.

Also, I've added my hiplog to my site as well. For those that don't know what a Hiplog's basically a mobile blog via sidekick. And for those that don't know what a sidekick is...look it up! Believe it or not...I've had plenty of people ask me. Maybe it's a city thing...or maybe just a music industry thing...or maybe just for those obsessed with keeping in touch with people and who are internet happy, but for those people who don't know what it is...this is it:

So Hiplog is added under my "Features" section...and I update it daily. Yes, I said DAILY!!! It's a mini blog, and it goes wherever I enjoy it and have fun following me wherever I go. It's the closest you'll ever get to being my lil sidekick...hence the name. And yes...I only have the Sidekick II...and I'm proud. The "3" doesn't really have any other features and I'll wait for an even better version to come out before I upgrade. I waited a whole year before I caved into getting mine back in January and now I'm addicted, but I love it. If you don't have one should go out and get one so we could be kick buddies. And that's all I have to say about that.

As for other things....I could write forever on the events that happened over the past week, but I stayed home from work today cause I'm a sick lil puppy, and I don't think my body will let me sit at this computer any longer. So this will be it for now. I love you all! Keep in touch!!!


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