Thursday, August 2, 2007

So You Think You Can Dance - Partner Swap

Fear not my dance loving's another Thursday, and I get to review my favorite TV show of the moment: So You Think You Can Dance.

Last week, I missed an episode, and how sad am I for that! Watching my favorite, Lacey Schwimmer, very closely this season...i may have missed one of my favorite performances of hers. I saw it on youtube today for the first time (but I'm at work with no sound), however....good lord, it looks hott! She was paired with Danny (their first time this season having a different partner), and having him as her partner I think worked great for her. Danny is the most amazing technical dancer on the show. He reminds me of this guy, Rupert, I used to dance with back during my Hartford Ballet days who is now dancing for the American Ballet Theatre. (I'll post a pic'll see the resemblance physically..but it's also there technically).

Anyways, enough jibber jabber last night's show was "eh." I'll post video once I can find it on youtube. They picked new partners again. Lacey was paired with Neil (my favorite male dancer...but prolly cause I just want to pinch his cheeks. He's adorable and has a fabulous character). They got to do 2 pieces last night. Latin Jazz and Contemporary are the two styles given to Lacey & Neil. I liked their first piece, but the judges were right in saying their connectivity as partners were not believable. Their contemporary piece couldn't be put any better by the judges...all technicallity behind, it was the most beautiful piece of the season and tears welled up in everyone's eyes. I balled like a baby. (Don't make fun of me) Seriously, was gorgeous, and Mary (the "Paula" of the judges) could not even speak she was crying so much. Amazing, just amazing.

My current standing favorites in order are:
1) Lacey
2) Sabra
3) Danny
4) Neil

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