Tuesday, October 3, 2006

Birthday Bash/Afterparty & Shopping Spree

So I suppose I'll make an update. Not too much going on right now. I'm just sitting at my desk at work where I should actually be doing some work...but that can wait, right? Anyways, I'll have more pictures up tonight (hopefully). I prolly won't get the ones up from Jessica Are I's Birthday Bash/Killers Afterparty for another week or so...but I will have the pictures from Gym Class Heroes/Cobra Starship show /afterparty for you and possibly even some extra from other nights out.

So yea...last Thursday was Jessica's Bday (Happy Birthday Jessica!), and we totally celebrated all night long @ The Annex. Erica planned it carefully so that each guest was a surprise, and I must say she pulled that off well. It was a blast. IMAROBOT (?) played a tune or two (which we really didn't stay around for, but decided to go downstairs instead). Then The Killers made an appearance weaving in and out our dance party we had in the basement DJ'ed by Ultragrrrl (whom I have yet to meet) providing us with a wide aray of dance party music. Supposedly it was an afterparty for them (The Killers), but I'm still curious as to what it was "after." Anyways, Mr. Michael Opeinnheimer (aka Mike) decided to come and stick it out, as well, even after his week-long party binge. Christy and I scoped the scene all night long eyeing a specific hottie in a blue hat, but instead got repeatedly molested by some guy who obviously never got the hint after I told him twelve times to lay off. Sadly, I had to pull him aside (to spare him the embarassment...if that was even a possibility) to specifically point out exactly why we wouldn't dance with him. Let me just tell you, it takes a lot for me to pull someone aside to repremand them, but I'm not afraid to do that if I find it necessary. He was just a bit un-called for and I wanted my girls to be able to have a good time without this guy tryin to get "all up on" everyone. Note to guys: If a girl says something like A) I have a boyfriend (even if she really doesn't) or B) Don't touch me or C) I don't want to dance with you...get the hint! I, later, apologized to his friend cause I did sorta feel bad for calling him out like that...I think he was a friend of a friend, too, so I didn't want to step on any toes. But overall, I think things worked itself out okay...sometimes, guys just annoy the crap out of me...lol. We still had mucho fun, though, and Erica got her first taste of the good ol' island...she (hopefully) slept cozy on my couch before having to wake up a few hours later. I had to go into work the next morning and I lead her off the island so she got home okay cause lord knows this place can make a person feel lost. Gotta love going to work on a couple hours sleep. They always enjoy my enthusiasm I have on days like that.

But anywayyyss...last week I kinda had a shopping spree. I bought the new Saosin CD and The Oohlas debut release. Fully satisfied. Must, must go out and buy The Oohlas...they're Oohla-lovely! Hehe. I also happened to buy the movie "Gia" which I popped in Saturday afternoon for a little bit of vegging out. I still can't help but want to be a lesbian for Angelina Jolie...lol. Then...I got to buy another pair of vintage boots (my third pair this month...eep!). I also bought a bunch o' socks the other day because I looove having supercute supercomfy socks (I just hate spending money on them, but they were cheap, so all was good). Hmmm what else? Oh, I bought this really cute secretary top, and 3 really amazing necklaces that pretty much cost me my lunch and breakfast for the next three weeks...(looks like Soup to go and PB&J for me ). Overall, though, my purchases has made me quite happy (for the moment, at least...er at least until I look at my bank account). I think I'll take a break this week and give my wallet a rest.

Well, I guess that's it for now...check back tonight for pics!

Much love,

Oh and PS, y'all must go out and buy this "Stay Gold" hoodie that my girl, Erica, designed for Clandestine Industries. I swear, it totally rocks and not just cause she designed it, either. When I put up new pics tonight, you'll see Gabe from Cobra Starship rocking it out at the show/afterparty. Everybody loves it. Yay Erica!

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