Tuesday, August 7, 2007

I Am Legend

So there's this movie coming out in December starring non-other than Will Smith. It is called "I Am Legend" and is your typical, Will Smith saves the universe-type movie. I'm not exactly sure what it's about besides the fact that he is supposed to be the "last man on earth"...but obviously, we know that's not exactly how it's gonna go seeing as the movie would probably get pretty boring that way.

However, besides the fact that I love Will Smith...I am promoting this movie because my friend Joanna is in it. I'm not exactly sure of her role, but what I do know is that she had to shave her head for it. Yep, straight-up Britney Spears style...however, she did it before Britney made it, ummm....cool?

I've been dancing with Joanna for the past 4 years or so. I remember the shock on all our faces when she walked into the studio with a freshly buzzed cut head. The awesome thing is the new "do" looked awesome on her and gave her such edge. She has amazing facial features to pull it off and being half Japanese and half Irish it completed her unique look. She's beautiful.

Anyways, I remember her telling me the story of the day she had to cut it all off...balling her eyes out while all the other girls seemed to remain completely calm. One of the actors even held her hand for it. But hey, when you get to be in a movie with the drool-worthy Will Smith, I suppose it's all worth it. Plus, I'm sure this movie will be a hit with the Fresh Prince, himself, as the star...so when it comes into theatres, be sure to check it out!

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