Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Slack Jack

Oh hello there, friends...

Mucho has been going on in my world, but nothing too exciting. Just workin like a bee, tryin to stay sane in this industry of hell. This is why I've slacked on the updates this past week. As you know, I didn't get to stop by Angels & Kings last night for Trainwreck, but I do promise to have Trainwreck/the Cartel Afterparty pictures up by sometime check back later.

Oh, and in my last post, I lied...Paramore was not performing on TRL Tuesday, it's Thursday instead. They pre-recorded the show on Tuesday hence why I got a little confused. So now, if you missed both shows, you have one more chance! And, um, can we just talk about whatever happened to the "L" part in TRL? K thanks.

Anyways, they are home now enjoying some quick time off before they head out on yet again another tour, but here they are in Monday's performance on Conan.

PS...the sound wasn't that great. The band did an awesome job, but it sounded way too muffled and dry. For some reason, talk shows can't get it right when setting up rock music.

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