Sunday, December 16, 2007

I Am Legend

I am dying to see this movie, and not just because my friends are in this. 1) I use to have the biggest crush on Will Smith (ok, maybe I still do), 2) I pretty much love any movie that Will does, and 3) Ok, and because my friends are in it.

I'm a little nervous seeing as it looks scarier than any normal movie I'd normally see (I don't do horror/scary movie...I get nightmares, lol), but maybe, now that I know my friend Joanna was one of those scary demon-like creatures I saw in the previews...maybe, just maybe, I can handle it. I stole this pic from her myspace of the lab scene:

Before when she mentioned she was one of the "infected people" in the movie, of course I had no idea what she was talking about. All I knew is that she had to shave her long gorgeous black hair off for the role...and I thought she was the bravest/radest person ever for doing it (dude, and she looks hott in a buzz cut, too). So here I was thinking maybe they were gonna have her in this crazy disgusting makeup of lacerations or whatever...but I didn't know she was actually digitally created! She probably told me before, but maybe I just didn't understand (not an unusual thing). rad, and I'm jealous she got to breathe the same air as Will Smith for an extended amount of time.

Also, Texas, who most of us know and love, is in this movie as well. She plays a mannequin and I will definitely be on the lookout for her when I go to the theatres to see the movie. I will probably give you another whole recap when I see it because its just what I do. Anyways, here's my plug: go see the movie...that way we can discuss laters. ;)

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