Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Best birthday ever!!!

Cheers to the best birthday ever! And a huge thanks to everyone who helped me celebrate it.

Whether you were there in the flesh or in spirit, it was all so appreciated. I have never felt so loved. :) Srsly, after a decade of no birthday parties, this one sure made a lasting impression on me. All I could have ever wanted was just to be in good company of all my friends and it was exactly that.

The day even began well at work. It was a half-day thanks to “summer Fridays,” and Temis and I worked our butts off to make sure we got out right on the 3-hour mark. After we finished up, her and a couple girls from work took me out for lunch at Moonstruck (yummy BLTs and fries). As time was starting to fly by, I realized my appointment with Ray (hairstylist) was coming up quickly, so I headed downtown. No matter what type of day I’m having, a visit to Ray always makes it better...and since my hairz were kind of in a funk, I was definitely in need of his magical touch. But, oh boy, by the time he was done, it started to rain hardcore. This is how I left the salon:

What? I didn’t want to ruin my hairz on ma burfday!

Anyways, I got home and needed a quick nap and a shower avec le lunch lady cap. My roomie had already picked me out something to wear, so I got ready in no time...ready to meet up with my ladies at my absolutely most favorite vegan restaurant ever: Red Bamboo. Oh, but False!…the wait was over an hour. No worries, we went next door to VP2 (run by the same kitchen, also vegan, and equally delicious). Angela, Erica, Jessica, Perry, and I ate meals for 2 (us and our soy babies). Vegan Oreo Cheesecake was had, endless amount of laughs cramped our abdominals (pls see firstcrush for quotes from the evening), and a walk to Angels & Kings was where the real celebration began. Friends from work, high school, friends of friends, and more came out to dance the night away. The bar was ours and the lovely DJs Sarah Lewitten (Ultragrrrl) and Karen Plus One (Le Tarts of Pleasure) made the night with besties like Lil Mama and Avril Lavigne on the playlist. The whole night was just perfect. I couldn’t have asked for more.

Again, I just have to thank EVERYONE for the phonecalls, the ims, the texts, the gifts, your love…etc. etc. You made this the best birthday ever! THANK YOU!

I love my friends.

PS...If you lost an umbrella ella ella that night, I picked one up from our booth. We were the only ones sitting there so I figured someone forgot it on their way out. Let me know if you're missing one.

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