Monday, October 29, 2007

Sister act

So I have this little sister that I'm not sure many of y'all have heard about, but she does exist. Ok, she's obvs not my biological sister, but she's probably the closest one I've had to having a lil sis (Yali, your still my big worries).

Anyways, I love this girl more than anything. She helped me thru some tough times and has been nothing but a great friend. I truly appreciate everything she's done for me. I can only wish upon the brightest future for her. Oh boy, I'm starting to get mushy. Anyways, I love tryin to keep up with her crazy life and all that she's got going on. Gosh, and she's only 17!

You should really check out her myspace music page, though. She's young, she's gorgeous, and she's oh-so talented. A singer, a dancer, a model, and an name it, she does it! Big things are in store for my lil Mashi Mash.

Big ups to the 2/3rds of the inside out oreo cookie! Where Tashi at?

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