Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Olly Olly Oxen Free!

Again, reblogging whatever my friends blog:

The Matches - “Papercut Skin”


Parker and Dags were the first ones to really get me into this band. I’m so jealous they got to see them play the other night. This is SUCH a great band! They’re fun dudes, too. I got to hang with them a few years back with my good friends of Monty Are I. Irish car bombs in an Irish pub.

Justin & Shawn being “gangsta.”

Steve and Shawn comparing and sharing the same “do.”

I used to crush Shawn Harris, the lead singer and one in the hat (actually, I think I still do…whatevs). I believe Parker said it best, though I’m not exactly a JD fan. Regardless, he’s a good frontman for the band.

They need to be way more popular. Where is everybody else on this???

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter

Not too long ago, my mother and I went to this indoor flea market we love. I managed to find a few cute little treasures, but I found myself really engaged in this unique album of old postcards. I ended up looking through each and every one (there must have been a hundred or so). They were all so precious! First of all, they were all Easter postcards. Second of all, postage was only 1-cent at the time. And third of all, the detail on them were so amazing. I’ve never know postcards to look like this. I suppose they were what today’s modern Hallmark card is except these didn’t look so mass-produced. I loved them, and I really wanted to buy them all (but what would I do with them?). I ended up buying one for my grandmother (cause I thought she would really enjoy something like that) and one for myself as a keepsake. I will probably end up framing it and bringing it out for every Easter as a decoration.

Isn’t it lovely?

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Big Bunny Beau

I’m making a wild guess saying this is from Easter ‘92. But it may just be earlier. All I remember is I got this big, huge, giant bunny from my Godfather, and I loved this thing.

I swear to God, the only thing anyone ever needed to get me to make me happy was a stuffed animal. I was obsessed with any kind (the bigger, the better…but they were all loved the same). At one point my collection was well over 200. My mom made me start bagging them and putting them away in the attic (I cried at this because I thought they would suffocate). But it was my mom’s own fault, she was so good at the 25-cent Claw machine.

Hippity Hoppity

I ask you…who does not like bunnies?
They are so cute and so fluffy.

…and the way they twitch their noses and hop all around.

Uh, I just wanna hug ‘em and squeeze and love them to pieces.

I miss my Gracie and Stewart (the bunnies I had as a kid). But yayyy, Easter is almost here.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Fanning Fan in La la land

As I was watching this trailer of what looks to be a magical movie, I couldn’t help but think, “Omigosh, this would be the perfect role for Dakota Fanning if she were still, like, 8 years old.” Then, I thought a little bit more to myself, “Hmmm, this little girl’s resemblance to Dakota is uncanny.” Uhhhh, yeah, that’s because it’s Dakota’s little sis, Elle, (holy whoa, I just got 10 x’s more excited)! Am I a true Fanning Fan or what?
Phoebe In Wonderland

Monday, April 6, 2009

The Veronicas

Remember when I used to always talk about The Veronicas. I still want to. I love them.


Glad America is finally catching on.

Saturday, April 4, 2009


Today started with a day at the dentist. This is the first thing I saw:

He was cute.

Then I took a little trip on my own to do some vintage shopping. I tried on about 12 dresses, but could only bring myself to buying one cause the others just didn’t really do anything for me…and if I did buy them, it would have been “just because” and not because I felt a special connection with them. BUT, I did find exactly the hat I’ve been looking for…except in the wrong color. However, I still love it, and I actually may love it more, now, just because of that. Besides my new hat, my favorite purchase was this vintage t-shirt. It’s so rad, and I want to describe it here, but sadly, I’ve decided it’s too awesome for me keep and I’m going to gift it to a friend. It’s really meant for her to wear and not for me. Boooo for me…yay for her!

After my little excursion, I felt like I was in need of a little movie time. It was raining, and I was in the mood to watch Factory Girl (a film about Edie Sedgwick).

Seriously, I’m so intrigued by her that I feel the need to know more. Angela suggested I read Edie: American Girl, and I think I just may (after I finish the 3 books I’m still reading). I love how she lived life. I know she was all messed up with drugs and stuff, but there was something originally there (without the drugs) that made her so appealing to me. She was extremely vulnerable and naive, but her love was so carefree. Part of that makes me so jealous.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Things on the internet that made me swoon today

Here we go:

Number 1, brought to you by miss Perry Greenspan. Unicorn Chaser. Quite personally, I think it’s an April Fool’s joke, but I’m secretly hoping it’s not…every unicorn needs it’s magic potion.

Number 2, more unicorns. I came across this print on Heart-Shaped Morning, and I, flat out, had to buy it. So I did. Now, I’m waiting impatiently for it’s arrival.

Number 3, glorious 80’s rainbow garb. My heart sunk when I got outbid on it from ebay, but it only makes me want to search all the flea markets in the world for something near similar to it. I’m actually extremely excited to report, though, that my mom and I have already planned out a whole summer of thrift shopping. Can’t wait to see what finds I can come up with.

Number 4, from Preen’s fall 2009 ready-to-wear collection. Am I THAT predictable?

Number 5, something a lil’ out of my norm. Sweet and so innocent. This daybed seems so cozy and a bit dreamy to me. I simply adore it. And look at the plywood walls! via Look Mom.

Perfect way to end this post…with a bed. Gnight, my lovelies.