Saturday, August 25, 2007

Blar Blar Blar

I'm up past 4:00am, and I didnt even venture my way out this evening. I always realize I stay up latest when I don't go out, which is quite the opposite of what I usually intend.

I went out for lunch today with the newly married Hollace Jane Bobker....we ate sushi and had ourselves a good ol' chat sesh. Since the city supports Summer Friday's, I did not have to return to work, so I moseyed my way home after where I knew I'd pass out for a delicious nap.

Honestly, I've been nothing but a party girl as of late, so I decided this weekend..I WANT MY REST, DANGIT! Sleepovers will still ensue, but I'll wait until tomorrow for that. Tonight, I needed "Me" time. I seriously did nothing but sleep, watch a few episodes of Scrubs, and scarf down some salad and a grapefruit (my meal de la season). It felt good to not have anywhere to go or people to see. Sometimes, it's just so hard maintaining the life of a city girl.

Also, I would like to note that just a minute ago I felt a rumble in my tummy and decided for some trailmix my parents had made up for me (they're nature people). I take my first handful, and I can't help but want to spit it right back out. It tastes like soap! One, this makes me think of Regina Spektor and her song "Music Box." And two, this makes me think that I shouldn't have packed the bag of trailmix next to the boxes of soap I carried in my suitcase back from a trip home. But if nuts, raisins, and other such dried fruits were not all that satisfying at (what is now) 4:40 in the morning...I have a lingering taste of Dove in my mouth. Not the "so fresh and so clean" feeling I was going for.

Anyways, I have nothing else amusing to say except for the fact that I "should" have new pictures up at some point tomorrow.


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