Wednesday, December 26, 2007

May your Christmases be filled with zombies

There's really no other way to spend your Christmas than with two good friends at the movies getting the bejesus scared outta them. Well, at least, I was scared. I had my hands over my eyes half the time.

Erica, Rob Hitt, and I spent le evening together woofing down a larrrrrrrrge bucket o' popcorn, two massive cups o' coke, and one expensive bag o' twizzlers. Nothing like holiday at the cinemas, right? I mean, we even had the delinquents in the front right-hand corner providing additional sound effects like, "Damn, dat white b*tch got knocked da f*ck out!" Nothing screams joy like a lil extra profanity. It's like adding cinnamon to your gingerbread latte.

We went to see I Am Legend, and I have to say I was pretty pleased. Obviously, it was scarier than my usual taste in movies, but I love lil' Willy and couldn't resist. My friend Joanna was the alpha female on the lab table throughout the whole movie. She freaked me out, so I have to say she did a good job, though all she did was really breath and scream once or twice. I don't think I could handle any other of the zombie-like creatures, though. I'm surprised they didn't give me a nightmare. The ending kinda sucked. I wasn't completely satisfied. And don't they know that the dog is never supposed to die in a movie! (Ooops...sorry if I spoiled it for anyone...I usually don't do that, but I had to vent). I don't know, maybe we should have gone to see something a lil' more cheery like Juno? Ok, not exactly, maybe Alvin and the Chipmunks?

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