Thursday, August 30, 2007

Judgement day - Britney's new singles

Gahhhhh!!! I was just about to go to bed...and boom...there it is...Britney's new singles! The girl I idolized all throughout high school and college...Holy whoa! Obviously, I had to post this right away.

So, oh man, as much as I dispise her past few years, I would still love to see her put them all behind and pull through to make a miraculous comeback. Lord, somebody pls help this poor girl. new Britney music has actually come afloat. I will not lie when I say I really had so much fear as I clicked the "play" button on my compy screen. Here's my shortened opinion:

"Gimme More" - awesome beat, very catchy, totally danceable, I ACTUALLY REALLY LIKE! Yes, Britney...pls gimme more songs like this one.

"Cold as Fire" - when I first heard her voice, I literally jumped because I was so frightened. Cheesy lyrics (what else do you expect) and most definitely annoying. She sounds AWFUL! However...(oof, I can hear you guys gasping now)...after listening to it a second time, I'm ashamed to say it kind of appealed to me. I have every right to hit me over the head with a live chicken the next time I see you. I'm officially embarassed.

You can find the songs at

Now please...I need to hear your opinions. Let me know what you are thinking and actually the degree of lunacy you think I'm at. Oh, and thanks Dagger for bringing this to my attention. I'm glad you understand the importance of what this means to me.

Between the Sheets

See these boys?

Yea, Monty Are I. I’m going to see them play tomorrow night again at The Knitting Factory. Doors open at 7:00, they’ll prolly play around 8:00 or 8:30. You should come…they’re fun. We’ll hang. We’ll sip some baybreezes. It’ll be a blast.

PS…Check out their new video “Between the Sheets” debuting on Purevolume. They all make out with the same chick…it’s pretty hott! Plus, I’m in the video somewhere…in the crowd at least….at one of their home shows in Rhode Island. What can I say? That’s how we do. I love these boys.

End of the Summer Survey

Yes, I was bored...Yes, I took another myspace survey.

1.] Was this summer better than last?
Well…yes, I would have to say it is

2.] What was your favorite part of summer?
new friends, old friends, curbside, rooftop BBQs, summer shows, trainwrecks, AK47, vegan food, brunches/mimosas/grey hound/bloody marys, Christmas morning, mindfreaks, british lingo, david blaine, vintage shopping, edamame, HSM marathons/discovering zac efron, bamboozle, so you think you can dance, …and so so much more.

3.] What was the worst part of summer?
The swealtering humidty

4.] Would you do something different that happened this summer if you had?
not really…I’ve had an amazing time

5.] What was the funniest night of the summer?
oh wow…there’s been quite a few! Actually too many to name…but pretty much every Tuesday night & sleepovers top my list.

6.] What was the most rememberable night of the summer?
Don’t you mean “memorable?”

7.] Have any regrets this summer?
nope, none at all

8.] Hook up with someone you just met?
wouldn’t you like to know

9.] Meet someone who made your summer complete?
Awww yes

10.] Pull an all nighter?
more times than I think I should have…but that just means I really went to bed around 5 or 6am.

11.] Did something you wouldn’t think you’d do?
hmmm…not that I can think of

12.] Do something you have always wanted to do?
try vegan food…and now I’m addicted

13.] Do anything against the law?
nah, I’m a good girl

14.] Did you fall for someone this summer?
you can say something like that

16.] Sleep in the opposite sex’s bed?
does it count if he’s a dog? Ok, it’s not really his bed anyways…it was Daggers…and we just snuggled a lil bit. But he’s the zac efron of dogs so that’s gotta count for something.

17.] Did a friendship end that you wish didn’t?
No…but I did have my Mary move back to LA. 

18.] Make any new friends?
absolutely…and amazing ones, too

19.] Did you go to any concerts?

20.] Kiss anyone of the same sex?
Ha! Erica caught me by surprise and kissed me the other night. I bet she doesn’t even remember.

21.] Have the best time of your life and wish you could have stopped time?
More times than I can count.

22.] Did something that hurt a friend?
Yeah…but I did unintentionally. I’m glad I have friends I can talk things through with.

23.] What’s one thing you took advantage of this summer?
a lot actually…having fun, just enjoying spending time with my friends, stopped worrying about little things

24.] Who made you laugh the most?
Oh dear, my friends are a riot. Mary cracks me up…Erica, Jessica, and Kelly are hilarious….and Christy makes me laugh uncontrollably till I can’t breath.

25.] Who did you hangout with the most?
Our whole crew, really…we have a large group of friends. Prolly Curbside, Mary, Angela, and Perry.

26.] Who threw the best parties?

27.] Did you gain hate for anyone this summer?
Honestly, hate is such a strong word…and it really bothers me when people use that term. I really don’t hate anyone. There are people who I’m jealous of, people who’ve made me sad, people who’ve hurt me…either I’ve chose to remain friends with them or I’ve chose to forgive them, or I’ve looked past my jealousy. Life is too short for enemies and crazy drama.

28.] Did anyone gain hate for you?
I hope not.

29.] Pick one song to be the "soundtrack to your summer" & explain why.
Anything from High School Musical. Or…lil’ mama & avril lavigne. LOL! Ha…we’re so retarded and I love it.

29.] Did you gain feelings for a friend you didn’t think you’d fall for?
Can’t say I have

30.] Do they know?

31.] Best movie of the summer?
She’s the Man, HSM, ….Point Break hahaha

32.] Did you get in any major trouble this summer?

33.] Realize who your one true friend/friends are?
I have a lot of friends...and they all mean so much to me. I really am so lucky.

34.] What was the most awkward moment of the summer?
Awkward is not just a feeling but a lifestyle. My friends and I basically live for those moments.

35.] The most sad?
When Vanessa was leaving Zac even though you know she really didn’t want to (Becca..that was for you…oh shiii…did I just blow your cover???).

No but seriously…prolly when Mary left for LA…I might have shed a tear.

36.] When you look back on something you did this summer that embarassed you can you laugh now?
I’m always laughing at myself…I do a lot of embarrassing things.

37.] Did you get a gift this summer that meant something really special?
Quite a few things…my birthday was such an amazing day for me, I bought myself a Macbook (I was stoked on that), and the “friendship” bracelet that Mary gave me…awwww

38.] Favorite picture of the summer?
Holy whoa…there’s more than I can count. I’m a friggin picture fiend. They don’t call me Jiscilla Paparazzi for nothing.

39.] One thing that you will NEVER forget about summer 07?
My friends

40.] Last minute goals you want to do this last week of summer?
Hmmmm….All summer I wanted to get into swing/latin/partner dancing…but just because I prolly wont get it accomplished by the end of the week doesn’t mean I’m not gonna make it happen.

41.] Did you make the most out of your summer?
I definitely think so

42.] Do you look back on something that you wish you should have done?
Not that I can think of

44.] Are you ready for summer to be over?
Absolutely not…as much as I love fall…summer has been a blast.

45.] Are you excited for school to start?
I’m not in school anymore.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Blar Blar Blar

I'm up past 4:00am, and I didnt even venture my way out this evening. I always realize I stay up latest when I don't go out, which is quite the opposite of what I usually intend.

I went out for lunch today with the newly married Hollace Jane Bobker....we ate sushi and had ourselves a good ol' chat sesh. Since the city supports Summer Friday's, I did not have to return to work, so I moseyed my way home after where I knew I'd pass out for a delicious nap.

Honestly, I've been nothing but a party girl as of late, so I decided this weekend..I WANT MY REST, DANGIT! Sleepovers will still ensue, but I'll wait until tomorrow for that. Tonight, I needed "Me" time. I seriously did nothing but sleep, watch a few episodes of Scrubs, and scarf down some salad and a grapefruit (my meal de la season). It felt good to not have anywhere to go or people to see. Sometimes, it's just so hard maintaining the life of a city girl.

Also, I would like to note that just a minute ago I felt a rumble in my tummy and decided for some trailmix my parents had made up for me (they're nature people). I take my first handful, and I can't help but want to spit it right back out. It tastes like soap! One, this makes me think of Regina Spektor and her song "Music Box." And two, this makes me think that I shouldn't have packed the bag of trailmix next to the boxes of soap I carried in my suitcase back from a trip home. But if nuts, raisins, and other such dried fruits were not all that satisfying at (what is now) 4:40 in the morning...I have a lingering taste of Dove in my mouth. Not the "so fresh and so clean" feeling I was going for.

Anyways, I have nothing else amusing to say except for the fact that I "should" have new pictures up at some point tomorrow.


Friday, August 24, 2007

Hipster Olympics

I got this from Texas. This is absolutely hilarious! You seriously have to watch the whole thing.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

In case you didn't know...

Zac Efron and I are dating. Yes, it's true. He left Vanessa for me and is so much happier. We plan to have 6 babies and live on a farm raising chocolate milk cows, but for now we just enjoy eachothers company and singing on tabletops in local high school cafeterias. We're pretty much your average couple, you see? No need to be jealous...but you should be.

Isn't my boyfriend adorable?

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Best birthday ever!!!

Cheers to the best birthday ever! And a huge thanks to everyone who helped me celebrate it.

Whether you were there in the flesh or in spirit, it was all so appreciated. I have never felt so loved. :) Srsly, after a decade of no birthday parties, this one sure made a lasting impression on me. All I could have ever wanted was just to be in good company of all my friends and it was exactly that.

The day even began well at work. It was a half-day thanks to “summer Fridays,” and Temis and I worked our butts off to make sure we got out right on the 3-hour mark. After we finished up, her and a couple girls from work took me out for lunch at Moonstruck (yummy BLTs and fries). As time was starting to fly by, I realized my appointment with Ray (hairstylist) was coming up quickly, so I headed downtown. No matter what type of day I’m having, a visit to Ray always makes it better...and since my hairz were kind of in a funk, I was definitely in need of his magical touch. But, oh boy, by the time he was done, it started to rain hardcore. This is how I left the salon:

What? I didn’t want to ruin my hairz on ma burfday!

Anyways, I got home and needed a quick nap and a shower avec le lunch lady cap. My roomie had already picked me out something to wear, so I got ready in no time...ready to meet up with my ladies at my absolutely most favorite vegan restaurant ever: Red Bamboo. Oh, but False!…the wait was over an hour. No worries, we went next door to VP2 (run by the same kitchen, also vegan, and equally delicious). Angela, Erica, Jessica, Perry, and I ate meals for 2 (us and our soy babies). Vegan Oreo Cheesecake was had, endless amount of laughs cramped our abdominals (pls see firstcrush for quotes from the evening), and a walk to Angels & Kings was where the real celebration began. Friends from work, high school, friends of friends, and more came out to dance the night away. The bar was ours and the lovely DJs Sarah Lewitten (Ultragrrrl) and Karen Plus One (Le Tarts of Pleasure) made the night with besties like Lil Mama and Avril Lavigne on the playlist. The whole night was just perfect. I couldn’t have asked for more.

Again, I just have to thank EVERYONE for the phonecalls, the ims, the texts, the gifts, your love…etc. etc. You made this the best birthday ever! THANK YOU!

I love my friends.

PS...If you lost an umbrella ella ella that night, I picked one up from our booth. We were the only ones sitting there so I figured someone forgot it on their way out. Let me know if you're missing one.

Thursday, August 16, 2007


Wow, it's almost 3:00 in the morning right now and it's officially my birthday. I can't sleep and I'm not so sure why. I guess, this is why I came here to, whatever. Usually, my posts here are promotional or quick little blurbs...and when I do get into detail on what's been going on with me, it's all stuff that's on the surface.

I feel like breaking a little bit of that showcased shell and just write about stuff I am feeling. Like right now, I feel like writing about how lucky I am. I have the most amazing friends (yes, I say that a lot, but it's true). I live an amazing life (it's not perfect, but nothing is). I am just so grateful for everything right now. Seriously, I've just been reflecting on this a lot lately. I am so lucky. And is it strange for me to even say I'm proud of myself? I feel like I've come so far in my life, doing things I never would have dreamt of in my earlier years...even becoming the person that I am.

I know lately, I might seem like this unruley girl who gets drunk and does silly and sometime obnoxious things, but this is the first time in my life I have allowed myself to just forget about being so serious and just live life. I suppose you can call this my party girl phase, and some people may look down upon it, but hasn't changed a bit of who I am. I am still me, I still have the same beliefs, and I still want the best for everyone.

And speaking of...I hate the distance that time creates. I miss the friends I have that I used to talk to on a daily basis and the faces I used to wake up to.

But I'm about to fall asleep so I'll continue my thoughts on a later date.


My Burrrrfday!

Ok, I honestly can't believe it's here already, but dude, tomorrow is my 25th birthday! I swear, I'm only 8 yrs old in my head. But srsly, I'm half-way to 50!!! I know, when I put it like does sound old.

But everyone please come out tomorrow night and help me celebrate at Angels & Kings!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Bells come a ringin' once again!

I seriously have no idea what to say anymore…but another Frizzy is engaged!!!! This is seriously insane to me. Two frizzies and a hooker down...who's next? Jo-jo is marrying “hot gym dude.” It feels like just yesterday I was meeting him as he had to duck down for all the doorways at 95 Fairview. Wow, I’m so excited for Joj and Bobber! This is amazing.

Apparently, it only happened last Friday, but fret not…she has a location and date already picked out. My life has crazy friends, and I love each one, but dangit, stop getting married people! I feel like I’m gonna wind up an old hag living with 8 cats on the southside of Brooklyn. It doesn’t really help either when my grandfather keeps asking me when I’m gonna get married. Dude, I need a boyfriend first. I don’t live in smalltown, USA…I live in New York friggin City where guys are mostly bigger whores than Britney Spears (whoa, I said it…I did). Actually, I give credit to most of my guy friends…they are decent guys, but I can’t date them…they’re like my homies. Anyways, enough on my singleness …back to the happily ever after. Congrats, Jo-jo and Bob. I love you!

Oh...and I’ve already done the calculations. It turns out I have an 86% chance of being the last Frizzy to marry…unless, of course, someone wants to help me out with this one. Anyone?

Monday, August 13, 2007

Dun, dun, dun, dun...

Oooooh, people, I'm mighty exhausted right now. I'm just writing now to basically announce that new pictures are more album down and like 85 left to go. What can I's tough being a blogger/party photogger.

Friday, August 10, 2007

Jus sayin...

I will be in CT all weekend long. Basically this picture updates. Sorry!!!!

I'm still so far behind, I know. But I haven't forgotten. They WILL go up! We just need to stop takin so dang many, so it doesn't take me so long to get them up. Just kidding...I never want to stop taking pictures and documenting our lifes...cause we're fabulous. That is all.

Oh, and if you feel so obligated...lurk me via hiplog.

xoxo lovers!

It never fails...

Your typical Curbside dinner brings the Lolfest!

Please see recap via jmjparks.

And just to give everyone a "heads-up," Curbside speed-dating IS happening. Singles who want to mingle...comb your hair, freshen your breath, it's a curbside near you!

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

I Am Legend

So there's this movie coming out in December starring non-other than Will Smith. It is called "I Am Legend" and is your typical, Will Smith saves the universe-type movie. I'm not exactly sure what it's about besides the fact that he is supposed to be the "last man on earth"...but obviously, we know that's not exactly how it's gonna go seeing as the movie would probably get pretty boring that way.

However, besides the fact that I love Will Smith...I am promoting this movie because my friend Joanna is in it. I'm not exactly sure of her role, but what I do know is that she had to shave her head for it. Yep, straight-up Britney Spears style...however, she did it before Britney made it,

I've been dancing with Joanna for the past 4 years or so. I remember the shock on all our faces when she walked into the studio with a freshly buzzed cut head. The awesome thing is the new "do" looked awesome on her and gave her such edge. She has amazing facial features to pull it off and being half Japanese and half Irish it completed her unique look. She's beautiful.

Anyways, I remember her telling me the story of the day she had to cut it all off...balling her eyes out while all the other girls seemed to remain completely calm. One of the actors even held her hand for it. But hey, when you get to be in a movie with the drool-worthy Will Smith, I suppose it's all worth it. Plus, I'm sure this movie will be a hit with the Fresh Prince, himself, as the when it comes into theatres, be sure to check it out!

Monday, August 6, 2007

Better late than never guys are fast. I haven't even finished uploading pics, and there's already lots of views! Guess that just goes to show how far behind I was. So sorry for being late. Hope you enjoy the fun that is visible in this album, though.

Sunday, August 5, 2007

I'm a liar!

Geez louise, I can't believe what a liar I am. I so did not post pictures yet! I'm awful...and I give you full permission to yell, scream at me, and punch me in the uterus. I am a bad...bad webmistress!

Anyways...I'm lyin in a bed right now that's not my own and Jac is sleeping.

I'm writting to the world letting everyone know how much I am gonna miss Queen Mary Elizabeth and Jacqueline Marie (I don't know if that's her middle name, I just liked the way it sounds). This is their last day in NY and it makes me so sad. Why do friends always have to move and live so far away? Not cool man, not cool. But we've been tryin nothing but making the best of this whole last week. I think I've ate more and drank more this week than I have the whole summer. I'm so exhausted and full.

I get to go home next weekend though and hang with the fam for some birthday celebrations. I'm soooo happy to be seeing their faces again and I can't believe it's almost my birthday. I'm gonna be 25, dangit...25! Somethin just ain't right about that.

Friday, August 3, 2007

Update, update!

Just letting you know.........I am determined!

Pictures will (/should) be posted in about 4 hours? Sayyy....give me a deadline. It's ok...just hit me with it. Ok, by 5:30, we'll say. Is that okay with you guys? I'm way long overdue.

Thursday, August 2, 2007

So You Think You Can Dance - Partner Swap

Fear not my dance loving's another Thursday, and I get to review my favorite TV show of the moment: So You Think You Can Dance.

Last week, I missed an episode, and how sad am I for that! Watching my favorite, Lacey Schwimmer, very closely this season...i may have missed one of my favorite performances of hers. I saw it on youtube today for the first time (but I'm at work with no sound), however....good lord, it looks hott! She was paired with Danny (their first time this season having a different partner), and having him as her partner I think worked great for her. Danny is the most amazing technical dancer on the show. He reminds me of this guy, Rupert, I used to dance with back during my Hartford Ballet days who is now dancing for the American Ballet Theatre. (I'll post a pic'll see the resemblance physically..but it's also there technically).

Anyways, enough jibber jabber last night's show was "eh." I'll post video once I can find it on youtube. They picked new partners again. Lacey was paired with Neil (my favorite male dancer...but prolly cause I just want to pinch his cheeks. He's adorable and has a fabulous character). They got to do 2 pieces last night. Latin Jazz and Contemporary are the two styles given to Lacey & Neil. I liked their first piece, but the judges were right in saying their connectivity as partners were not believable. Their contemporary piece couldn't be put any better by the judges...all technicallity behind, it was the most beautiful piece of the season and tears welled up in everyone's eyes. I balled like a baby. (Don't make fun of me) Seriously, was gorgeous, and Mary (the "Paula" of the judges) could not even speak she was crying so much. Amazing, just amazing.

My current standing favorites in order are:
1) Lacey
2) Sabra
3) Danny
4) Neil