Saturday, November 10, 2007

And now I think I'm ready to bust a move

Hardcore, serious love to last night's Motion City Soundtrack show at Roseland Ballroom.

Shamefully, I admitted to Jesse I've never seen any of his shows live before except at this year's Bamboozle. After going to this one, I don't know if I'll ever miss one again.

This is definitely another favorite to add to my list. I'll give it the award for the most dancable/best show to flip-out for. And though we had a table to sit at in the balcony...I could NOT sit still. As hard as I tried to record video/go all Jiscilla-Paparrazzi style on them, it was difficult to keep a steady hand while bopping around like a 15-year old girl.

And speaking of...pls note my teenage daughter will never go to concerts...not until she, at least, graduates from college. Srsly, little girls were on top of their friends' shoulders with their shirts off, whirling around their heads like lasso. I'm sorry, I just can't deal. Now, I understand why my parents deprived me of such things. Wait until their parents see the videos on youtube.

Anyways, disregarding the crude display of fandom, I'm glad everyone had so much fun. I felt really bad when I found out my friend, Christy, couldn't come. It was an last minute thing that superbly bummed her out, so I have video to make her feel as if she were there:

Another sidenote: I had a unicorn moment at the end of the evening when Jesse introduced me to some guy backstage. I turned to Jessica as she pondered who he reminded her of and unwittingly responded with, "He kinda reminds me of Steven from Steven's Untitled Rock Show." Parker could hardly contain herself when she broke the news to me that it WAS Steven from Steven's Untitled Rock Show. I know...I really was meant to be born blonde. Oh well...I like to think of my stupidity as "cute." Is it working?

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  1. LOL looooove the last bit. Also, I think it's Paul Rudd + somebody! somebody else! Geez. I had it yesterday but now I don't. Hm.