Friday, June 2, 2006

Support Cassie

It's all about the support people. And I'm here to support one of R&B best up and coming new artist, Cassie. A couple of my friends are dancing with her on tour, not to lovely Rhapsody is her choreographer. She also choreographed her with must check it out as it was debuted on TRL today.

Also, a special note from cousin booked her to perform in Hartford tonight, but unfortunately with the debut on TRL today in San Diego she had to cancel (they bumped up the debut 1 week early). However, Rhapsody relayed the message to me that she wanted everyone to know she was really upset she could not perform tonight in Hartford, especially seeing as it's her homestate. She is definitely planning on rescheduling and hopefully for her CD release in that's somethin to look forward to. Stay tuned for more on Cassie cause I've heard her entire album...and it's ON FIRE!!!

Show the support people and look for Cassie's CD in stores August 8th.


PS...I'll be posting videos of Cassie and my girls on my Media Page hopefully sometime soon, in the Cassie's "Me & U" on iTunes. Peace & Love.

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