Monday, October 8, 2007

Watch Conan O'Brien...Paramore performs Tonight!

I can't believe I'm up this late (or this early?) but I'm here to tell you that you best be plopping yourself in front of the tube, I mean tonight?

Conan O'Brien show...guess who's performing??? Yep, that's right...Paramore! Aren't you excited? Haha.

Yet again, I'm so stoked for them. They just flew in from Australia a few hours ago, so I hope they rest up. Jeremy's got a a real full grown beard. You gotta see it for yourself.

Annnnnnnd, if you don't watch tonight, we just aren't real friends. Performing is their forte...I promise you will love it. If for some reason (like your cat died or something) you miss it...they are performing on TRL (*edit*)Thursday (*edit*). Basically, you have no excuses but to see at least one of their performances. Now set those DVRs!

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