Saturday, May 13, 2006


Wow, this past week has been the most pointless week at work ever! I have been so bored and had to try and make up things for myself to do to keep busy. My desk is even clean! Lord, you know what that means...I absolutely had nothing to do besides lurk around on myspace, cruise through livejournals, and write the most hilarious emails ever back and forth between Michael Opeinnheimer, Temis, and I. (I think I'll have to document these somewhere...and please refer to Temis's blog on myspace for the most hilarious event occuring this week involving almonds and a messanger...yea, we're nuts...haha, ok, bad joke).

Anyways, I did have a very fun weekend. I met up with my boyfriend Thursday night over in Poughkeepsie at his show on The Rocket Summer tour. It was at The Loft again where we first met back in October. :) (Good ol' Po-town!) But besides having an allergic reaction we had a really good time (like we always do). I was there to take care of him and make him feel better anyways. :-P (however, I still don't think he should've played. What can I say...he's a trooper) But we ended up taking last train back to the city and didn't get home 'till late. Unfortunately I still had to go into work the next day (I shoulda listened to Jeremy and called out sick). Friday's are nice though cause they are half-days and I feel like it's pointless to call outta work when you get out at 1:00. Alsooo, I forgot to mention before, but there's a lay-off going on at work and we've been waiting to hear for weeks of the outcome. Our company is supposedly getting cut in half and in the rumor-mill, Friday was supposed to be THE day (but once again, we were wrong). Pretty much everyone is planning on getting laid-off, and quite frankly, the majority of us actually want to. But anyways, Jeremy got to stay home all morning and slept in bed while I did absolutely nothing at work. That really sucked. So when I got home, we rushed to get to venue they were playing at that night, The Knitting Factory. Got there...had enough time to grab a nice bite to eat, then it was time to roll. Mike and Ash got tickets to come to the show, so they came right before they went on. Mike used to go to their shows with me before I met Jeremy, and Ash had really wanted to see them perform. It was a good time and we had a nice balcony view. Afterwards, we went out to the Comedy Cellar, which was fun but I was so tired, I literally was asleep through every comedian except for the first and the last. It was kinda funny and I just laughed at myself. One of the comedians was in the middle of their joke and just looked at Jeremy and was like "Oh hey, Axel!" and then went right back to his joke. It was funny. And then the last comedian (who's from Best Week Ever) started crackin on him a lot (it's a small place, so that's what they do...pick on people in the audience). He was like "Dude, what are a band or somethin?" Haha...poor Jeremy was just like "Uh yeah." He was so cute...I love my boy. Anyways, he asked him what band and cracked on him a lot more, but it was cool cause after the show was over, a couple people came up to him afterwards and were like "Dude, I love your band" and they were like yeah, that was cool. So after we left it took us FOREVER to get home and I was literally about to cry cause sometimes the city is just so annoying...not to mention we had to get up at 6:00 the next morning to go to Bamboozle in NJ (had to be there for 9:30). And let me tell you, that whole trip was NOT fun's how our morning went:

6:00am - wake up call (pack, shower, get dressed & ready to go)
7:15am - get on bus
7:30am - get on subway
8:05am - walk to PENN station (w/ 300 lbs of bags)
8:14 - get on NJ transit train
8:27 - get off train to transfer, walking through what seemed bigger than an airport
8:35 - get on Rutherford train
8:41 - get off train and figure out where the hell we were
8:43 - call a cab
9:00 - missed first cab
9:13 - finally get in cab
9:14 - try and convince cabbie that there actually is a sports arena (the Giants Stadium)
9:16 - almost get hit by a train
9:30 - arrive at the venue even though the cab driver basically spoke no english

Rest of the day - complete chaos!

So yea, this day was extremely eventful. I tried to help Heather and Christi most of the day in the Merch tent. Poor Heather never got a was insane. Even while they were playing, people were still buying merch. Then, by the time I got back to the booth right after they finished their set on stage...I could barely get back to the tent cause there was at least 300 people there just waiting for Paramore (see pics below). I literally had to swim through people and one girl was just like "I'm not moving" so she must have thought I was tryin to cut her. God, people can be The whole day was so much fun though. I love stuff like this, so I had a really good time. We attempted to go to the afterparty, but when we got back to the hotel I kinda got in an arguement with my parents over the phone so I was upset for a lil bit...then we kinda feel asleep...hence, we didn't make it out. I felt bad, but continue (wow, this is long...sorry)...we drove to Connecticut the next day. Jeremy got to meet my parents (finally) and my brother and his girlfriend. We all went out to dinner and that was really really nice. Texas Roadhouse...yum. But sadly, we dropped him back off at the venue they were playing at that night and I had to say goodbye cause my parents were driving me back to the train station so I could go home back to the city.
So yea...that was my weekend. I had a great time. (Wow, I haven't written like that in a long time...I'm such a story teller, haha) Anyways, here are just a few pics from Bamboozle:

Tuesday, May 9, 2006

Why am I not surprised?

Oh luncheons with the crew!

Daveeds (jokingly): Yo McCabe, I need a any vodka?

McCabe: Yea, right under my desk....10 proof

----McCabe leaves the room and 5 minutes later comes back----

Daveeds: I didn't think he was serious!!!

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Monday, May 1, 2006


Omg...I'm so angry!

I just got to BDC and they wouldn't let me take class tonight cause my work/study card expired....uh, I am so seriously mad.

I basically skipped lunch today just so I could pay for class. Bahhhh!

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