Thursday, August 30, 2007

Judgement day - Britney's new singles

Gahhhhh!!! I was just about to go to bed...and boom...there it is...Britney's new singles! The girl I idolized all throughout high school and college...Holy whoa! Obviously, I had to post this right away.

So, oh man, as much as I dispise her past few years, I would still love to see her put them all behind and pull through to make a miraculous comeback. Lord, somebody pls help this poor girl. new Britney music has actually come afloat. I will not lie when I say I really had so much fear as I clicked the "play" button on my compy screen. Here's my shortened opinion:

"Gimme More" - awesome beat, very catchy, totally danceable, I ACTUALLY REALLY LIKE! Yes, Britney...pls gimme more songs like this one.

"Cold as Fire" - when I first heard her voice, I literally jumped because I was so frightened. Cheesy lyrics (what else do you expect) and most definitely annoying. She sounds AWFUL! However...(oof, I can hear you guys gasping now)...after listening to it a second time, I'm ashamed to say it kind of appealed to me. I have every right to hit me over the head with a live chicken the next time I see you. I'm officially embarassed.

You can find the songs at

Now please...I need to hear your opinions. Let me know what you are thinking and actually the degree of lunacy you think I'm at. Oh, and thanks Dagger for bringing this to my attention. I'm glad you understand the importance of what this means to me.


  1. I had problems getting the songs from breatheheavy, but I went to the myspace, and got the "gimme more" single. I really dig it.

  2. Yesssss...finally AN opinion. PS...I love u.