Sunday, December 30, 2007

Last minute guide

I didn't forget, I swear. Let's do some last minute studying, shall we?

Ok, so ladies: you got the whole dress thing down, right? A simple drop waist with some pearls and you're set to go. Fancy it up with a boa, maybe some fishnets, or a feather in your headpiece...its up to you. Perfect example of a flapper style dress:

Then you got your how-to for finger waves. It's a great guide. If your not down with the effort that goes along with that, a black bob like Katie Holmes here is perfect.

And even if you can't manage that by chopping, tucking, or wigging it...a simple low bun will do. Remember, their hair was short and bobbed back in the 20s. As for makeup, your lesson was provided earlier, and I'm sure you could find more online. I really think we have it all covered.

Boys, don't fret...your attire shouldn't be too hard either. Fedoras are an easy accessory which many of you probably already have. You can use suspenders, black thin ties or bowties, pinstripes, gangster attire (not thug, but real gangster mafia style), spats (which I don't expect anyone to randomly have, but I would be quite impressed if you did), waxed mustaches, any sort of single-breasted suit, or just a plain white tuxedo shirt.

There ya go. Good luck...and see you tomorrow night!!!

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