Monday, December 24, 2007

Ho Ho Hooorror flick

I know it is Christmas day and all....and this certainly should be the last thing I should be making a post about, but I was horrified when I came across this film that is set to release in the beginnings on next year.

The movie is called The Poughkeepsie Tapes, and since I spent 4 years of my life (my college years) living in Poughkeepsie...this obviously caught my eye. My first thought was "Oh great, first a horror flick about the island I currently live on and now a horror flick on the city I went to college in. People are gonna think I make bad habital decisions." (Yes, I think I made that word up, but go with me, here.)

I can't lie, Po-town (as we liked to called it) never had a good rap. It was known for druggies and prostitutes and had a higher murder rate than New York City. However, disregarding the city's reputatuion, Marist College somehow seemed to breed and maintain high class, Abercrombie & Fitch look-a-like, Catholic Christian students...not to mention the campus looked to be straight out of the catalog. The grass was always green, the computers were always brand new, we had one of the country's most advance would just never think Marist was located in a town like Poughkeepsie. Oh, but once you set foot off get a feel for the true Poughkeepsie flare.

Thinking back to how mad we used to get having to keep our "swipe cards" on us at all times to basically proved we belonged wherever we were, I don't think we realized what their true intent was. We joked and made fun of the campus security and how strict they were, but now...I'm kinda glad they were. However, they couldn't always protect us. There was the one time a townie got into Gartland Commons and held someone at gunpoint. Luckily no one got hurt and I forget the outcome of that incident, but it was the off-campus happenings that kinda stick out in my mind. I had one friend caught in a shoot out in the streets outside The Palace Diner...not even a block away from the house I lived in off-campus my senior year. This was the house I got robbed in the first week we moved in. We were the 2nd of 12 houses to get hit in a two week span. I walked in not realizing they were still in the house robbing us of our jewelry, laptops, digital cameras, money, and personal identification...and people wonder why I carry mase. And though, this isn't as scary as it is girls moved into a house off-campus, which they found out later in the year, a homeless man was living in the garage of the year before without the owners knowing. But I suppose nothing compares to the night (Halloween 2002) our star basketball player, Pierre, got shot in the middle of the dance floor at our beloved McCoy's (the legendary bar all Marist students knew well and loved). Ok, so that wasn't a townie-related incident, it was a fellow Red Fox...but still it adds to the depth of my story. Basically, what I'm trying to get across...Poughkeepsie was never the safest of towns. So this movie's relatability (?) scares the bejesus out of me.

I had to do some research though, just to make sure this movie wasn't a true story. Sad that I actually thought it was a possibility, huh? Well, it's even more sad that it actually IS based on a true story, but not specifically held to Poughkeepsie or discovered in the year 2001 (or else, I would have absolutely know the truth to this). Whatevs, I am obvs not going to go see this movie.

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