Monday, January 28, 2008

Pro-Sex Runway

This is why I love the {edit:} Chinese. (Whatever, I still love the Japanese. Crap, I love all Asians.)

Models parade in outfits made of condoms during a fashion show at the 4th China Reproductive Health New Technologies & Products Expo in Beijing July 11, 2007. Condoms of all shapes and sizes were used to make dresses, hats, and even lollipops. Models fought through extravagant soap bubble special effects to show off tight-fitting wedding gowns, scaly-looking evening dresses, outrageous bikinis and other garments made entirely of condoms. The show was held at the Fourth China Reproductive Health New Technologies and Products Expo and organized by China 's largest condom manufacturer, Guilin Latex Factory, to promote the use of condoms in the fight against HIV/AIDS. It also marked World Population Day, organized annually by the U.N. Population Fund

Saturday, January 26, 2008

In CT sweating out a fever

So, I came home yesterday to help my dad take care of my mama who just had surgery this week....and I end up waking up this morning completely sick (I felt perfectly fine the day before). I had a fever, the chills, sweating, the aches, sore throat, everything. I'm just praying I dont end up nauseous. I wanted so bad to just keep my mom company and i couldn't, pretty much, be in the same room as her. Now my dad ended up taking care of us both. (I love my pops). I just feel so bad now. I hope they don't get sick because of me.


Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Please be patient....I'll have a new site coming soon, therefore the .com address is down. Like I said, just remember this address ( and you'll be cool to catch up on my blog. This whole process of creating a new site may take a while so bare with me.

All pictures are down, and I apologize for that. I'm switching hosts so I hope everything transfers okay. Pictures from the past week or more probably won't go up until I fix everything...sorry for the delay! In the end, it'll all be worth it cause I have a new camera and many new adventures to document.

Love always,
your lady .com

Monday, January 14, 2008

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Is it really true?

Sooooo...bout 1.5 times a years on average, it's been, undergoes a major change. Now, don't forget, I've been doing this since the year 2000, so you imagine what I started with (many rolls of film, a scanner, and remember geocities?) Anyways, yesterday, I took the plunge. I'm still sick to my stomach by it, but stoked out my mind at the same time...I bought my camera (a slightly earlier version, but still just as beautiful with 99% the same features and quality). Enough talking about it, I had to do it. I bought the Canon EOS 30D (saved a pretty penny from buying the 40D and spent it on more necessary accessories like a top-of-the-line flash). Btw, shhhhhh, don't tell my parents...they would kill me if they knew I spent this much money. I figure that, later down the road, this will be a huge investment for showcasing the best years of my life. It will be well worth every penny...just when I figure out how to exactly pay it off. Now, I'm not sure what I'm going to do yet (dude, it's only been a day), but I will probably end up detaching my blog from my photos, so if you actually read what I think than keep bookmarked in your brain. Obviously, I've always taken photos for my friends which I plan to continue (I actually wish I could calculate how much money I spent on getting "doubles" for my friends back in middle/high school/pre-internet days), but I also want to start taking pictures for myself. I took photography classes in high school, so it's been since then that I've got the chance to get creative (a simple point-and-shoot leaves little for the creativity). I am just so eager to learn about my new fancy friend. Anyway, I'm no NickyDigital, Brad Walsh, Bronques, or Cobra Snake (yet...hehe), but I hope you appreciate the upgrade as much as I do. Also, I'm not as much present in "the scene" as they are...I honestly just like taking pictures of my friends or anything interesting I see, so basically if you find yourself present in my life, then you will probably find yourself presented in my pictures. This will be my honest attempt at becoming what I've never had the legitimacy to say...a photographer. Wish me luck. This will be a new journey.

Friday, January 11, 2008

It ain't the cookin'

I think Christy's got the right idea...I love the city, but I hope I end up in the south.

All my life, I've had a love for New York City and it's polar opposite, the South. There's something about the southern accents, the southern hospitality, and their appreciation for the simple things in life. Their good nature, their irresistible charm...Ever since I got my own personal taste of the south, I realized I adore them. They are their own special breed, and I want one. I admit, I HATE country music (I'll accept Carrie Underwood if I'm in the right mood), but I love, love, love southern boys. Somebody find me one, please.

PS...I like the name Cohutta.

Mad about Nando!

This might not stay up very long, but I had to. Nando, I love you! At least we know he could be a backup singer for any of his artists.

Thursday, January 10, 2008


Ok, whoever catches me this lil bugger, will be my absolute hero for life!!! GIMME GIMME GIMME!!!!!

Such a little Knut

If anyone were to know how me and my roommate spend our evenings, it basically involves polar bears. Seriously. Especially this little guy:

We spend way too many hours watching Polar Bear-athon.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

200GREAT Gatsby Awards

Oh heyyyy...since everyone is on a "list" rampage, I'm about to join the fun, too.

Ladies and gentledudes, please give a round of applause for the...

200GREAT Gatsby Awards!!!

Honorable Mention:

This chick
Honorable Mention:

Thugboy in his pink tie

Jesse & Jessica
Honorable Mention (tie):
Brian & Jesse Lee
Ben & Kristen

Jesse & Jessica
(dreamy, isn't it?)

(don't know who he is, but the ladies were askin about him)

Jesse Lee

My 7-year old adopted Guatemalan cousin
(don't take this offensively, I really do have a 7-year old adopted Guatemalan cousin, and this girl looks just like her)
Honorable Mention:
Mr. Mighty Plaid Man 2007

Helium inflated balloons
Honorable Mention:
The red carpet

Little Justin
Honorable Mention:

(thanks to The Great Gatsby)
Honorable Mention:
(thanks to his razor and thin mustache)

Party In Your Bedroom

Sleepy Asian Dude
(he is actually asleep here, Christy is just holding him up)
Honorable Mention (tie):
Little Justin

"Someone" *ahem* dropping my camera and breaking it before the night was over

Honorable Mention:
Someone spilling champagne all over my 10 rolls of film

The countdown


*Pictures to be posted tonight!...or tomorrow if I get lazy*

Tuesday, January 1, 2008


I HAVE NO IDEA where to begin.

It is officially a new year. January 2, 2008. Can you believe it's here already? Gah, this year flew by so fast...and it was so great, it kind of makes me sad to see it end. This year was a HUGE turning point for me personally and professionally. I have to say it was pretty amazing...and I will say that 90% of it had to do with the friends I've made and spent my time with. I know, I know...mushy mushy Jiscilla getting all emotional and stuff, but I just can't help myself. Isn't this what life is all about anyways? Family, friends...the people you share your life with? Ok, I guess I'll continue with the 2007 mushy stuff and "Year in Review" for later cause that's not what I'm here to write about today. I'm here to talk about the par-tay/cele-bra-tion!

Monday night, man, was an insane night. We celebrated the future by taking it back to the past. It was New Year's Eve 1919 up in Ang, Evange, and JTJ's apartment downtown. I hosted a Great Gatsby-style NYE party with these lovely ladies along with Jesse Lee, and the help of Brian (balloon blower), Erica (DJ Dagger), & Jessica (Barftime) Parker. Seriously, a lot of work went into it, but it was WELL worth all the trouble. Actually, we had so much fun doing it, it was no trouble at all. We started set-up at 3pm and were non-stop getting ready till the moment guests started to arrive. I played decorator and planned out the decor accordingly, fitting right into the 1920s era. It's hard to pick my favorite decoration, but I was so adamant about balloons which poor Brian knew well as he did all the inflating. (Dang balloons fell almost before midnight, too! Oh well.) I set up a photobooth in the back of the apartment with my twins lenses reflex vintage camera taking pictures that I hope come out. We had about 30 something bottles of champagne to offer, a bottle of Dom, a minz keg, some vodka?, and whatever else people brought to share. We had made all sorts of hors d'œuves, and veggies n' dip to munch. We bought excessive amounts of party favors à la ridiculous New Year's Eve crowns, hats, blowers, bubbles that didn't blow, leis, horns, noisemakers, 2008 glasses, beads, pearls, and more. I think we were pretty prepared to throw one hell of a New Year's party if you ask me.

Ever notice how New Year's Eve is almost comical? Strange things happen...people get out of character. I don't remember how, but I ended up getting drunk (something I try not to do too often), but it was all in good fun. And apparently, a drunk Jiscilla cries...a lot. I think I helped the waterworks begin elsewhere, as well. I tend to do that, but usually in the opposite way. If I see someone else cry, I will almost definitely cry with them. Erica, thank you for our touching conversation in the bathroom. Ashley (my roommate), thank you for being the bestest friend I could have. My favorite part, though, is when I start laughing at myself, forgetting why I'm crying in the first place. One second: tears, the next: I'm cracking up and falling on the floor. Hmmmm, classy. Yeah, not exactly.

Anyways, I predict makeouts will be BIG in 2008. I won't rehash any memories (I promised my friends) by bringing up specifics, but I have to say there were lots of randoms and not to mention multiple tallies by the end of the evening. I'm still shocked by more than a few of them.

The midnight celebration seemed to last more than an hour (trust me I have it all on video and some of you can bow your heads in shame, now). I'll upload footage in the near future. I took over 300 pictures which I promise to post soon, but give me some time. I'll say I'll have them up within a week, but bare with me...I'm not feeling so well after all that has gone on this week.

We were out of alcohol around 4am and had to make a trip to the bodega downstairs to restock. Somehow, we kept going and even decided to go to Black & White at 5:00 in the morning. I left the apartment totally forgetting my ID and got denied at the door. I went back to the apartment, but didn't go to bed until around 8:00. I definitely suffered from that as I lay in bed, right now, feeling like my head is going to explode and my tummy is yelling "You idiot!"

The following day consisted of sleeping, watching Superbad, moonstruck, cleaning, chinese food, American Dreamz, and recapping the previous night by looking over all the pictures and videos I had.

It was a fun time, and I almost can't wait for next year's NYE's...80's prom, anyone?