Sunday, August 5, 2007

I'm a liar!

Geez louise, I can't believe what a liar I am. I so did not post pictures yet! I'm awful...and I give you full permission to yell, scream at me, and punch me in the uterus. I am a bad...bad webmistress!

Anyways...I'm lyin in a bed right now that's not my own and Jac is sleeping.

I'm writting to the world letting everyone know how much I am gonna miss Queen Mary Elizabeth and Jacqueline Marie (I don't know if that's her middle name, I just liked the way it sounds). This is their last day in NY and it makes me so sad. Why do friends always have to move and live so far away? Not cool man, not cool. But we've been tryin nothing but making the best of this whole last week. I think I've ate more and drank more this week than I have the whole summer. I'm so exhausted and full.

I get to go home next weekend though and hang with the fam for some birthday celebrations. I'm soooo happy to be seeing their faces again and I can't believe it's almost my birthday. I'm gonna be 25, dangit...25! Somethin just ain't right about that.

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