Thursday, August 30, 2007

End of the Summer Survey

Yes, I was bored...Yes, I took another myspace survey.

1.] Was this summer better than last?
Well…yes, I would have to say it is

2.] What was your favorite part of summer?
new friends, old friends, curbside, rooftop BBQs, summer shows, trainwrecks, AK47, vegan food, brunches/mimosas/grey hound/bloody marys, Christmas morning, mindfreaks, british lingo, david blaine, vintage shopping, edamame, HSM marathons/discovering zac efron, bamboozle, so you think you can dance, …and so so much more.

3.] What was the worst part of summer?
The swealtering humidty

4.] Would you do something different that happened this summer if you had?
not really…I’ve had an amazing time

5.] What was the funniest night of the summer?
oh wow…there’s been quite a few! Actually too many to name…but pretty much every Tuesday night & sleepovers top my list.

6.] What was the most rememberable night of the summer?
Don’t you mean “memorable?”

7.] Have any regrets this summer?
nope, none at all

8.] Hook up with someone you just met?
wouldn’t you like to know

9.] Meet someone who made your summer complete?
Awww yes

10.] Pull an all nighter?
more times than I think I should have…but that just means I really went to bed around 5 or 6am.

11.] Did something you wouldn’t think you’d do?
hmmm…not that I can think of

12.] Do something you have always wanted to do?
try vegan food…and now I’m addicted

13.] Do anything against the law?
nah, I’m a good girl

14.] Did you fall for someone this summer?
you can say something like that

16.] Sleep in the opposite sex’s bed?
does it count if he’s a dog? Ok, it’s not really his bed anyways…it was Daggers…and we just snuggled a lil bit. But he’s the zac efron of dogs so that’s gotta count for something.

17.] Did a friendship end that you wish didn’t?
No…but I did have my Mary move back to LA. 

18.] Make any new friends?
absolutely…and amazing ones, too

19.] Did you go to any concerts?

20.] Kiss anyone of the same sex?
Ha! Erica caught me by surprise and kissed me the other night. I bet she doesn’t even remember.

21.] Have the best time of your life and wish you could have stopped time?
More times than I can count.

22.] Did something that hurt a friend?
Yeah…but I did unintentionally. I’m glad I have friends I can talk things through with.

23.] What’s one thing you took advantage of this summer?
a lot actually…having fun, just enjoying spending time with my friends, stopped worrying about little things

24.] Who made you laugh the most?
Oh dear, my friends are a riot. Mary cracks me up…Erica, Jessica, and Kelly are hilarious….and Christy makes me laugh uncontrollably till I can’t breath.

25.] Who did you hangout with the most?
Our whole crew, really…we have a large group of friends. Prolly Curbside, Mary, Angela, and Perry.

26.] Who threw the best parties?

27.] Did you gain hate for anyone this summer?
Honestly, hate is such a strong word…and it really bothers me when people use that term. I really don’t hate anyone. There are people who I’m jealous of, people who’ve made me sad, people who’ve hurt me…either I’ve chose to remain friends with them or I’ve chose to forgive them, or I’ve looked past my jealousy. Life is too short for enemies and crazy drama.

28.] Did anyone gain hate for you?
I hope not.

29.] Pick one song to be the "soundtrack to your summer" & explain why.
Anything from High School Musical. Or…lil’ mama & avril lavigne. LOL! Ha…we’re so retarded and I love it.

29.] Did you gain feelings for a friend you didn’t think you’d fall for?
Can’t say I have

30.] Do they know?

31.] Best movie of the summer?
She’s the Man, HSM, ….Point Break hahaha

32.] Did you get in any major trouble this summer?

33.] Realize who your one true friend/friends are?
I have a lot of friends...and they all mean so much to me. I really am so lucky.

34.] What was the most awkward moment of the summer?
Awkward is not just a feeling but a lifestyle. My friends and I basically live for those moments.

35.] The most sad?
When Vanessa was leaving Zac even though you know she really didn’t want to (Becca..that was for you…oh shiii…did I just blow your cover???).

No but seriously…prolly when Mary left for LA…I might have shed a tear.

36.] When you look back on something you did this summer that embarassed you can you laugh now?
I’m always laughing at myself…I do a lot of embarrassing things.

37.] Did you get a gift this summer that meant something really special?
Quite a few things…my birthday was such an amazing day for me, I bought myself a Macbook (I was stoked on that), and the “friendship” bracelet that Mary gave me…awwww

38.] Favorite picture of the summer?
Holy whoa…there’s more than I can count. I’m a friggin picture fiend. They don’t call me Jiscilla Paparazzi for nothing.

39.] One thing that you will NEVER forget about summer 07?
My friends

40.] Last minute goals you want to do this last week of summer?
Hmmmm….All summer I wanted to get into swing/latin/partner dancing…but just because I prolly wont get it accomplished by the end of the week doesn’t mean I’m not gonna make it happen.

41.] Did you make the most out of your summer?
I definitely think so

42.] Do you look back on something that you wish you should have done?
Not that I can think of

44.] Are you ready for summer to be over?
Absolutely not…as much as I love fall…summer has been a blast.

45.] Are you excited for school to start?
I’m not in school anymore.


  1. I am proud that I shed tears for HSM2, also...Monster loves snuggling you!

  2. Not gonna lie, I worked hard to hold mine back...but there's always this weekend and HSM marathon #3

  3. sob, "Oh...her mom is here in the minivan!", sob.