Friday, November 9, 2007

mtvU give Woodies

Sometimes I like to think of myself as the modern-day Punky Brewster. Just put me in pigtails, gift me a golden retriever, find me Henry Warnimont, and I’ll be sayin’ “PUNKY POWER” in no time!

Last night was the mtvU Woodie Awards. I joined in the festivities at the afterparty held in Times Square. Le location: Spotlight Live. It reminded me very much of a new generation Hard Rock Café sans la paraphernalia. The crowd was hyped on free drinks, drugs, and hormonal-titled awards.

It was just as I suspected…a bunch of big names and unrecognizable faces. Big shots and literally…BIG SHOTS! Glasses full of J√§germeister on the rocks or, as I prefer, sips of SoCo and Lime. Someone I DID recognize, though, as I walked off the pink carpet and into the venue doors happened to be a girl named Sheila. Seven years ago, third floor, Leo Hall…we were floormates our freshman year of college, but I probably hadn’t seen her since. Small world. After two solid minutes of playing catch-up, I dashed off to the bathroom to relieve my Malibu Baybreeze-filled bladder. Free drinks travel fast.

Parker and I were of the first few to tear up the dance floor. We set the tone for the rest putting their dance skills to test…leaving us with the high scores for sure. The soundtrack de la nuit bounced from hit to miss, either feeding or misleading our stride. Cotton candy was served which will later become an accessory to my curves and stunted thighs. Opaque yellow tights, blue shoes, and beret meandered up for priceless pickup lines and more so, those with puzzled eyes. Disco balls and soundproof booths…getaways for those wanting to hide the truth of makeouts and coked up snouts.

…and sometimes I wonder how I ever got into this world. It’s like a carnival ferris wheel that goes round and round. A rise and fall that, at first, makes your tummy tingle, but shortly after you realize what you just consumed makes you want to puke your guts out. Yack.

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