Friday, December 7, 2007

Missing man - pls read

I couldn't help but spread the word in hopes this message gets to the right person.

The moment I stepped out of my office this evening, right in front of my face I saw this sign plastered on top of an advertisement...and then, two feet down the street a few strewn along the sidewalk, and then, sign after sign attached to poles, payphones, or whatever else that was placed at eye level. Someone out there really wants to find this man. I could not walk more than a couple feet without seeing his face...his image being etched in my brain. Brilliant! Whoever posted these signs
knew exactly how to get through to people. Make it impossible for them not to look and you got them hooked. Then as I rounded the corner, a man was handing out these exact flyers. Since I was out of reach, I walked up to him asking for a few. He handed me three and asked me to place them where I like. As I got to the next corner, there was another man handing out these same flyers. He saw the three I held in my hand and thanked me for so much as caring. The only thing I could think is that this man is obviously missed, and what if this were a friend or family member of mine. All I could hope for is they find this man for
whatever the reason it may be. If you can help to spread the word, I'm sure his loved ones would be so grateful.

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