Thursday, January 19, 2006

The past month - BDC Showcase, New Years, Pics, Vegas, Etc.

OMG, can you believe it? I'm actually doing a real "update"...well sorta. I prolly wont be able to cover everything that's happened in the past month, but I'll try. And I just went back and read over everything I just wrote (I rushed to write it all on my lunch break) and noticed it barely made any sense, so I'm making an attempt to clean this thing up. Here it goes:

BDC Showcase (Pictures)
It was (with no surprise) a great show. Of course it got sold out and I was lucky enough to have about 10 people there to see me. Yay! Thank you to everyone who came. I apologize to my father and to Poophead for my booty shorts. Eek! It was fun times though...I got to do a lot of people's makeup which I absolutely love, and y'all know that. More than anything, now, I miss dancing 4 hours a day 6 days a week, though...had to slow it down a bit for health worries, I'll be back to normal by February. I just got the DVD of the show a couple days ago, so if I figure a way to upload it to the site, I will do that. But for now, I added pictures to the photo I hope you like!

Salvatore (Tory) Sabatino - Rest In Peace
A close friend of mine had passed away last month on the 12th of December. I miss him dearly...he was a good friend of mine, and I think about him everyday. I'm not gonna elaborate on this right now though, cause I'm at work, and I know this will make me very sad. All my love goes out to his family, Kristin, and my KB. I know you loved him very much like we all did. He was a very special person.

Christmas/New Years (Pictures)
A wonderful time spent with the fam. Our huge traditional Christmas Eve feast was prepared by 2 of my uncles and my Aunt Chris. Their talent in cooking is absolutely amazing. They never fail to impress. After Christmas, my brother brought me back to the city with his girlfriend, Ash, and they stayed with me for a couple days just so we could shop endlessly, and let me just say, the 3 of us are NOT a good combination...we spent well over $1000 combined. But overall, I can't wait for them to come up again in the next month or two cause we had so much fun. As for New was a blast and all I spent was $12 on a cab ride. Mike, Dan, Phil, and supercool guest, Ryan went with me to my friend, Temis's party after we started out the evening at Bar A. The 6 of us definitely stole the show. I tell ya, we're a crazy bunch! Dancing like monkeys, "gazelling" down every street, and singing to people in the bar and getting them to sing back to us. What can I say? People love us! We were all merry and high on life and ya know was everyone else. That's what I love about the city...we would be singing and dancing on our way to bars and people would just join in with us. However, it was EXTREMELY cold which made me...well, cold. We waited an hour for a cab which was so not fun, and that was supposedly my fault cause I refuse to take rides from gypsy cabs (sorry boys). We ended up goin back to the guys place where I crashed on the "sex" chair. The next morning we had breakfast at a lovely diner where the owner yelled at me for paying! He said the boys should be paying for me. However, I prolly should have been the one to buy their breakfast seeing as they paid for all my drinks the night before. Ah time. (PS...I just put up pics from this night as well.)

I just got back from Vegas on Saturday, which I have lots to say about. I went there on business, so it was a ton of work and when I say "a ton" I A LOT! Put it this way...we put in 47.5 hours of overtime. But we were basically on their time from the moment we woke up until we went to bed, so we got paid pretty much for any hours we were awake. Anytime we were with our co-workers counted. Business dinners were also included, even though dinner was the most fun (regardless of creepy pedafile-ish man). Per person, every dinner cost more than my monthly grocery bill. Just insane the kind of money they throw out at this kind of stuff, but hey, you don't see me minding one bit. If you ever get a chance to eat in Vegas...I totally recommend RM Seafood, Little Buddha, & Shanghai Lily. Mmmm Buddha. Hahaha. But, thankfully, I got to go to Vegas with Temis...we had so much fun together. We're a definitely a pair! And being there with David and was an absolute pleasure to work for them, I love them even more after this. And what's even better, me and Temis have adopted Tim as our "older brother." We LOVE him. We had such a good time. He was basically the one to drag us out every night cause we were the ones that were "too tired." It's been only a week and I miss him already (he doesn't work in our office in NY, so we don't get to see him, like, ever)...but we annoy him everyday with emails, but he loves Let's see, what else can I say about Vegas...oh yea...we stayed at Mandalay Bay which Temis and I have nicknamed the "Senior Citizen Hotel." Damnit, what happened to all the cute guys...Vegas was so lacking in that department! It was so depressing. I think cute boys were out of season, haha. And everywhere we went though we got stared at by creepy old men. One even snorted at me...yes, I said snorted. We figured it was some sort of mating call, lol. We only got to leave the hotel once (Friday night). Yes, the hotel is really that big that you don't ever have to leave cause it has everything! We had to put on our walking shoes just to get to the convention center. It was a good workout though...haha. Hmmm what else...OH GOD! How can I forget? I won $400! All in the slot machines baby! I won $20 one day...and then a couple days later I won $60, and then with my winnings, I had a single just hanging around so I snuck off to another slot machine while Tim and Temis were snickering at me saying I was becoming an addict...and then BAM $315!!! I know, I'm just that cool! That was Thursday then on Friday (our last night) after dragging Tim out to dinner with us at Little Buddha in the Palms Hotel, Temis and I decided to gamble a lil bit before we went out to the club so we could digest our wonderful food. And that is where I ended up winning another $ I left Vegas up $400. So yeah, I was happy. And since it was our last night and was the only time we really had to actually get out of Mandalay Bay, we wanted to go all out and go dancing and whatnot, so this is where we decided to go to Rain. We got in the back of the line and the bouncer guy came up to us and pulled us out of line and shot us right to the front of the line and got in VIP style...yea, we know we're hot (either that or we were the only girls there that didn't look like plastic). Then, as we were off on our own just having a good time and dancing away, some other bouncer dude apparently liked our style and pulled us out of the crowd and asked us to dance up on stage in the VIP area. So there we were...just Temis and I out there having a good ol' time dancing the night away...what a good time! But still I have to say Vegas boys suck...I even prefer NY boys over them and I'm not a fan of NYC boys. So yeah, that was our week. Our hotel rooms were amazing. They were basically bigger than my apartment. I had my own King size bed...and the bathroom had to have been my favorite part! It had this huge bath tub that was just so amazing. Uh, if only I got to stay in my room more It was awesome. Not to mention we did not pay for one thing on this trip (always a plus). David even gave us some money to go gamble with...I swear he's the coolest guy ever...such a genuinely nice person too. I would work for him again anytime! The plane ride home was a lil rough cause of the weather, and my driver had a hard time in the downpour on the way home, so I was just praying to make it home alive, but besides first buisness trip was a great one. :)

KK...that's it for now. I'm off to go meet up with Temis in the East Village. Have a great night everyone...I love you all!