Friday, September 8, 2006

Gorilla Biscuits

The following post is for my dear, Crystal. To all my Marist peeps out there...we all know and love her...especially with her own little language she has...Crystal is certainly one of a kind, and I know she will appreciate this most.

Well one crazy night down in Acapulco on Spring Break, the sun was just about to rise and after a night out at El Alebrije we were all too wired to go to I decided to do a lil story telling...or more like...a little "educating" if you will (demonstrations definitely NOT included). Well, since I usually don't tell my stories twice (they tend to lose their initial effect after the first time), I left it up to Crystal to repeat. So like all stories that get passed down...things change a bit. Needless to say, the whole name changed and basically made the story 10 times funnier than it already was....way to go Crys! I really had NO idea how you came up with that....but I couldn't believe it when the last issue of AP came to my door and there it was! I swear, I died laughing.

Anyways, my whole point in posting this was to brighten up your Friday and basically say...the weekend is here! Hope it gave y'all a good laugh, and I'm sorry to those that are sooo confused right now. To those that understand what the hell it is we're talking about...I apologize......profusely! We're really not that perverted.....okay....yes, we are.

PS....stay Jiscilla.CoM coming soon!

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