Thursday, October 4, 2007

Ivy League

Tonight, Parker, Dagger, and I trecked out to Williamsburg to support and see Alex & Ryland's own band (they're, also, both in Cobra Starship) at Luna Lounge...and, pretty much, to see the lovely Lauren Ashley play the trumpet. Honestly, I have to say my expectations were high considering just the way they dress. Those guys can outdress any guy I know and have more class than....uh, I tried to make an anology, but came up know where I'm going with this, though. That and the fact that Alex and Lauren Ashley are, by far, the cutest couple on this planet. You want to hate 'em for it, but you simply can't. They're too adorable. Anyways, it was a great show and all I could think about while I was listening to them play was, "where are they selling their EP?" (I picked it up immediately after). Erica and Jessica put it best on what their sound is like...I wish they were here to explain it, but since they're not, I uploaded one of their songs for you to check out. Oh and you should def check out their myspace page, as well.

This is Ivy League - Crown of Love

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