Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Doin it for the puppies (& kitties, too)!

Well, last night was amazing...as expected. Big ups to Stolen Transmission for hosting the event to support all those puppies & kitties out there. Monty Are I officially owns my heart...as if that's any surprise. Please, please, please...if you haven't listened to their album "Wall of People" yet...it is a must! And even more so...go see their live show...you will NEVER be disappointed.

So last night began with my ass being late...again. Not too, too late this time, though...only by about a half hour (hey, it's usually an hour, but srsly...I live in flippin NYC and I live on a damn island AND getting anywhere takes at least an hour no matter how hard you try!). Regardless, I did get there just in time to catch the start of The Oohlas acoustic set. I seriously heart them, but I have to admit, I was a little disappointed. I felt like the only played a couple songs, and I wanted to hear more. Buuuuut, I might have enjoyed them so much that they really might have played a full set, and I didn't even know. Eeeep, oh well. Oh, and Ollie (the lead singer of The Oohlas) is the most adorable human being on this earth. Her voice sounds as innocent as a 4-yr old even though when you listen to her lyrics, you find that she is definitely not....I'm sure she's still as sweet as she looks, though. I kind of enjoy them acoustic. Those "la, la, la's" in "TV Dinner" are so fitting. Annnyways, the next band up was Bright Light Fever. I only have one of their songs, so I don't know their music really well...however, I still bopped my head to the beat. Then (drumroll, please)......MONTY ARE I. I swear, I never get sick of their songs. The girls and I all moved directly front and center. It was a small stage so it was definitely an up-close and personal show (ie...Steve spilt approximately 3 drinks on us). They began with "Anchor & Hope" which I believe ruined Erica's plan to run around with the Rhode Island state flag...however, no worries...it did make it's appearance. For those that don't understand this gesture, if you do your research, you'll know that it's all in appreciation of this very small state. Also, I turned into my alter ego...Paparrazzo Jskilz. I got some really great pictures of Steve, Ryan, & Andrew...but I can never seem to get any of Mike or Justin. I'll update with pictures later. We danced around like it was our job...and quite frankly, I believe it is. I'm sure the boys love us for it. All the madness ensued till the complete end of their set. It might be one of my top 5 fav shows ...but I believe I say that after every one of their shows. The night continued on, following with The Photo Atlas who I've been wanting to hear for a while now. I've been hearing so much about them from Jessica and Erica. They've been raving about them since CMJ. I can't say I paid close attention to them, though, cause I was doing a little bit of mingling...but from what I heard, I liked. I might need to buy the album now before I give my final consensus. And lastly, Permanent Me came on, who I actually like and have heard before. I didn't pay nearly as much attention as I planned. I was talking to everyone that felt like I haven't seen in forever when it really has only been a week. By midnight, the place was clearing out so we decided food was a good plan. We walked a half block to a pizza place where they didn't except credit cards (I'm lo on the flow)...and where I ended up de-cheesing my slice (shout out to all my lact-ies out there). A cab ride home pretty much ended my night for me...leaving me to say, all in all it was a fun Monday night.

OH...PS....I dyed my hair black! Lol! Did ya notice?

Monday, January 15, 2007

See for yourself

I swear, every week is so full of new adventures for me...and I'm still tryin to tell myself, it's only the first few weeks into the new year.

I feel like I've gone out this year already more than I did throughout all of last year.

I've been on a major hiatus from dance...probably my longest yet. I don't really know what's wrong with me, but I really feel like I need this break from it. I tend to put too much pressure on myself and stress has really been getting the best of me. I missed 2 HUGE auditions this week (Beyoncé and Ashanti) that I will most likely regret later, but right now, I'm content with just trying to enjoy everyday life and actually going out and having some fun...something I rarely allowed myself to do. Eventually, I'll get back into the swing of things...I know it's just temporary....trust....cause everytime I get an update or a bulletin from Jonté, my heart starts beating and I'm so itching to dance again. [PS...for those that don't know, that gig I got dancing for an up and coming solo R&B artist kinda gotta taken away from me....and basically because I'm white, too. It wasn't said that way, but it was pretty obvious. I was the only white girl and (not to boast, but...) I was definitely better than most of the girls in rehearsals. Plus, the choreographer loved me, and he said he'd keep me in mind for future gigs (when he said nothing to the one other girl he let go)....but I doubt any of that will happen anytime soon.] As for Jonté though...or Ramone...let me just tell you, you'll never meet anybody in the world like them. I'll post a video below...but you HAVE to keep an open-mind and put aside any homo-phobia you might have. Their taste is very risqué and definitely over the top (and I must recommend that you do not click on the first video below if you do not wish to see a man in a speedo. I do see the humour in this, so I totally understand if you laugh...but this is just Jonté, Ramone, and pretty much everyone else I dance with...so I'm used to it). Regardless, they are extremely talented and have danced with pretty much everyone in the buisness...not to mention Miss Janet Jackson. They're super sweet....completely comfortable with their sexuality....look hawt in make-up...and can dance better than anyone I've ever met....not to mention, better in heels than any girl I've ever met.

As for the last week or so in review...we started it out with Revolver down on Rivington. The place had walls decked with the king, himself. Since it was a Thursday, it was kind of a quiet night. Steve (Are I) was in town visiting and the girls' friend, Sarah (aka Ultragrrrl) from Stolen Transmission, met up with us and even bought our first round of drinks (which was much appreciated due to my lack of cash flow). Christy was diggin the bartender, so when we finished our first cranberry and vodka, we decided to get up and get another drink. At that point, I ended up telling her my whole life story and we definitely bonded...not to mention, got a lil tipsy at the same time. The night ended early around 2:30 (early for us, at least...but hey, some people have to work the next morning). So as the work-day for Friday rolled in and out, we were ready for another night at Revolver but ended up at Kabin instead. We were challenged to dance-offs, but some of us were a lil bit busy hating on the opposite sex. Although, most of our entertainment from the night came from the other room across the way where we could see this big white lady falling all over these two small black dudes in which one was doing michael jackson moves all night. It was such a sight, but you really had to be there. Buuuut, that was even the most amusing part of the night. We left around 2:30 or so to head out in search of McDonald's fries when all the sudden as we're about to cross the street, a car makes a turn in our direction. Some crazy guy stick his head out the passenger window and screams in an act to scare us....his plan worked genius-ly! Both Christy and I, literally screamed at the top of our lungs in horror all while taking a enormous jump backwards. You would think that a zombie had just popped out of their grave...or as Christy would like to say, it was like a grave ride (I believe she meant a haunted hayride). We laughed sooo hard, I could have peed my pants, and thank God I did not. Laughing all the way to McDonald's we lost the crew we were with and it ended up just being Christy, Kelly, and I. It was too late for me to catch a train home after that, so I ended up sleeping on Kelly's (the most comfortable) couch (in the world). We woke up early to get bagels (oddly, I chose fig newtons and potato salad instead...don't ask, I have no idea). On my way home, I came across two parrots perched on the side of a trash can that read "Please Curb Your Dogs"...it shoulda said something more like "Curb Your Parrots"...but it didn't. When I got home, I took another nap just so I can get ready to go out yet again for Round 3 at Revolver. I got a late start as usual, and the train wasn't running to Delancy, so I ended up going further west than I had planned. I had to cab it...I ended up too far out of the way to walk or wait for another train. When I got there it was much more crowded than the night before and we still managed to get a good seat (which is not the easiest at bars in NYC). An old friend from S-town ended up making an appearance....Mr. Tony Leone, himself. It was nice to see him since it probably has been 5 years since the last. Benji Madden from Good Charlotte (aka Joel Madden's identical twin) was DJ-ing so we, of course, had our dancing shoes on. The owner of the bar was diggin Rawan...and that pretty much sums up the night, or at least for what information I choose to disclose.

Right now, I'm too tired to continue on, so I'll leave with saying I posted pictures up from this week. Hopefully I'll have more for you next week from this past week (try making sense of that).



Sunday, January 7, 2007

My Start Into The New Year....and NYE Pics!

I just put up New Year's Eve pictures....The girls and I went to Bowery Bar (or B-Bar...whichever you prefer).

I can't lie...New Year's is not my most favorite holiday (probably my 2nd to least after St. Patrick's Day). I hate holidays that are just an excuse to get wasted off your face. People tend to get so overly obnoxious and just end up falling all over you, getting in fights, or puking everywhere. It's just gross display of human behavior. No offense to those that love these holidays...it's just not for me. None of my friends usually turn up to be these overly obnoxious people, so I still have a good time, but I'm just saying...you definitely run into these types at some point in the night and I'm sure you know what I mean. Although I did not drink this year...I usually do participate in a drink or two out of celebration for a New Year...so I don't want to sound like a complete hypocrite.

Like I was discussing with Erica last night...things got off to a bumpy start, but I have good faith in this being a great year for us. I don't want to get into it now, though, cause this will not be my "2006 Review/Goals for 2007" post. But I will state that I've made a group of new friends that I have come to love dearly and have so much fun with. I am completely looking forward to spending 2007 with them....and I really hope to get back in touch with the friends I've become distant with.

As for a quick run-down of what New Year's Eve was like...it basically started off with a 40-year old man (from some random country who didn't speak English very well) sticking a camera in my face like I was definitely some sort of celebrity. I was by myself and waiting for Kelly to come outside with my ticket and I noticed this man snapping away pictures of me. There was a line that was totally around the corner and hundreds of girls everywhere, so why the hell was this man obsessed with me? Personally, I think it was the red lipstick...but still, I was a lil weirded out. He kept telling me to smile and look at the camera, so then I asked him why he was taking pictures of me. He said he was working for the party inside, but for some reason, I did not believe him. He proceeded to conversate with me...and I had really no option but to talk back because I was just standing there alone and waiting. I had no where to go. He asked if I was from Brazil (again, I think it was the red lipstick), but he really was such an odd man. Of course he was a photographer, but so is everyone else in NYC. He gave me his card and told me he'd like to photograph me....and at this point, I was getting really creeped out, but I was going along with it because sometimes its just easier to amuse them. As tempting as free photos sound (I really need them for auditioning purposes), there's no way in hell I was going to trust this creepo. His friend came up to us a little while into conversation (whom looked a lot less creepy and quite a bit younger) and then asked if I had a website. Of course, I said "no." So then he proceeds to say, "Well, we will change that." And then, I just started getting even more and more creeped out and thank God, by that point, Kelly had come outside to hand me my ticket. As I handed over my coat to coat check, I couldn't get inside the bar any sooner. I tried my hardest not to run into creepo inside and I definitely didn't so that was quite an accomplishment. As for other "moments" in the night....Christy had an entire cup-full of ice thrown at her by the bartender (yes, the bartender) for no apparent reason at all, but exclaimed that that was a "free drink" for her...yet when she said "Long Island Ice Tea, please"...he then said, "That'll be $15"...can you say DICK! However, he did let her throw ice at him and she did deck him in the forehead a few times, and she wasn't lofting them ice cubes either. Yay, Christy! lol. Anyways, the rest of the night was pretty much your typical. We made a phone call to Patrick Sandora, Kelly's friend, in which we all have crushes on...Christy even more so, ever since he started calling her "Snuggs" as in snuggles. It is a sad fact that he doesn't prefer women. But we decided to end the night around 2am...and as I'm waiting for a cab while chatting it up with the bouncer who asks me if I've ever dated a black man (and to his suprise, when I said yes...his only reply was "Well, you probably haven't had lovin' like mine"...meaning from a big big man like himself), I see someone I know walk by on the street. At first, I was a little hesitant to say anything, because 1) my eyes aren't as good as they used to be and 2) the chances it would be who I thought was were slim, seeing as she's from Nashville, Tennnessee. And sure enough it was! I called out, "Annie Marie" about 3 times before she even looked in my direction, and when she did, she gave me the oddest glare like "how do you know my name?" And it took me a few seconds to realize that I had totally cut and dyed my hair since I last saw her...so I was just like..."Ohmygosh, I'm sorry...I cut my hair...Jeremy's ex-girlfriend" (to semi-reintroduce myself). She was Paramore's Tour Manager when I went out on warped tour with them back in July, and immediately she was like "OHMYGOD...your hair!!! I LOVE IT!!!" She was so exuberant, it almost scared me and I was taken aback at first. Talk about small world! I mean, what are the chances? It was so nice to see her though cause we got along well while I was on the bus with them for a week, and we had never found a way to keep in touch. We chatted it up for a while and then asked me to come back to the bar she was at with her. We talked some more...amused a few guys who thought we were interested in what they had to say, found ways to make them do embarassing things, and then completely walked away after we were done with them. I met her friends and we took a bunch of pictures...obvs.

She was totally making me laugh the whole night. Then, sadly, it was getting late and they had to fly back to TN the next day, so we said goodbye and exchanged myspaces. And as we parted ways, I feared I was never gonna find a taxi because...well....NYE in NYC means "impossible to get a cab." Even lit up taxi's do not stop (and I learned this last year as I basically got frost bite from waiting for more than an hour in the street in "below 0" weather). Sooo, as most know...it was raining in NYC...but thank God my coat had a hood. For some reason, NYE is the night of making friends, and I made a friend along my lonesome walk to find a train (any train). I honestly had no clue where I was or where the closest train was, so this guy from NYU was my buddy and key in my quest to get home at 4:30 in the morning. Then, as I found the N,R,Q, W (score!)...we parted ways, and I made another friend on the train who was from New Jersey. I never knew I talked to strangers so much...my parents would not be proud. However, like I said...NYE is the night of making friends. It is the night where more people than ever are roaming the streets of NY at the oddest hours (and usually in good spirit with everyone being friends with everyone). Last year was my favorite for this (literally galloping along the streets and hugging people we've never met before). So yea, New Years is definitely one of the most interesting nights of the year.

Overall, my night was fun and I had a good time. It really is such a small world, and I love the randomness of it all. So yea, that was my start into the New Year.

Hope everyone had a safe and fun night.


Friday, January 5, 2007

Another shot at a quickie...

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, I just lost my entire post! I just wrote a long entry (that was supposed to be a quickie) and now it's gone. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

Ok...so I'll try and cover what I remember, but this is so frustrating to do.

First off...I just want to say not to worry...I do plan on doing a review of 2006 like most bloggers in this internet world. I'll have you know though that this will almost postively be a "friends-only" post due to the fact that it is personal to me. I've been through so many ups and downs in 2006, and I do want to state things I want to work on for 2007. I really want to work on myself...becoming a better person for not only me, but for others, too. Taking it one step at a time.

And speaking of goals for 2007 (Erica and I have our own lil pact going on)...I've already took a step in that direction. A huge change for me, as most have probably already noticed, I cut my hair. I mean, it's not huge deal for some people...I didn't shave it all off or get a mohawk or anything...but coming from a girl who's basically had the same hairstyle for most of her life (long, brown, straight...aka plain & boring)...a change is definitely a positive thing for me (I'll discuss this more in my 2006 Review, I'm sure). It basically all started with my hairstylist, Ray (yes, we're on a first name, "sup buddy," basis...swoooon!). He kinda inspired me to finally dye my hair, and for the first time ever, I did! It was the day before Thanksgiving (watch out world, this girl is stepping out) and ever since I tried that, I've been progressively getting more ballsy...hence, the new "do." This time around, I gave him an idea of what I was looking for and then just told him to do whatever he wanted....how's that for trust? The color has basically completed faded out by now (it was temporary)....and Ray and I have been discussing a new route post "emo/hipster/whatever genre you prefer" cut. He wants to do something like a dark cherry chocolate (feedback?), and since I haven't talked about him enough (this is joke)...can I just say he's currently one of my favorite people. I feel like I've been friends with him for years, we have such similar views...and he so gets my awkwardness! I usually hate chatting it up with hairdressers and such (it's just mindless babbling), but this guy is just a totally rad dude...and with sweet tattoos. Too bad he's married, has a son [Eisley], and with a daughter [Mazzy] on the way (...as in probably right this minute...lol). He even said I can call him whenever if I wanted style advice or stuff like that (no...not his personal phone...the salon's) and he told me to come back every couple weeks or so and he'll trim my bangs and fix up my "do" ....and (wait for it....) for FREE!!! Hella sweet deal...considering he doesn't come cheap (but hey, he's worth it). Ok wait...am I really going on and on about the dude that cuts my hair? Ummm, yes I am. I'd totally die if he was lurking me right now. Hahahahahah.

Ok, but since I have gone on and on about my hair, here's a couple pics (you know where to find the rest).

I posted these pics a couple days ago and are (obvs.) from the Curbside Srry2Say Tour 2006. And speaking of............

Srry2Say Tour 2006 was a sold out success! Srsly, we (the Curbside Gang) had an uhhhhhmazing time on our Rhode Island Road Trip to see Monty Are I (dude...we love these guys...you should too...just sayin). There's sooooooo much to say about it, but since I tried writing about it once before and lost it all...I'm kind of exhausted on writing. Not to mention...Jessica is the journalist of the group, so I'll leave it up to her to tell the tale....here.

That's it for now, though...off to get ready for night #2 (of 3) @ Revolver. Beware...dance parties are in the near future. ;)