Friday, July 31, 2009

I cannot deal

I just found out today that one of my besties from college is pregnant. While the thought of having a big belly, gaining about 50 lbs, and pushing a very large object (er, human, to put it more accurately) out my nether regions sounds quite ridiculous to me, I am surprisingly very excited for her. She’s gonna be the best dang mom, ever. Seriously, she’s so sweet and nurturing, it’s just in her nature. In college she used to take care of us all. I feel like she was just born to be a mom. Whoa. This is completely blowing my mind right now that this is actually happening.

I don’t know how or why, but babies have been so relevant lately…I DON’T LIKE IT! It’s freaking me out!

Not too long ago, I had the oddest dream. Apparently, I was “babysitting” for my friend, Keller (Keller, don’t ask, but you had a baby. If it makes you feel better, it slightly reminded me of a cross between a real baby and a giga pet). Well, I dropped it on his head. It left a decent sized dent. I was really distraught about it, but thankfully, Keller was cool. He wasn’t mad because he said he’s done it a few times this month, himself, having made several hospital trips. But that was all the dream was really about. Oh yea, and we were at Warped Tour. Really? Really. What is wrong with me? Why am I dreaming of babies and why are we dropping them…and even worse, why are we bringing them to Warped Tour??? That just disturbs me.

Ok, then… I just went to my cousin, Tara’s baby shower last week. Normally, I hate baby showers. I swear to Goodness if someone makes me taste baby food and guess which disgusting vegetable or mashed up fruit it is, I’m gonna throw the jars across the room and hope that the caps aren’t on tight. Thank God, my cousin’s shower wasn’t like that at all (I’ve already been to plenty that have). Her’s was actually the nicest one I’ve been to. The cheesiest it got was “Baby Bingo”…and I’m a fan of bingo. The food was great (it was at Carmen Anthony’s Fishhouse in Avon, CT), the weather was beautiful, and seeing my family was awesome (I don’t see them nearly enough)…so I guess, it wasn’t so bad afterall.

But ok, this is where it does get bad. I love this lady tons, but two days ago she shared something I wish I hadn’t come across. See, I’m a huge fan of google reader (ya know?…where people share links to website and blogs about interesting stuff they come across on the web)…well, this lady shared a lovely birthing story. Don’t ask why, but I read it. Oh God, why did I read it? There was, also, a video attached. Yes, that’s right, a video of the birth…a water birth. I swear, I didn’t want to watch it. Seriously, I really didn’t want to, but it was like a trainwreck. I couldn’t help it. For some reason, I pushed play, and trust me, it was a mistake…a big one. Without exaggeration, this has completely put my thoughts of ever having children in question. Call me immature, but I think that’s exactly what I am…immature…meaning NOT READY, not for a LONG time.

The other day I was home lying in my bed, and my puppy came up and snuggled next to me. At this time, I really thought I didn’t need children at all. Give me my puppy and I think I’d be completely content. No whining, no spit-ups, no teenage angst, no paying 18 years of savings for college…just a toy, a leash, and some yummy little snacks. Sounds perfect to me.

Geez, I must really be getting old if all this is worrying me right now. Babies, be gone, now, please!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Remember these girls?

Yeah, so my last post about the Care Bears On Fire got some “not-so-nice” comments…which is okay, really, (everyone is entitled to their own opinions). And their music may be more punk than what I normally listen to, but I still can’t help but love them. They’re fierce girls in their early teens, they have a lot of knowledge of the music industry (⅔ the group come from the School of Rock), and they’re pretty much cooler than I ever will be. I have a lot of respect for them. In time, I can see them really making something of themselves. They have a definite direction. “Barbie Eat A Sandwich”…classic teen angst. It makes me wish I was in middle school again. I think I’m going to go to the store tomorrow and buy the CD. Really, I have to. To see pictures from the photoshoot I did of them last fall, click here

Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Everyone’s doing it. I had to, too. Most of it is pretty right on, and if it’s not, not too long ago, it once was.

Name: Jiscilla
Date: 7/28/2009
Colorgenics Number: 14562703

You are seeking an affectionate relationship, offering fulfilment and happiness. You are capable of powerful emotional enthusiasm. Deep down, you are a kind loving person, always helpful and willing to adapt yourself if necessary to realise the bond of affection that you desire. But you need the same consideration and understanding from others and it is this need that will sometimes hold you back… so let go, trust and you may pleasantly surprised at what happens.

You like the better things in life. You are sensuous and emotional. You are a follower of the Arts and you seek an environment that will give you the fulfilment to the senses that you need.

Everyone has to compromise at times and circumstances are such that at this time you are feeling the need to do just that. Put all of your hopes on the back burner and let matters flow for a time - forgo some of the things you want. The good times are just around the corner.

You are experiencing excess frustration and agitation which is the result of trying to resist any form of stimulation or excitement. This may lead to nervous exhaustion, angry outbursts or lowering of the libido. This on-going situation could become threatening and dangerous. You are furious at the thought that you may be unable to achieve your goals and even more distressed at your feeling of helplessness to remedy this. You are at the point of a nervous mental and physical breakdown but it’s not too late to do something about it - take a rest, forget about everything and try to take heed of that ancient adage ‘He who fights and runs away - lives to fight another day’.

You are completely worn out and you are not in the mood for any further demands on your resources. The situation - such as it is - has rendered you quite helpless, unable to continue the mental battle that you have been pursuing for some considerable time. Enough is enough. All you would like to do now would be to have some time for yourself, to find a peaceful situation where you can recuperate in your own time

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Whispering doesn't have to mean it's a secret

This is the cutest proposal I’ve ever seen. I’m completely in love.

Oh Bear

Currently digging: Grizzly Bear - “Two Weeks”

This is brilliant, and I adore their faces.

Simplicity always gets me.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Some good reads?

I’m terrible, lately, at choosing my bedtime activities. Do I catch up on the interwebs? Do I free my mind and blog about whatever it is on my thinker? Do I lay back and just read until my eyes bleed (or in my case, fall asleep after about 20 minutes). All of them sound so tempting! Does this make me weird that these are the things I long to do after a long day at work? Sometimes I wish I were more interesting.

Well last night I chose to go with opening up a brand new book to read. After trudging through “New Moon” of the Twilight series…I needed a refresher. Parker did happen to recommend some “Chelsea Handler” to cleanse my reading palette, but I had nothing of that sort on hand (too bad, too, because I really want to read one of her books. I find her quite hilarious.).

I came across “The Wednesday Sisters,” and it is now on my “currently reading” list on GoodReads. I've only got through the first chapter, but I’m already feeling the wrinkles set in. It’s definitely a middle-aged woman’s book, but I think I don’t mind. We’ll see after a few more chapters...or if I make it that far.

Anybody else on Goodreads?…friend me! It’s where I go to pretend like I read a lot of books.

Monday, July 20, 2009

All shows should be at a beach

Last year’s Asbury Park show was really hard to top with the ocean right behind the stage. But this year’s Jones Beach show was a nice follow-up to the year before.

I finally got to downloading this pic someone took of Ang and I just relaxing and sitting on the dock, watching the sailboats go by, listening to Janelle Monae open up the show, and chatting about life while drinking our coconut wine and NoS. It’s the life…seriously.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Stand and deliver your money or your life

This is probably a few days tardy, but I’m still kind of in awe of the No Doubt/Paramore show I went to this past weekend. Angela was super awesome enough to get us VIP tickets to the Jones Beach show. We got there a couple hours early and just sat on the “boardwalk” thing-y, drinking some coconut wine and tangerine flavoredNoS. Believe it or not, they tasted kinda good. It was so nice to just sit by the water and chat the whole time while listening to Janelle Monae open the show.

By the time Paramore was up, we got to our seats which were perfectly centered and slightly tiered (good for me because I’m so short and can’t see over anyone’s heads…even though no one was really in front of us). I was so amped to see them play. It has almost been a year!

Their set was, of course, amazing. Everytime I listen to “Let The Flames Begin,” I get chills. I think it’s my current favorite song they play live. It was awesome to hear two new songs of theirs. I’m an idiot for not knowing what the second one’s title is (not “Ignorance”). I am so so pumped for this new album (Brand New Eyes). Eleven tracks they recorded, eleven tracks that will be on this album. Solid! I love hearing them get so excited about their work…it’s a beautiful thing.

Now,…No Doubt. Obviously, I was there for Paramore (I don’t think I’ve missed a single tour they’ve been on since the very beginning), but I wasn’t expecting to totally fall in love with ND. I’ve always been a fan, just not hardcore. Yes, Gwen is all sorts of amazing on her own, but there’s so much about the band as a whole. It’s a sort of chemistry that makes things explode! If I could explain the show in one word, I guess it would have to be “Party!” One big party. I seriously danced around, threw my arms in the air, and kicked my feet in every which way. I want to do it all over again! We actually questioned which city they were going to next.

So many parts of the show rocked. The set, the video backdrops, the costumes, THE ABS!!! (Gwen is now my motivation to get back into shape. Her body is serious). All the songs just brought me back…gosh, to my high school days! My favorite part of the show was definitely “Stand and Deliver,” though. I don’t know why, but I was so shocked when all of Pmore came on stage. Hayley sang, Jeremy and Taylor beat the drums…it was such a celebration. I loved it. I may have even squealed. To think, 3 years earlier, they were traveling via band van to venues as small as The Continental. I bet they couldn’t even imagine at the time performing live on stage with freakin’ No Doubt. I’m slightly jealous of that, I must say,…or the fact that Jeremy gets to see Gwen everyday on tour. Geez. Surreal.

Anyways, after all the “EPIC-ness” of the show, Jeremy came out to get me and Ang at the back gate so we could hang. The poor kid ended up getting mobbed. Being the good guy he is, he took a bunch of photos with some fans before Ang pretended to be his publicist to get him outta there. He brought us back to the buses and showed us the sweet set of bikes they have on the road with them. I’m particularly fond of his wolf seat. I showed him the video I took of the show. He will always make fun of me for taking videos of every show, but I know he secretly loves it. We basically just hung out, caught up on what’s new, and reminisced like we always do. It’s always good to see him.

We didn’t end up getting back to the city until late. Angela and I had our fair share of encounters with crazies that night. The Wantagh late night partiers, the homeless dude on the platform, and the cab driver who almost killed us 7 times and screamed, “Your momma, prick!” Interesting, I tell ya.

Anyways, I woke up the next morning completely way too early for it to be normal. I was sore, and I had bites ALL OVER my legs and feet! Jeremy was complaining of the mosquitos the night before, but I thought nothing of it seeing as I had long sleeves and leggings on. Now, I have this huge welt on my left limb (still). Hopefully that will fade quickly, lest not the memories of an awesome weekend.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

New specs!

I got them two days ago at Fabulous Fanny’s on 9th St. between 1st and 2nd Ave. Do you dig?

I swear, I thought I could only dream of finding a place like this. They have thousands of frames to choose from, and in ANY style you could possibly want. You want the 80’s? They got it. You want 1930’s spectacles? No problem. You want the cateye, blue butterfly frames from the 1960’s. Piece of cake. Trust me, you can’t even imagine half the stock that they have. The website is not even 1/16th of the store…you gotta go in and see it for yourself. I probably spent at least 2 hrs going through all the awesomeness. I had the hardest time deciding. I had to remain strong (meaning practical), though.

If you’re not into vintage, it’s okay. They have contemporary models, too. The frames I bought are actually made from a current brand named Kala based in California. I’ve just been so bored by the ordinary “Lenscrafter” scene. Everytime I walk into one of those places, I either get completely ignored, or they hand me stuff to try on that is no where’s near what I asked for. I seriously had no idea where else to look, and then I magically stumpled upon this lovely shop. I’m so happy (and they were so nice).

It’s not your average optical joint, but it is EXACTLY what I was looking for. I highly recommend to anyone looking for glasses…whether it be for reading or for the sunny days.