Saturday, October 14, 2006

Waiting for the train

I really have nothing spectactular to say...except that I feel really gross right now after eating somethin I shouldn't have after doing so well on this diet I'm on. I haven't caved once...but I suppose damn birthdays get u all the time. Not to mention I have this sorta-date (but not really) on monday and involves going out to eat....definitely feeling nauseous already. At least its at a vegetarian restaurant.

So yea, finally the train is here....and right now I'm sitting on the F train next to this guy who keeps looking at me and is really creepin me out. Plus, he speaks spanish and I can't understand a word he's saying...not to mention, he smells and is now picking his nose. Gewww...the downside of NYC. Uh ok, gotta look the other direction cause I don't want to acknowledge him. Ok so there's this cute asian girl sitting across from me who is falling asleep but is trying hard to stay awake. She has on this supercute army green jacket that could almost look like something Triple 5 Soul. Ooh she has on this really really pretty ring. Its pink, big, and sparkly. Hahaha way to go on detailed descriptions, Jiscil...and way to refer to myself in the 3rd person.

I actually can't believe I'm still typing here but I suppose I have nothing better to do than just sit here on the subway. I love people watching though. I love to just watch and observe. Do u ever try guessing what people's names are? It sucks cause ur really not gonna ask em what it is in the end...and sometimes when u think ur so just erks u not to find out. Just another one of my weird, silly antics.

Uh...I'm getting really sleepy now and I just want my bed.

Wow this is getting really long and pointless and I'm almost at my stop so I think I'm gonna end this right here. Ahh well...peace in the middle.

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