Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Bells come a ringin' once again!

I seriously have no idea what to say anymore…but another Frizzy is engaged!!!! This is seriously insane to me. Two frizzies and a hooker down...who's next? Jo-jo is marrying “hot gym dude.” It feels like just yesterday I was meeting him as he had to duck down for all the doorways at 95 Fairview. Wow, I’m so excited for Joj and Bobber! This is amazing.

Apparently, it only happened last Friday, but fret not…she has a location and date already picked out. My life has crazy friends, and I love each one, but dangit, stop getting married people! I feel like I’m gonna wind up an old hag living with 8 cats on the southside of Brooklyn. It doesn’t really help either when my grandfather keeps asking me when I’m gonna get married. Dude, I need a boyfriend first. I don’t live in smalltown, USA…I live in New York friggin City where guys are mostly bigger whores than Britney Spears (whoa, I said it…I did). Actually, I give credit to most of my guy friends…they are decent guys, but I can’t date them…they’re like my homies. Anyways, enough on my singleness …back to the happily ever after. Congrats, Jo-jo and Bob. I love you!

Oh...and I’ve already done the calculations. It turns out I have an 86% chance of being the last Frizzy to marry…unless, of course, someone wants to help me out with this one. Anyone?

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