Saturday, March 18, 2006

The Week In Review

Been a couple days, but I'm workin on it. So yea, I put up new pics from the John Varvatos Fashion Show & Afterparty. Such a fun night...y'all can tell from the pictures, I'm sure. Don't be afraid to comment on them or rate them. I like some sort of feedback so I know you're all alive out there.

This Past Week: My Interview
I went on an interview for basically what I would call my ultimate dream job. Something like this, I believe only comes around once in a blue moon...and as far as I know, blue moons usually only happen once in one's lifetime, yea, it seemed soooo friggin' cool. It's a position as an assistant stylist for an agency that does magazine/editorial shoots, celebrity clients, etc...and the environment and everyone seemed so chill...I loved it. I'm used to the whole corporate vibe which I hate so much. It's so much more my style and I would loooooooove to get this job, but unfortunately the pay is so low. I totally am not surprised, though, cause that's just how it is when you start out in the fashion industry, but I mean, it's hard for me to take a step back...especially when my rent is costing me a fortune. NYC is by no means cheap. I would definitely be willing take a step back for this job just so I could transfer to this side of the industry, but I really just can't afford to. I would not be able to pay my rent each month and it just breaks my heart. It's like 20% less than what I'm getting paid now and that's signicant drop! Uhhh, I want to cry. But who knows, I don't even know if I got the job I guess there's no need to worry just yet. I'll just have to wait and see. *sigh*

Yesterday...St. Patty's Day
So for all of you that really know me out there...know that I absolutely DESPISE St. Patrick's Day! As much as I love the color green...I boycott it this day every year. In my eyes, it is the most sorry excuse for a holiday. Do you even know what the hell you are really celebrating??? And before you start getting all defensive, just know that I, too, am part Irish. But why does America seem to think that this day is purely an excuse to get drunk (yes, New Year's is like that too, but it seems more logical). Here, St. Patrick's Day is about wearing green & getting drunk on green beer...y'all know this is a religious holiday, right? I just hate how people misuse holidays to get obliterated...I mean, sure, a lil celebrating is great for any holiday, but the fact that like 90% of people only think of St Patricks Day as another reason to drink just annoys the crap out of me. Ok, so I'm starting to go on way too much about this, so i'll end it all here. Hope you all had fun and stayed safe, but just know that you didn't see me partaking in any of these events....I went to dance class instead, what a surprise...haha jk. Great class last night, though...way to bring it back to the street, Jamie. So happy you chose to do that is, by far, one of my all time favs. GANGSTA!

Today, I woke up early...I did my usual attempt to clean on a Saturday morning only to come out, once again, unsuccessful. I ended up going to visit my friend Yaffa, though, (only some have the privilege of knowing who she is)...came home, went to the market on my lil island and bought me some hella good fresh strawberries...yum. Now, I'm bout to get ready to go down to Brooklyn to start the festivities and celebrate Temis's birthday, Williamsburg style....if any of you are out down that way, hit up my cell or the 'Kick and we'll get down...peace n' love.


Saturday, March 11, 2006

My New Obsession.....YouTube

Ok so I'm kind of addicted to this new site called It's a site that hosts your videos for free (although, I don't know for how long), but it's pretty much cool cause you can share videos and whatnot. And since I tried uploading some dance videos to my site before and didn't really have them work out too well for me, I just uploaded them there and now they work perfectly. So if you go to my media page (once again, "Make Me Smile/Cry") you'll see I added like 5 new videos. Two are from dance. One was from Luam's class this past Thursday, and the other is from Jamie's class back in October (you'll see me in the front with the camo hoodie and hat). Then 2 others are from Jeremy's show I went to about 2 weeks ago in Randolph, NJ. It was a really great performance with a really great crowd, so you should check 'em out. And then, the last one, I randomly came across on's from the Warped date I went to last summer to see Monty. Ryan was really sick that day and the quality's not great (in fact, it kinda sux and doesn't do the boys justice). But yea, videos are just as fun as go check them out and let me know if you likey.

On another should all go out and pick up the latest copy of AP (Alternative Press) Magazine cause my babe's band has a huge 2 page spread as 'Bands To Know For 2006.'

PS...I hear squirrels are looking really hott this year (sorry, I couldn't resist)...i♥u

That's it for now. Off to a good start with keepin up the ups! ;)

Much love!

Friday, March 10, 2006

The Latest...

Alright, so I made this promise to myself to freakin update this thing more often because my website is becoming boring, and Jiscilla is anything but boring (although, I'm sure some will beg to differ seeing as I never go out anymore...but work with me, here, people). So as part of me updating this lil section right here...I will also change the music on my page more frequently like I promised ages ago, but hey...I'm sorry, can you blame me?...Paramore is by far the best band EVER and not just cause my boyfriend is the bassist. I can't even begin to explain how happy he makes me. He came to stay with me when he had a day off between tours and we seriously had so much fun. I got to show him a lil bit of Roosey, the place I call home...and I also brought him to Broadway Dance Center cause he wanted to see where I pretty much spend most of my life. Then we went across the street from BDC and ate lunch/dinner at this really awesome diner...which, let me add...we sat directly across from Adam Sandler,...too funny. He looks, acts, and sounds exactly the same as he does in his movies. But then, after that, we attempted to go to Central Park but decided we were too cold and wanted to just go home and watch a movie. But before we did that, we did a lil grocery shopping so he could make his favorite meal later on that night...yum. And then, when the time came to pop in the movie, I warned him that I was feeling really sleepy, and sure enough, I fell asleep before the previews were even over. But let me just say, my boy is the cutest thing ever. While I was sleeping, he cleaned up the kitchen and picked up my entire bedroom for me. Seriously, who does that?...I swear, he's perfect. Okay, sorry...I'm startin to gush and I know some of y'all have a hard time stomaching I don't care, though, cause he's the best! It was really hard to say goodbye the next day, though...the whole traveling thing is gonna be hard to get used to. However, right now, I am really happy cause in exactly 2 weeks I will be flying out to Nashville to stay with him for a few days. Finally, I get to see all this great stuff I hear about Franklin, Tennessee...yay! But that's it for now...hopefully I'll keep up with this updating thing like I say I will. So until then......Adios!


Saturday, March 4, 2006