Thursday, December 13, 2007

Super shopper

Most that know me, know I lovvve to shop and i have a hard time turning down a bargain. Below, are all my purchase from two sample sales my company had (employees only, otherwise I woulda sent out invites). Keep in mind, this is great for gifting season and pretty much anyone who hates spending money on stuff they "need" instead of stuff they "want." Sorry, I will not spend $50 on a plain long sleeved tee, but I will spend $200 on a fabulous dress only to wear it once.

Keep in mind the worth of some of these to my total amount spent: a crazy low-blow of $276. Amazing, right?

15 bags
5 outerwear pieces
40 pairs of "undergarments"
10 hoodies/sweaters
15 long/short sleeve tees
3 tank tops
1 hat

Oh how I love sample sales!

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