Monday, December 11, 2006

My review on A review

I haven't really sat down in the past week or so and got the chance to write on any one specific thing, so when I found myself writing a more lengthy response to my dear friend Jessica Are I's latest post...I figured it was worthy of posting on my own el jay. I feel like if I had a laptop, I would write so much more frequently because I would be able to just sit in bed, relax, and type away (hmmm...where can I score myself a laptop without having to actually pay for one, lol). give you an overview of what the topic's about the lovely boys of Monty Are I...or more like about their music. Jessica gave her complete track by track review and this is how I responded:

Remember I am speaking towards JAI:
Ok, so first off, I'll state that this has been my most favorite post of yours ever. Maybe it's because I know exactly everything you speak of or maybe it's because I can hear every track in my head as I read over each of your depictions. (Plus, pictures and little side referrals are always fun.)

So now, to answer your questions...obvs you know I love these boys, and obvs you know I can't pick just one song to be my favorite. I will, however, start with saying that Between the Sheets and Hearts Bleeding (not on Wall of People...possibly their first recorded song? I dunno, but you would know this) were my first original favorites. Yes, I think I go through stages....which leads me to the release of The Red Shift where "O Brother" kinda latched onto me even though I am the most uninformed person on any form of politics possible...yet somehow, I still got it. Also, I must note, you forgot to mention the high impact choir vocals at the end of the track. That alone could have been the bait on the hook that reeled me in (bad analogy, I know). Then, my friend...I moved on to Castlebound which might have been my longest running fav. However, when Wall of People got released, I kinda dove into Dublin Waltz and Just In Time (I'm a sucker for ballads). And right now, I can honestly say there isn't a song that I don't get excited about when I hear it come on my iPod playlists. Like you, each song kinda just reminds me of someone or something or just a specific point in time. Music just does that...I hate and love it all at the same time (if you know what I mean).

As for live shows, I've almost been to as many as shows as my ex's band. Ok, maybe not quite that many, but the number is quickly growing. I will definitely say I am going to miss shows at the uber tiny venues like The Continental and not just because it is no longer a performance venue (may it rest in peace), but because MAI is just getting too big to be playing at such places anymore. As for my favorite show, it would have to be my first show ever in RI at Lupos (yes, the night I met you). And when I say first show ever, I literally mean that. It was basically my first rock concert...shocking, I know. I had only seen people like Britney Spears and DMB in concert before (with the one exception of a Local H/Alkaline Trio show in high school that a friend snuck me out to). But anyways, as I was saying, Lupos was pretty much my first real rock experience...or at least what I consider it to be. Being a dancer, I was never really interested to see people just singing and playing their instruments on stage (not to mention I was way into hip-hop and rap and didn't quite have the right kind of appreciation for rock music as I have today). I didn't think there was ever much to it, but when I saw Monty on stage for the first time it basically blew me away. I fell in love with the rock scene almost instantly. Their energy and passion equaled to what I always thought so captivating about dancers moving around so intricately on stage. It was visually gratifying to see them totally rocking out on stage and getting so caught up in the moment. Their connection with the hundreds of fans in the audience has to be my favorite part of it was just awesome. I tend to notice even now, when I go to show, I'm just watching the crowd's reaction to the band playing, and just seeing the connection going on between the is beyond rad. I find it totally fascinating and most definitely do something I love just as find that sort of have a reason behind what exactly makes us tick. So that would have to be my favorite show, but I can't go without mentioning Warped 05 (another first) on Randall's Island in NYC. All I can remember is tons of dirt, dust, trash, and filth everwhere. I was completely covered in dirt and grime from head to toe...and loved every bit of it!

So in my reply, I'm sure you got more than you bargained for a response, but I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed myself. And now, I must go to sleep. Good night or good morning to you.

Rock on all MAI fans!

So yea, lately I've been taking on a lot of different tasks...y'all know me...busy busy girl. I'll prolly go into detail about what I've been up to at a later date in time, since I'm still waiting to get a few things off the ground. I do have to say...I'm excited about all my upcoming projects It's kept my mind occupied. Tomorrow I have another day off (a nice 4 day weekend...using up all my vacation time that's not allowed to be carried over in the new year). I plan on resting up seeing as I went to bed at 7am this morning (insomnia always gets the best of me), and right now the effects of my lack of sleep is kicking in at this relatively decent hour (at least for me). 2:00am is about my normal bedtime hour....really, there is something wrong with me.

Ok, seriously...I getting really tired. Gnight!


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