Thursday, July 27, 2006

Tuesday, July 25, 2006


Your silence speaks louder than dont have to say anything, I already know everything I need to know.

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Down By The River

Well...I sit here down by the river...writing to you on my sidekick. Its late but not too late...only like quarter to 11:00...kinda just thought I'd come down here by myself and just hang out for a while.

A lot has been on my mind lately, so I thought I'd come here to get away from the silence of my apartment. Its actually quite quiet here for being NYC...although still noisy enough with the humming of generators from the buildings behind me, the dull drone of the traffic across the river, and the waves gently breaking on the rocks a few feet in front of me...enough noise to keep my thoughts from spinning around in my head. Every few minutes a passerby walks by, usually a couple hand in hand...either that or someone trotting along in their nightly jog. Still...its quite peaceful. Kinda makes me wonder why I don't come out here often. It's almost a treat to living in this place people refer to as "The Big Apple." Not many people can walk out their apartment building to see a body of water only several yards away.

I always loved rivers, lakes, and things. I wanted a pond so badly in my back yard growing up, but I have to say, my parents did a great job making a substitute for that...a "barrel pond" in which our goldfish and turtles live in during the right seasons on our back porch. I even went to college right off the Hudson River....yet I didn't take much advantage of that either like I probably should have. Sometimes I think we take things forgranted in life...actually, I know we do. Its the simple things...those simple things are what makes life so beautiful. God works his mysterious ways. I wonder what His thoughts are on such an industrious city such as this. Does it take away earth's beauty, or does it only add to how amazing this place is? And do you ever wonder how bridges stay up? I mean, there's only a few bases...and they're holding up thousands of tons of weight! I feel like they would collapse in the middle. But I suppose that's just me being uneducated in the feild of architecture. It still amazes me, though.

And now, while I can't see a star in the sky, either from the smog of the city or the clouds from a desolate still remains a beautiful night with a light summer breeze. And as a boat cruise floats past going upstream against the current all while playing "Girls just wanna have fun," rain drops start to fall lightly on my, I believe, that is my cue to wrap this up and go inside where I can lay down under my comfy blanket on my comfy couch so that I can continue to read "Lovely Bones" in which I recommend to absolutely everyone if they haven't read it already. I might just even call it my favorite book ever...and I'm only half-way through it.

Well that's it for now...a different kinda of journal entry, I know, but I hope you enjoyed it. I have a feeling I might be writing more of "these types" in the times to come. Hope y'all have a good night, though. Much love.


Monday, July 17, 2006

Paris Hilton & Warped Tour (what a combo)

First off, here's a picture from the day Paramore shot "Emergency" out in LA. You guys all have to do me a favor...when it comes out, vote for it like crazy so it gets tons of airtime.

So I Hung Out With Paris Hilton...

...for real. On Wednesday night, I ended up going to this very private party of no more than 50 people at Le Cirque in the city...for anybody familiar with restaurants in NYC, it's one of the most exclusive and expensive ones. It was mostly family and close friends, but the rest were buisness counterparts which was partially the reason I was there. My friend is Joss Stone's manager and he is looking to team up with the same people Paris use for an upcoming project, so they had invited him to join. Paris ended up being pretty nice, but we talked to Mr. & Mrs. Hilton the most. Mr. came up to us first and started talking to us about her new album and stuff. He seemed really happy with it and it was cool to see how much he supported his daughter (although I'm sure there were still dollar signs in the back of his eyes). He was nice, though. And then Mrs. Hilton was super friendly, too. She was kind of a riot...she totally cracked me up...maybe even a lil diztier than Paris, either that or just feelin a lil tipsy. Everyone there turned out to be extremely nice...except I can't tell the kind of vibes we got from Paris's socialite friends (there was only a handful). Their faces seemed familiar, but I couldn't put names on them...mostly guys and pretty much all model types, of course...kinda made me gag, though. They kinda looked like plastic dolls, and as her posé, they formed a CONSTANT circle around Paris. She looks exactly like she does in all her pictures...I was kinda surprised cause normally when I meet celebrities they turn out to be a bit of a disappointment, but pretty much everything about her was perfect, but I guess I really didn't expect any less...I mean, that is her job, right? To just go to parties and look perfect all the time...damn what a tough job. I wanna know who made her dress because I loved it. It was a pretty creamsicle color and it kinda reminded me of this dress my mom had way back in the 70's. Anyways, all I can say is, when it comes down to it, she is the best media whore out there, and I don't hate.

Warped Tour 2006

Can I get a "woot woot" for Warped Tour 2006? So yea, it began on Thursday in Columbia, MD...and I got to go so I could spend time with the boy (it's been a bit too long since I last saw him in May, so we decided not to wait another 2 weeks when I fly out to Houston to see eachother again). The bus ride down was easy and I slept most of the way cause I had to leave my apartment by 5:30am just to get there in time. It was such a beautiful day out and it makes me wish I could be outdoors, kinda sounds funny, but being a city girl, now, really makes you miss these kinda things. Warped almost reminds me of being back at camp...oh how I miss those days of being a camp director, haha. Anyways, it was really nice out, and I got to see their new tour bus which is absolutely amazing and ridiculously huge. I still can't believe it has 12 beds? It's really really nice and they definitely deserve it after traveling in a 12-person van for a year. I can't wait until I fly out at the end of the month to be on tour with them for a few days cause there's so much I want to see going on at Warped (plus, I'm dying to see my boyfriend again). I only really got to see UnderOATH play. Jeremy brought me up on stage to watch as we stood right behind them. I've never seen them play live before, and I swear they gave me the chills. I can't tell what's more amazing...the band and their energy they give off or watching the crowd feed off of their energy. It's so crazy to see such a connection. They are really really amazing and just to see people so dedicated and into their's so intense. There is NOTHING like performing on a stage...and I've said it a million times, but to either be the one performing or to be the one on the receiving end, it is such a rush that can not be described unless you are there to experience it. Usually, unless I'm the one performing (referring back to dance of course) I tend to like to sit back and just watch the entire scene going on so I can just soak it all up and absorb everything that is going on around me. And I hope everyone has at least experienced this once or twice in their lives cause believe or not, I know people who haven't...and that, to me...just isn't right. So before I get any deeper on the subject...the rest of the day was great. I was a bit sad, though, that I didn't get to see Monty Are I play, but Justin didn't call me back until it was too late. Guess I'll just have to wait till August to see them play in the city again...booo. Anyways, I'll put up pictures sometime soon. For next time, I'm gonna have to get all the set times for all the bands I want to try and see and I definitely need some more CDs so I'm gonna have to start saving up my cash again...yikes! Can't wait.

Well, that's it for now.....hope this wasn't to long for ya and I hope all is well with everyone.

Much love from above,
♥ J ♥