Sunday, December 30, 2007

Last minute guide

I didn't forget, I swear. Let's do some last minute studying, shall we?

Ok, so ladies: you got the whole dress thing down, right? A simple drop waist with some pearls and you're set to go. Fancy it up with a boa, maybe some fishnets, or a feather in your headpiece...its up to you. Perfect example of a flapper style dress:

Then you got your how-to for finger waves. It's a great guide. If your not down with the effort that goes along with that, a black bob like Katie Holmes here is perfect.

And even if you can't manage that by chopping, tucking, or wigging it...a simple low bun will do. Remember, their hair was short and bobbed back in the 20s. As for makeup, your lesson was provided earlier, and I'm sure you could find more online. I really think we have it all covered.

Boys, don't fret...your attire shouldn't be too hard either. Fedoras are an easy accessory which many of you probably already have. You can use suspenders, black thin ties or bowties, pinstripes, gangster attire (not thug, but real gangster mafia style), spats (which I don't expect anyone to randomly have, but I would be quite impressed if you did), waxed mustaches, any sort of single-breasted suit, or just a plain white tuxedo shirt.

There ya go. Good luck...and see you tomorrow night!!!

Saturday, December 29, 2007

If you really want to be prepared...

...learn the Lindy Hop (a popular 1920s dance).

And take lessons from my friend, Sarah. (I was looking for videos of this dance and came across one of her old videos...she's the one in the near front, black hair, and cropped leggings)

...and from Sarah's friend (and my idol), Lacey Schwimmer.

Friday, December 28, 2007

As promised...

Need ideas? Need help? ...cause I know you wanna look good for our 1920s soirée we're having next week.

Ladies, looks like a lot of us will be tucking our hair under or buying wigs. Try these sites for some references:
1920s Hairstyles
The Bob
Classic Hair Styles from 1924-1926

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Who's coming to my party NYE?

From now until NYE, I will post something in relation to the 1920s. So get out your glad rags, read up on your vocabulary, and start practicing the lindy hop cause here we gooo...

Ladies, for you:
The 1920s Face

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

May your Christmases be filled with zombies

There's really no other way to spend your Christmas than with two good friends at the movies getting the bejesus scared outta them. Well, at least, I was scared. I had my hands over my eyes half the time.

Erica, Rob Hitt, and I spent le evening together woofing down a larrrrrrrrge bucket o' popcorn, two massive cups o' coke, and one expensive bag o' twizzlers. Nothing like holiday at the cinemas, right? I mean, we even had the delinquents in the front right-hand corner providing additional sound effects like, "Damn, dat white b*tch got knocked da f*ck out!" Nothing screams joy like a lil extra profanity. It's like adding cinnamon to your gingerbread latte.

We went to see I Am Legend, and I have to say I was pretty pleased. Obviously, it was scarier than my usual taste in movies, but I love lil' Willy and couldn't resist. My friend Joanna was the alpha female on the lab table throughout the whole movie. She freaked me out, so I have to say she did a good job, though all she did was really breath and scream once or twice. I don't think I could handle any other of the zombie-like creatures, though. I'm surprised they didn't give me a nightmare. The ending kinda sucked. I wasn't completely satisfied. And don't they know that the dog is never supposed to die in a movie! (Ooops...sorry if I spoiled it for anyone...I usually don't do that, but I had to vent). I don't know, maybe we should have gone to see something a lil' more cheery like Juno? Ok, not exactly, maybe Alvin and the Chipmunks?

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Nothing says "holiday" like some Soul..ja?

Yea, that's what I said. Hey, it's still holiday-related cause this was from the BK Holiday Bash. I'm trying to get back on track, last post didn't seem so holiday approps.

We has good times.

Monday, December 24, 2007

Ho Ho Hooorror flick

I know it is Christmas day and all....and this certainly should be the last thing I should be making a post about, but I was horrified when I came across this film that is set to release in the beginnings on next year.

The movie is called The Poughkeepsie Tapes, and since I spent 4 years of my life (my college years) living in Poughkeepsie...this obviously caught my eye. My first thought was "Oh great, first a horror flick about the island I currently live on and now a horror flick on the city I went to college in. People are gonna think I make bad habital decisions." (Yes, I think I made that word up, but go with me, here.)

I can't lie, Po-town (as we liked to called it) never had a good rap. It was known for druggies and prostitutes and had a higher murder rate than New York City. However, disregarding the city's reputatuion, Marist College somehow seemed to breed and maintain high class, Abercrombie & Fitch look-a-like, Catholic Christian students...not to mention the campus looked to be straight out of the catalog. The grass was always green, the computers were always brand new, we had one of the country's most advance would just never think Marist was located in a town like Poughkeepsie. Oh, but once you set foot off get a feel for the true Poughkeepsie flare.

Thinking back to how mad we used to get having to keep our "swipe cards" on us at all times to basically proved we belonged wherever we were, I don't think we realized what their true intent was. We joked and made fun of the campus security and how strict they were, but now...I'm kinda glad they were. However, they couldn't always protect us. There was the one time a townie got into Gartland Commons and held someone at gunpoint. Luckily no one got hurt and I forget the outcome of that incident, but it was the off-campus happenings that kinda stick out in my mind. I had one friend caught in a shoot out in the streets outside The Palace Diner...not even a block away from the house I lived in off-campus my senior year. This was the house I got robbed in the first week we moved in. We were the 2nd of 12 houses to get hit in a two week span. I walked in not realizing they were still in the house robbing us of our jewelry, laptops, digital cameras, money, and personal identification...and people wonder why I carry mase. And though, this isn't as scary as it is girls moved into a house off-campus, which they found out later in the year, a homeless man was living in the garage of the year before without the owners knowing. But I suppose nothing compares to the night (Halloween 2002) our star basketball player, Pierre, got shot in the middle of the dance floor at our beloved McCoy's (the legendary bar all Marist students knew well and loved). Ok, so that wasn't a townie-related incident, it was a fellow Red Fox...but still it adds to the depth of my story. Basically, what I'm trying to get across...Poughkeepsie was never the safest of towns. So this movie's relatability (?) scares the bejesus out of me.

I had to do some research though, just to make sure this movie wasn't a true story. Sad that I actually thought it was a possibility, huh? Well, it's even more sad that it actually IS based on a true story, but not specifically held to Poughkeepsie or discovered in the year 2001 (or else, I would have absolutely know the truth to this). Whatevs, I am obvs not going to go see this movie.

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Friday, December 21, 2007

When it rains, it snows

My tummy is yelling at me. I'm tired and cranky. I just got home from work an hour ago (yes, past midnight). And I just want to go home and see my family. Christmas is around the corner and part of me barely feels it at all. I'm sad because Christmas is like my favoritest ever! I didn't even have time to decorate this sad is that? But, I DID get all my shopping done way ahead of time (at least for me) and even when I had more people than usual to buy for. I can't wait to give everyone their gifts. Tomorrow I go home, and hopefully I can fit everything in my suitcase. One thing I'll be sure to supercute holiday undies! Hahaha. Seriously, one of my favorite things to do in the holiday season it to break out all the cute Christmasy "goodies." ;) This season I'm swearing by Aerie...and not just because I work for AE. They have the cutest prints and the best colors out there. Sorry Vicki, but I'm over you.

Off to bed, I go, though...want to wake up early enough to miss the morning rush at Grand Central. Sleep tight, world.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

I don't care what you say

I am obsessed with this song. Angela introduced me to it a few weeks ago and I've been trying to find it everywhere since...and now there's a video! Think what you will...but I like it.

She's not a girl, not yet a woman

...but she's definitely knocked up!

Srsly, what's the deal with all these babies? Nicole Richie, Jessica Alba, Jenny from the block, Lily Allen...and now, Jamie Lynn Friggin' Spears! It's like the dang plague! Sad to say I once had hope Jamie Lynn would save the "Spears'" name. Guess I was wayyyyy off. Bet she'll be a better mom, though, at 16 than Brit will ever be.

It's all good though...everybody loves a good trainwreck.

Sadaf throws it up for Jamie Lynn.

Monday, December 17, 2007

I'm hosting a party tomorrow night!

...along with 500 hundred other people. Come out and playyyyyyy! You really don't want to miss this night. Check the flyer...just sayin.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

This is what we do on weekends

I Am Legend

I am dying to see this movie, and not just because my friends are in this. 1) I use to have the biggest crush on Will Smith (ok, maybe I still do), 2) I pretty much love any movie that Will does, and 3) Ok, and because my friends are in it.

I'm a little nervous seeing as it looks scarier than any normal movie I'd normally see (I don't do horror/scary movie...I get nightmares, lol), but maybe, now that I know my friend Joanna was one of those scary demon-like creatures I saw in the previews...maybe, just maybe, I can handle it. I stole this pic from her myspace of the lab scene:

Before when she mentioned she was one of the "infected people" in the movie, of course I had no idea what she was talking about. All I knew is that she had to shave her long gorgeous black hair off for the role...and I thought she was the bravest/radest person ever for doing it (dude, and she looks hott in a buzz cut, too). So here I was thinking maybe they were gonna have her in this crazy disgusting makeup of lacerations or whatever...but I didn't know she was actually digitally created! She probably told me before, but maybe I just didn't understand (not an unusual thing). rad, and I'm jealous she got to breathe the same air as Will Smith for an extended amount of time.

Also, Texas, who most of us know and love, is in this movie as well. She plays a mannequin and I will definitely be on the lookout for her when I go to the theatres to see the movie. I will probably give you another whole recap when I see it because its just what I do. Anyways, here's my plug: go see the movie...that way we can discuss laters. ;)

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Virgin Britney - a 2008 comeback?

Yea, that's right. I know you may not believe it, and I'm not sure if I do, yet, either...but Britney apparently landed a role as the Virgin Mary. Do I hear "comeback?"

I srsly don't know if she's trying to contradict me here, but I lost all faith in her after this year VMA's. That was really the last straw for me. Can she regain my hope in 2008? I really don't know. But she does have a new video out as of today:

Hey, this is better than her "Gimme More" vid.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Super shopper

Most that know me, know I lovvve to shop and i have a hard time turning down a bargain. Below, are all my purchase from two sample sales my company had (employees only, otherwise I woulda sent out invites). Keep in mind, this is great for gifting season and pretty much anyone who hates spending money on stuff they "need" instead of stuff they "want." Sorry, I will not spend $50 on a plain long sleeved tee, but I will spend $200 on a fabulous dress only to wear it once.

Keep in mind the worth of some of these to my total amount spent: a crazy low-blow of $276. Amazing, right?

15 bags
5 outerwear pieces
40 pairs of "undergarments"
10 hoodies/sweaters
15 long/short sleeve tees
3 tank tops
1 hat

Oh how I love sample sales!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Salvatore "Tory" Zabatino

Two years ago today, our good friend, Tory, passed away in a battle of cancer. We won't ever forget him. Love you, Tor. Your killin me, Smalls.

Happy new year!

...Chinese New Year? I have no idea, but this is why nothing shocks me walking down a street anymore.

Friday, December 7, 2007

Missing man - pls read

I couldn't help but spread the word in hopes this message gets to the right person.

The moment I stepped out of my office this evening, right in front of my face I saw this sign plastered on top of an advertisement...and then, two feet down the street a few strewn along the sidewalk, and then, sign after sign attached to poles, payphones, or whatever else that was placed at eye level. Someone out there really wants to find this man. I could not walk more than a couple feet without seeing his face...his image being etched in my brain. Brilliant! Whoever posted these signs
knew exactly how to get through to people. Make it impossible for them not to look and you got them hooked. Then as I rounded the corner, a man was handing out these exact flyers. Since I was out of reach, I walked up to him asking for a few. He handed me three and asked me to place them where I like. As I got to the next corner, there was another man handing out these same flyers. He saw the three I held in my hand and thanked me for so much as caring. The only thing I could think is that this man is obviously missed, and what if this were a friend or family member of mine. All I could hope for is they find this man for
whatever the reason it may be. If you can help to spread the word, I'm sure his loved ones would be so grateful.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Stabilizing these bones never hurt so bad

I'm constantly being reminded of what I left behind, and I never felt so weak.

I miss you guys...terribly. Don't hate me. Romayo, Derrell, Luam, Jay,'re killing it in this video.

...and I want to cry.

I'm so confused does this work?

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

So I suppose the deal is, some dude is turning old and we're supposed to celebrate this...tonight. There is a high chance I'll make an appearance due to special yea, we'll see if this bear comes out her cave tonight. Happy Birthday Rob Hitt, he who provides us jams to dip to.

Monday, December 3, 2007

Dear Johnny,

There comes a point in a girl's life where her secrets come out. This weekend I was revealed...shamelessly.

Curbie sleepover on le island was full of food, half-butted board games, a whole lotta Rosie, and four solid hours of Britney in her prime. It was sad.

Saturday, December 1, 2007


I think the only list that is truely consistant is the chronological one. I mean, I'm no expert...but, right? It makes sense. You can categorize things in so many more ways than one, but the only true one is one that is in order by date and

I'm probably making no sense, but my reason for posting this is because I rearranged my photo gallery by date instead of given categories. I always got confused if something fit into more than one, so I tried to ease my OCDish anguish and go the more organized route.

You're probably thinking I'm nuts.

I think you're right.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Mon dernier l'obsession

I can't get over how much I love this band called Plastiscines...annnd I can't decide if I like their songs in English more or in French. I might just side with the French on this one. It's half their charm.

Plastiscines - French Made

Food for thought

The most common given name in the world is Mohammad.

The word "nerd" was first coined by Dr. Seuss in "If I Ran the Zoo."

The roar that we hear when we place a seashell next to our ear is not the ocean, but rather the sound of blood surging through the veins in the ear. Any cup-shaped object placed over the ear produces the same effect.

The United States has never lost a war in which mules were used.

Clans of long ago that wanted to get rid of unwanted people without killing them used to burn their houses down -- hence the expression "to get fired."

The elephant is the only animal with 4 knees.

The largest number of children born to one woman is recorded at 69. From 1725-1765, a Russian peasant woman gave birth to 16 sets of twins, 7 sets of triplets, and 4 sets of quadruplets. Ouch.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Song bird

My Mashi girl has been spending mad time in the studio and coming up with new beauties like this:

Be some love. Visit

Casey Calvert

My thoughts and prayers are with all that knew and loved Casey Calvert of Hawthorne Heights as he has passed away Friday night in his sleep. I can't say I knew him, nor did I know his music well besides the singles that played on FUSE and randomly on my iPod when I listened to my Rock/Emo playlist. However, it is always such a tragedy to lose someone, and the fact that he was so young breaks my heart. Especially when you know this is someone that has touched the lives of so many, you can't help but mourn the loss along with everyone that loved him. My heart goes out to all his friends, family, and fans.

RIP Casey Calvert.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Bed hog

One thing I love about coming home, I get to snuggle with my puppy. Well, she's not really a puppy anymore, but she still looks like one to me. I love how she keeps me warm at night, but let me tell you...she is one big BED HOG! Haha...she lays out across the bed and I'm stuffed in the corner. It's ok though, I let her get away with it. I mean, just one look at her cute lil face and I can't resist. I'm gonna hate leaving her in the morning...but I'll be back, again, in a month.

Where, oh where will this day go?

Givin' thanks

I really hope everyone had a lovely Thanksgiving. It's one of those holidays that put some retrospective back in lives...makes you remember what's really important, hence THANKSgiving.

With that said, let me note what I am sooo thankful for. I am thankful for my seriously wonderful family. Really, they are the most important thing to me in the world. They give me endless love (even when I dye my hair purple...le topic of le weekend) I'm so thankful for those friends I have back in the city (yea, the ones we have priceless night after priceless nights with). Seriously no one can replace any of them. They are the reason I'm so happy where I'm at right now in my life. I'm so thankful for my health. I know I can be a bit of a hypocondriach but really, I'm a super lucky girl to be alive and well. I hope people learn not to take their health forgranted.

But Thanksgiving was a lovely day with the usu. tons o' food, family, and football (oof). I ate so much, but watched I didn't feel icky after inhaling all the goods. I took just a lil of everything instead of the usual heaps of food (my eyes are bigger than my belly). One thing I did switch up this year was that I went for the blueberry pie instead of the pumpkin. I hadn't had blueberry pie in a while, and since my aunt made it from fresh berries she picked herself up in Maine, I just had to try some. Wow, it was delicious. I could actually go for some now.

After all that food, all I really wanted to do was rest, and trust me I did. Sleep has been one thing I've been getting enough of at home. I don't have anywhere to go or be that I can just completely rest. It feels nice.

I got to meet up with my girl, Nicole (aka Niquealla). We go back all the way to the days of elementary school. If I come home and don't get to see her, it's just not the same. Her and Julie are my girls (my hometown Curbside Gang, if you will). Julie is, of course, still in LA. One of these days, she'll come home for the holidays. But since, to Nicole and I, once Thanksgiving is over, it's officially time for Christmas movies and singalongs. We went to see Fred Claus...not a five star, but it filled the Christmas requirements. I felt all merry inside when it was over.

I'm excited for this next month to be filled with lots of cheer. No scrooges allowed here!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Chuga chuga choo choo

Train rides home aren't so bad when I has ma Macbook, got episodes of LA Ink to watch, and a new book to start reading.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

So cute I could eat 'em for Thanksgivin'

This is for a friend's friend's friend (I know, but I like this kinda stuff).

Go to and vote for my friend's student's brother in a GAP casting call. Four winners out of the 20 finalist will win a spot announcement on Rachel Ray's show, a spot in O magazine, $3000 gift card to the gap, a prize package from Kodak. Annnnnd best of all, if he wins, he gets to appear in windows all across America. It would be a dream come true for a little boy, so go vote for Jordan. They already flew him to LA for being a finalist, he only has one more step to go to win the big prize.

These kids are adorable, man. I hope my future babies pop out looking like these kids.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

This is for my peeps with the Bentleys the Hummers the Benz

Escalade 23 inch rims
Jumpin out the Jaguar wit the Timbs
Keep it real
And each thug East coast West coast worldwide
All my playas in the hood stay fly
And if you ballin let me hear you say right {right}

Saturday, November 17, 2007

LOVE is the movement

In honor of National Survivors of Suicide Day...rescue is possible.

To Write Love On Her Arms

Star studded Room

Last night, I came across some pictures of me on the internet.

About 3 summers ago, me and my girls, Jazmin and Hind, worked the 4th of July party annually hosted by Sean P. Diddy Combs. I had worked as a promotional model for Hypnotiq (that blue liquor) for a little more than 3 years. We did events like this all the time, but this one was one of my favorites. It wasn't the event that was my favorite, but the drive to the Hamptons that was. Driving was always the best part and working alongside my BFF, Jazmin. I miss having this girl in my everyday life.

Anyways, the party was held in the Hamptons at Star Room. It was your typical "Hamptons" crowd with a very "beachy" feeling. We chatted it up a lot with PR phenomenon, Lizzy Grubman, and even had a lengthy chat with Mrs. Hilton, mother to the paparrazi whore, Paris. I've had so many encounters with the Hilton family since I moved to NYC that had I not dyed my hair black, I'd expect, by now, they'd know me by name. And since we know that won't happen, I should have spent more of my time focusing on Mr. Adrien Grenier, whom I had no clue was there. Oh well, there's always next time, right?

Tuesday, November 13, 2007


Today, Temis and I came to the conclusion that I have narcolepsy. I don't know what is wrong with me, but I start falling asleep in the middle of the day. Not that I fall to floor and cozy up to the curb, but my eyes really do shut, and I could fall asleep talking to someone if I'm beyond exhaustion. At this point, I can see you laughing, but it's really not funny to me anymore. I really do try to get enough sleep, but sometimes I just can't. My body doesn't let me.

I've always had issues with insomnia (srsly, I can lay in bed for hours and not fall asleep). My doctor has even prescribed me sleeping pills, but I never ended up taking them cause I feared I'd oversleep or become dependent on them. I'll even admit, part of my hiatus from dance is because of my sleeping habits. The doctor said all the exercise I do, which is mainly at night, keeps my blood flowing making it harder for my body to wind down at night. I decided to take a break and try to get myself into a better routine, and since then, my sleeping patterns have definitely gotten better...but not quite good enough.

I'll be drinking one or two cups of coffee a day, now, to stay awake (something I never did until this summer), but I haven't noticed it helping at all. I've tried Red Bull, candy...whatever I can do just to muster up enough energy to make it through the day. I'm obviously over dramatizing this (I'm not always as bad as I make it seem), but it is definitely a problem.

The dreams I've been having have gotten more vivid and realistic to the point where I have to convince myself that I am just dreaming.

This is when I decided to invest in a meditation cd. Yes, I know this sounds weird, but I believe a sound mind provides a restful soul, and more than anything...I think it's my brain that keeps me up at night. So far, so good. It's been relaxing me and putting me to sleep in minutes. My only problem is, I don't see improvement later on in my days. So, what next?

I guess I'll have to keep trying different remedies. Until then, this is what my brain looks like:

Monday, November 12, 2007

Shot caller

For as long as I could remember, I have been taking pictures of anything and everything that surrounds me. I believe my very first camera was given to me at the age of 8-years old. It was black and hot pink, and made of some pretty hefty plastic. I snapped away endlessly forcing my parents to spend hundreds of dollars developing my masterpieces (ie my friends and I on the playground at recess). My first photo that comes to mind is the one I took of me and my friend Ally Korzec. We were on the blacktop where the boys played dodgeball and it was the day after she had broke her arm during a game of Red Rover. She survived, and it was worth noting. From then on, I haven't stopped since.

I was always known as the picture-taker. I was the girl that always made doubles, sometimes triples, and even quadruples of copies to hand out to friends. I wonder how I got so obsessed with capturing memories and documenting life.

I have albums upon albums, boxes upon boxes, and CD after CD of thousands of photographs. They are my most prized possession. I used to look at them regularly, but unfortunately, I do not have my collection with me in the city. There is simply not enough room for them all in my apt. When I visit my parents, I get the chance to look through them again as I plan on doing next week when I am home for Thanksgiving.

Nowadays, I am lucky enough/doomed that everything has gone digital. I fear of losing it all, but all my photographs are so easily obtainable. Now, I just need a legit camera.

I'll admit, I'm not the best photographer. I took photography classes in high was even one of my 3 possible majors for college, but I did not excel in it, so I thought it wasn't for me. I kept it a hobby instead of a profession, but now, I'm so eager to learn again. I just want to take better quality photos, and actually put more thought into what it is I'm capturing. I'm not asking to be some spectacular artistic photographer...I just want to better my craft.

I've made friends with many photographers and have picked their brain where I should start. I've bought some books, done some research online, and am planning to buy a digital slr camera. I can barely afford that, so I'm gonna try to start off small. Saving up the money for this is gonna take some time, but now that I have my MACbook, buying a camera is gonna be my next priority (other than paying off my debt, of course).

A friend of mine made a joke that I should ask for donations...and well, I'm kind of taking it serious. Well, not really, but if you wanna add a penny or two to my fund, I wouldn't mind. I really want a new camera by the time the new year rolls around. I don't know if it'll happen, but I'll be crossin my fingers.

Sunday, November 11, 2007


So, I'm sure you've noticed the change in layout. It's a perfect way to start this next post.

I'm the kind of person who, I admit, is initially scared of, but thrives on change. I like to dip my feet in first to test the water instead of just jumping right in. I don't think it is necessarily a good or a bad thing, it's just what works for me. Right now, I feel the need for change. The seasons are changing (though, I think it mighta skipped over fall), I've dyed my hair purple ( least, the roots), and I'm out there trying to find a new job. I think switching it up is a good and healthy thing.

My dad and I had a long conversation on "change" the other day. He had just got back from a retreat where that was the theme of the weekend. There's nothing I love more than the talks I have with my dad. Sometimes it's not easy for him and my mom to understand the things I like and do, but they always support me no matter what. My family is always first when I make decisions in my life and I try to consider how it would effect them, but sometimes I have to be true to myself, just experiment and do things that I enjoy.

What really touched me was the card my father sent me from the retreat. On it is a poem...a poem about a rose. With Rose being my middle name and the name my father calls me by, it meant a lot to me. Though I find it personal, I believe it can be applied to anyone, therefore I'd like to share it with you.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

And now I think I'm ready to bust a move

Hardcore, serious love to last night's Motion City Soundtrack show at Roseland Ballroom.

Shamefully, I admitted to Jesse I've never seen any of his shows live before except at this year's Bamboozle. After going to this one, I don't know if I'll ever miss one again.

This is definitely another favorite to add to my list. I'll give it the award for the most dancable/best show to flip-out for. And though we had a table to sit at in the balcony...I could NOT sit still. As hard as I tried to record video/go all Jiscilla-Paparrazzi style on them, it was difficult to keep a steady hand while bopping around like a 15-year old girl.

And speaking of...pls note my teenage daughter will never go to concerts...not until she, at least, graduates from college. Srsly, little girls were on top of their friends' shoulders with their shirts off, whirling around their heads like lasso. I'm sorry, I just can't deal. Now, I understand why my parents deprived me of such things. Wait until their parents see the videos on youtube.

Anyways, disregarding the crude display of fandom, I'm glad everyone had so much fun. I felt really bad when I found out my friend, Christy, couldn't come. It was an last minute thing that superbly bummed her out, so I have video to make her feel as if she were there:

Another sidenote: I had a unicorn moment at the end of the evening when Jesse introduced me to some guy backstage. I turned to Jessica as she pondered who he reminded her of and unwittingly responded with, "He kinda reminds me of Steven from Steven's Untitled Rock Show." Parker could hardly contain herself when she broke the news to me that it WAS Steven from Steven's Untitled Rock Show. I know...I really was meant to be born blonde. Oh well...I like to think of my stupidity as "cute." Is it working?

Friday, November 9, 2007

mtvU give Woodies

Sometimes I like to think of myself as the modern-day Punky Brewster. Just put me in pigtails, gift me a golden retriever, find me Henry Warnimont, and I’ll be sayin’ “PUNKY POWER” in no time!

Last night was the mtvU Woodie Awards. I joined in the festivities at the afterparty held in Times Square. Le location: Spotlight Live. It reminded me very much of a new generation Hard Rock Café sans la paraphernalia. The crowd was hyped on free drinks, drugs, and hormonal-titled awards.

It was just as I suspected…a bunch of big names and unrecognizable faces. Big shots and literally…BIG SHOTS! Glasses full of Jägermeister on the rocks or, as I prefer, sips of SoCo and Lime. Someone I DID recognize, though, as I walked off the pink carpet and into the venue doors happened to be a girl named Sheila. Seven years ago, third floor, Leo Hall…we were floormates our freshman year of college, but I probably hadn’t seen her since. Small world. After two solid minutes of playing catch-up, I dashed off to the bathroom to relieve my Malibu Baybreeze-filled bladder. Free drinks travel fast.

Parker and I were of the first few to tear up the dance floor. We set the tone for the rest putting their dance skills to test…leaving us with the high scores for sure. The soundtrack de la nuit bounced from hit to miss, either feeding or misleading our stride. Cotton candy was served which will later become an accessory to my curves and stunted thighs. Opaque yellow tights, blue shoes, and beret meandered up for priceless pickup lines and more so, those with puzzled eyes. Disco balls and soundproof booths…getaways for those wanting to hide the truth of makeouts and coked up snouts.

…and sometimes I wonder how I ever got into this world. It’s like a carnival ferris wheel that goes round and round. A rise and fall that, at first, makes your tummy tingle, but shortly after you realize what you just consumed makes you want to puke your guts out. Yack.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Jayms Madison

...the next Rihanna? Who knows. Basically, I'm spreading the word cause she's rad, and because I have friends working with her (styling, choreographing, etc.) For those music industry peeps...she's unsigned, so jump on that before someone else does. And if you wanna see her perform, go to Carnvial tonight. (I can't make it cause my friends, Augustana are in town...but you're not at their show, you should at least be at Carnvial...then Trainwreck, of course.) Have a lovely Tuesday, kiddies.

Friday, November 2, 2007

Skye not so-Sweetnam

So I went a' lurkin today in hopes of findin me some new tunes. I've had my eye on this one poptart, Skye Sweetnam, since the beginning of her teen years...and mainly because she opened up for Britney Spears back in her semi-sane days. Well, oddly enough, I turned on my tv the other day only to recognize her voice on a commercial (don't ask me how, her voice doesn't really stand out all that much). But it was that ipod know, the "Music is My Boyfriend" one. Anyways, here I am thinking..."Yessss...aother guilty pleasure pop song to jam out to!" Soooo I typed my fingers on over to her website and decided to listen to her jukebox. Big mistake. I was utterly disappointed! I wanted to hear more goodies, but the only goodies I got were good laughs. Uh! I expected that since she's like 5 years older now, she would at least have a few good songs dance around to. False. I can almost say her songs are more lame than Britney Spears' "Dear Diary." Wait, I still listen to that one (what? don't judge!)...ok, forget I ever mentioned that.

Then, I don't know what made me think this, but I went to her myspace hoping to find something that made me feel better about my curiousity. This video made me feel slightly better (only because she made it herself):

But this one did not:

Also, she's a dead ringer for Corey, at least I seem to think so...the lesser cooler version of Corey Kennedy but shorter, with pink hair, and lots of makeup? Hey, give me somethin here! I'm begging you!

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Once upon a time...

I had a horn.

...and that horn gave me magical powers....powers to manipulate hipster boys into thinking I'm a horny unicorn.

Oh, silly little you know. Your powers are weak and mine will always supesede yours.
credit: firstxcrush

Monday, October 29, 2007

Sister act

So I have this little sister that I'm not sure many of y'all have heard about, but she does exist. Ok, she's obvs not my biological sister, but she's probably the closest one I've had to having a lil sis (Yali, your still my big worries).

Anyways, I love this girl more than anything. She helped me thru some tough times and has been nothing but a great friend. I truly appreciate everything she's done for me. I can only wish upon the brightest future for her. Oh boy, I'm starting to get mushy. Anyways, I love tryin to keep up with her crazy life and all that she's got going on. Gosh, and she's only 17!

You should really check out her myspace music page, though. She's young, she's gorgeous, and she's oh-so talented. A singer, a dancer, a model, and an name it, she does it! Big things are in store for my lil Mashi Mash.

Big ups to the 2/3rds of the inside out oreo cookie! Where Tashi at?