Thursday, October 4, 2007

RoL/Jes Spoiler/Insider Scoop

Thanks to OhNoTheyDidnt and my gal pal, Becca...I've been hugely disappointed and let down. After all the faith I put into this reality show (Rock of Love), my love for you has tumbled. *tear*

Read the following in you're interested or wanting to feel sad:

Rock of Love's Jes -- spolier-y myspace mystery!
I was browsing an earlier ONTD post about some info found on one of the Rock of Love contestant's MySpace pages. I decided to dig around and came across some interesting (and possibly spolier-y) information about Jes.

On Jes's official Rock of Love MySpace page, she has a huge pic of herself modeling for a company called Chii Clothing. If you go to Chii's MySpace, you'll find a hot guy named Quade there. Quade's MySpace has pics of himself looking cozy with Jes:

Both Quade and Jes list themselves as "In a Relationship." And there's a mysterious girl who calls herself "~ Anchor ~" who is one of Quade's top friends (right beside the "official" Jes), and has posted several comments on his page, including a ton of cryptic, flirty messages about boats and water. Here is Anchor's MySpace user pic:

Coincidentally, she is 23 years old and from Illinois, just like Jes. So I think it's safe to assume Anchor = Jes. I should also mention here that Quade's MySpace title is "••FUC VH1•• And Fuc you wierdos!!!" and Anchor's MySpace title is "I agree with Quade." Hmmm....

If Jes did end up winning Rock of Love, it sure doesn't look like she stayed with Bret for very long after the show wrapped!

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