Wednesday, October 24, 2007

I spend my life savings on toys

I have been way too sleepy this past week to type anything quality. My insomnia is back in full force which is not so fun for mid-day lazy spells. Lots n' lots have been going on. I've been getting slightly overwhelmed, but I had a nice long weekend to kind of forget about things and just have some fun.

I had an awesome vistor, Nikki Lee, come in from LA on Thursday. He flew in early morning and pretty much woke me up with a phonecall to tell me he was in my lobby downstairs. We went out to the Heist party later that night at Rebel which I just recently posted pictures from. It was a pretty large/rad venue with plenty of rooms to venture around in. Miss photog, Jacquelene, was also in town for the occassion and was holdin down the photobooth (can't wait to see those pics). Crazy kids all around. Free booze in the VIP with "Legit" JV bracelets. I dug the scene with it's fake(?) trees, chandeliers, green walls, and all. Lexi Lex was set to perform later in the night which I regretfully missed. I wanted to see her with her new band she formed earlier that day (yes, you read that typo). AK and pizza were an obvious way to end the night.

Friday morning, we slept in, and I decided to take the day off so Nikki and I could do some damage in Soho. I pretty much spent most of my money at KidRobot indulging in some pretty sweet toys. I bought this awesome yellow and black lumberjack check hoodie from the men's section of another store and Nikki bought a purple button-down flannel in the same print. We matched, but that was totally not planned. When I got out of the store, I took off the hoodie I had on and immediately switched to my new favorite purchase. I got complimented on it in the streets, twice in the Kidrobot store, once in a Duane Reade, a couple other times somewhere else. I admit, I felt cool. Later that evening, we went out to this art/fashion showcase of a friend of mine's. He has his own line and designs very graphic-y t-shirts, hoodies, cardigans, etc. His latest collection, a Brian Wood Exclusive, was on display in honor of Halloween. We entered the building and felt like mice in a maze just trying to find the studio it was held in. We found the location by following the horror sounds from movie Pyscho they had playing on a projector screen. When we got there, free booze and candy were offered. I said my "hellos," mingled for a bit, and posed for some pictures. I had to show my support and bought a shirt of his. Though he only had men's clothing on display, we found a small that would fit me (please see my previous post for a pic). It glows in the dark...just sayin! We only stayed a short while so we could head out to The Annex, but by the time we arrived there, we were pretty exhausted and decided to turn home. We ordered a very large feast of Chinese takeout instead. Best. idea. EVER!

As for the next day, Nikki ventured out into the city on his own and I did a massive bleach cleaning at my apartment. I was supes stoked on the shine from my bathroom and kitchen. I actually might have been blinded by the brightness and poisoned by the fumes. I'm surprised I survived.

At night, we AK'ed it up for more CMJ afterparties where Dagger DJ'd the whole party. She threw us out dancetastic tunes and received a dance party in return. She's the only DJ I know that can manage that Angels & Kings (no offense, Rob Hitt/Ultragrrrl). Oh hey, and Parker made an appearance! I was glad to see my ladies. Also, new friend, Brian, was in for the fun. Some people got extra drunky, some managed to stay low key. All in all...another successful fun'scapade!

Sunday....Sunday was what we called "Kids Day." KidRobot and I had met again and I purchased even more cuties to add to my collection. It's addicting. Don't get yourself involved, trust me. I just can't resist their ugly, morbid charm. I'm officially obsessed. My new favorite collection is the Bent World Vandals. PS...if anybody buys me the Snorse I saw on display at the store, I would love them forever. It is sold out everywhere else! Pwease!? It's only $250.

Then we headed uptown to go home, but got caught by Dylan's candy. Um, whoa. We went all know how I get with my candy. It's a little too dangerous to live this close to a candy store. We even contemplated throwing a private party at the store the next time all the "kids" are in town. I took down the information, bought my candy, and got out of there as quick as I could. Then, since we decided we spent enough money for the weekend, we finally went home and made a nice pasta dinner. Yummy foodz filled our tummies as Nikki and I unwrapped all our mutant friends to see what surprises we got.

Monday, Nikki left back for LA. I already miss having him as a sidekick. It was back to work and straight to buisness where stress seemed to settle in quite quickly. I am taking the entire week off from going out and just spending it on my couch. I want to be top notch for all Halloweening events this weekend and next week. What to be? What to be. Guess you'll just have to wait and see. ;)

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