Tuesday, July 31, 2007

You're a trainwreck...

I can't even begin to explain how we've fully taken on the role of becoming full-time trainwrecks cause quite frankly, I'm not even sure myself…maybe because I've been too drunk to even notice.

With that said, I think it's time for me to stop denying the fact that I am a Sober Sally. Yes, I admit, that once was me (and hopefully it won't get too outta hand), but I've been taken out of my shell and have fallen under the peer pressure. My good friend Mary, whom I met this summer, has been a bad influence on me, and I'm sure she'll gladly take full responsibility. I still tend to stick to my 2 drink maximum, but for some reason, I always end up with a straw in my mouth and a drink in her hand. Not to mention, my friendship with the Curbside Gang has been threatened on more than one occasion (ie. "you can't expect to be friends with us and get away with not drinking"). Thank you, Parker…thank you, Dagley.

Now, seriously, you shouldn't refer to this term in the negative sense. Most people automatically have a view of our soberless sisters Britney Spears or good ol' LiLo Crackhead in their minds, but really, people, you should be thanking us for providing you with such entertainment. We make our lives less ordinary and yours significantly less boring. Maybe, those we refer to as "normal" at the bars will stop wondering why and come to understand why it is you are ignored. Come on...let loose, get emo, provide some mystery, give us something to talk about, and lets us want to lurk you the next day.

All I know is I think I still have alcohol pumping through my viens and msg oozing from my skin. Lots of asian cuisines, tons of dairy related desserts, many sugar injected substances, and the best fake meat one could eat has been happily accepted into our diet (did I mention all while be washed down by L'Ambrusco and Goldschlager?). The past 168 hours has been spent drinking or getting through a hangover all eluding nothing but good ol' fashion summer fun.

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