Saturday, July 22, 2006

Down By The River

Well...I sit here down by the river...writing to you on my sidekick. Its late but not too late...only like quarter to 11:00...kinda just thought I'd come down here by myself and just hang out for a while.

A lot has been on my mind lately, so I thought I'd come here to get away from the silence of my apartment. Its actually quite quiet here for being NYC...although still noisy enough with the humming of generators from the buildings behind me, the dull drone of the traffic across the river, and the waves gently breaking on the rocks a few feet in front of me...enough noise to keep my thoughts from spinning around in my head. Every few minutes a passerby walks by, usually a couple hand in hand...either that or someone trotting along in their nightly jog. Still...its quite peaceful. Kinda makes me wonder why I don't come out here often. It's almost a treat to living in this place people refer to as "The Big Apple." Not many people can walk out their apartment building to see a body of water only several yards away.

I always loved rivers, lakes, and things. I wanted a pond so badly in my back yard growing up, but I have to say, my parents did a great job making a substitute for that...a "barrel pond" in which our goldfish and turtles live in during the right seasons on our back porch. I even went to college right off the Hudson River....yet I didn't take much advantage of that either like I probably should have. Sometimes I think we take things forgranted in life...actually, I know we do. Its the simple things...those simple things are what makes life so beautiful. God works his mysterious ways. I wonder what His thoughts are on such an industrious city such as this. Does it take away earth's beauty, or does it only add to how amazing this place is? And do you ever wonder how bridges stay up? I mean, there's only a few bases...and they're holding up thousands of tons of weight! I feel like they would collapse in the middle. But I suppose that's just me being uneducated in the feild of architecture. It still amazes me, though.

And now, while I can't see a star in the sky, either from the smog of the city or the clouds from a desolate still remains a beautiful night with a light summer breeze. And as a boat cruise floats past going upstream against the current all while playing "Girls just wanna have fun," rain drops start to fall lightly on my, I believe, that is my cue to wrap this up and go inside where I can lay down under my comfy blanket on my comfy couch so that I can continue to read "Lovely Bones" in which I recommend to absolutely everyone if they haven't read it already. I might just even call it my favorite book ever...and I'm only half-way through it.

Well that's it for now...a different kinda of journal entry, I know, but I hope you enjoyed it. I have a feeling I might be writing more of "these types" in the times to come. Hope y'all have a good night, though. Much love.


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