Friday, November 2, 2007

Skye not so-Sweetnam

So I went a' lurkin today in hopes of findin me some new tunes. I've had my eye on this one poptart, Skye Sweetnam, since the beginning of her teen years...and mainly because she opened up for Britney Spears back in her semi-sane days. Well, oddly enough, I turned on my tv the other day only to recognize her voice on a commercial (don't ask me how, her voice doesn't really stand out all that much). But it was that ipod know, the "Music is My Boyfriend" one. Anyways, here I am thinking..."Yessss...aother guilty pleasure pop song to jam out to!" Soooo I typed my fingers on over to her website and decided to listen to her jukebox. Big mistake. I was utterly disappointed! I wanted to hear more goodies, but the only goodies I got were good laughs. Uh! I expected that since she's like 5 years older now, she would at least have a few good songs dance around to. False. I can almost say her songs are more lame than Britney Spears' "Dear Diary." Wait, I still listen to that one (what? don't judge!)...ok, forget I ever mentioned that.

Then, I don't know what made me think this, but I went to her myspace hoping to find something that made me feel better about my curiousity. This video made me feel slightly better (only because she made it herself):

But this one did not:

Also, she's a dead ringer for Corey, at least I seem to think so...the lesser cooler version of Corey Kennedy but shorter, with pink hair, and lots of makeup? Hey, give me somethin here! I'm begging you!

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  1. I think this is more evidence that popstars should not write their own lyrics (dear diary, case in point)