Friday, October 5, 2007

Photoshoot fun

Today started quite early for me. I woke up at 6:30, showered, and prepared to spend 12 hours around 6ft tall, gorgeous, foreign women.

I rolled into the studio around 8:00, set up all the garments I needed to dress my model in, and mingled with the photographer and his assistants since there was a huge chunk of downtime. The two models arrived at 9:00: Marlene (pronounced Mar-lain-a) from Germany and Nadia from Russia. Both were obviously beautiful, but neither looked like the pictures on their comp cards. Nadia is a Paris Hilton look-a-like, and Marlene kind of looks like a played down version of Angelina Jolie. Hair stylist, Raphael, and makeup artist, Mario, started on the girls not too long after. The set was already finished being set up, so we sat with the photographers David (a dead-ringer for Ryan Gosling), Jason, and Jose. These guys were totally cool, and I could have easily invited them out to AK one trainwreck Jason is from Georgia and 6ft 5inches tall. He recently chopped 12 inches of his hair donated to Locks of Love and shaved his burly beard for a Glamour magazine makeover (look for him in an upcoming issue). Shaw, the designer, was not so flamboyantly gay, but had a definite sense for fashion. His 15 year-old son (yes, that's correct), Alex, came in and got some headshots taken during our lunch break to jumpstart his own modeling career. I did not believe he looked a day under 21. He, too, was a spitting image of someone famous: Ryan Atwood from The OC. Dang, why can't I look like somebody?

Anyways, I didn't expect these girls to be bitchy or anything, but I didn't expect them to be sooo nice. Marlene was so so so so sweet, and Nadia was hot-to-trot and full of laughs. They were fun to be around, and now I understand why the booking part of America's Next Top Model is so important. It just makes the whole day so much more gratifying and less stressful. They were totally down to buisness when necessary, and I must the job done (fabulously).

I was so happy with how the day went...and not one moment was unpleasant. Everyone was in good spirits leaving me with a great start to the weekend and me daydreaming about my comfy, cozy leather couch back at my apartment.

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