Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Good Things....

Despite the huge lay-off we had at my company last week (32 people got let go) many amazing things are happening right now and this is just a fun-packed week. I'm gonna sum it all up really quickly, though, cause I'm a bit tired.

1)On Sunday I went to see Monty Are I play at Continental (yes, Monty had to change their name again...but this time it's official, not to mention they are now signed to Stolen Transmission Records). Let me just tell was definitely "face-melting." Their new stuff is absolutely amazing, and I strongly encourage everyone to buy their CD when it comes out on August 1st.
Check them out at either or

2)Rhapsody's class last night was simply off the hook! Cranked up the bass to a new Busta joint...and I'm telling you right now, I'm running out asap to buy this whole album. And as much as I love being a girl and workin the sexy vibe...I freakin love the nights where we get to play up the whole "I'm a bad-ass gansta" role. I am a girl, right? lol. I wish I had video to show.

3)My girl, Masha, that I dance with is starting out her music career and she just opened up her myspace page this week. She's a super cool girl...gorgeous, too. Definitely a triple threat (or maybe even more for that matter...she's modeled for national ads and even appeared on my favorite tv show, Law & Order). As soon as she gets songs up, you know you'll be hearing from me to go check out her page.

4)Tomorrow, I am going to a Paris Hilton soiree. Yes, that's right...Miss "Stars Are Blind" herself is the guest of honor. We're taking bets on whether or not she shows up at all...but it's an extremely classy event at Le Cirque (for those that live in Manhattan, know the seriousness of all this). Michael Opeinnheimer and myself have been practicing our snobby voices so we can mingle with the likes of all the socialites. Should be quite interesting.

5)All I'm gonna say is that my boyfriend's band has their second video coming out really soon. It's for their song "Emergency" and it's simply amazing. It will totally rock your socks off and I can't wait for it to come out so y'all can see it. They all look so good. I will post up a picture from the day of the shoot sometime really soon.

6)Warped Tour starts this Thursday in Columbia, Maryland and I get to go see my one and only love in just one more day. I can't even describe how happy this makes me. I've been beaming all week just knowing that I will get to see him again so soon.

Uh...I'm definitely on a summer vibe and lovin it.

Love you all!

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