Monday, September 17, 2007

Used and abused

Last week The Used were in town and performing at Roseland. I went over early to hang out with Perry, Angela, Sadaf, & Jess. While Perry and I were waiting for Angela to finish up photoshoots with the band, we got hit on by prepubescent teens (ok, maybe they were in their late teens, but to us, that's still young...even for me). We felt as awkward as a freshman at Prom. This is when we decided we needed a drink, something we couldn't do when we were fourteen. None of us had eaten that day or at least, since we hit up the hot dog stand and ordered a bun. (the actual dog? gewww!) We made our way upstairs to the balcony to hang out, chill, and get away from the raging concert goers. We had an awesome view, so, of course, I took out my camera to snap away. There was a photographer next to me who pulls out his big Rebel XTi (it's an expensive camera) and here I am with my itty bitty, puny digital cam. When he offered to trade, I told him not to tempt me...I've been wanting a legit camera for a while now. Monies is the only real problem. I can't afford extravagencies like that right now (I just bought myself a Macbook...yes, I'll save that for another entry). I got some cool shots from above the crowd, though. They were amazing. I think my favorite part was watching them all jump, clap, yell, and mosh in unison. There was one song where Bert splits the crowd and gets them ready to basically charge eachother like bulls. It was something that was both scary and amazing to watch at the same time. I was sure someone would get hurt and realized this is how kids die at concerts. Luckily, the drama didn't unfold the way I envisioned it in my head. It looked like two opposite wave currents smashing into each other except it was people instead of water. I caught it on video because I knew this was something you just have to see for yourself. It was insane. Pls see below:

Other than that my week was consistantly low-key. Going out on a Monday night exhausted me and set the tone for the rest of the week. I stayed in most nights and attempted work on my portfolio. It’s coming along, but I keep changing it up. My mind is wanting to try new ideas every time I get started (probably because I've deprived it from creativity for so many years). I was supposed to go karaoking on Thursday evening, but I felt lazy after a long day at work. I'm slightly disappointed I declined my invitation as Becca and I had a debut scheduled. Suarez ended up filling my spot and jeopardizing the reputation of the fabulous duo and our future together. I'm saddened by this so I challenged him to a gangsta's paradise showdown. Lets see if he graciously accepts.

Friday, Becca made her first trip to le island with a Monster in tow. Literally, she hid her pup, Monster, under her hoodie to sneak him into my building. I think its retarded how dogs can't even live here let alone come for visits. I need animals in my life! We're allowed to have anything but a I hear, mini horse?

Also, this past weekend, I downloaded the pilot of this new show I'm sure you've heard much "gossip" about. Yup, "Gossip Girl." Its supposed to be the next "OC" and I actually think it might be better. I was so stoked when I heard rave reviews because I need some new show to obsess over since "So You Think You Can Dance" is done and "Rock of Love" only has one episode left. Soooo, since Friday evening, I've watched the pilot (which you can DL on iTunes) 4 times. Speaking of, we saw the original pilot they had before the iTunes version came out and there was a dramatic difference in sountrack changes and a couple switch ups in dialog. My friends roommate was shooting their "behind-the-scenes" promo pictures and got a the version on DVD. Score! Regardless, its an amazing show and I'm already in love and have crushes on %60 of the characters. Seriously, we have this show already laid out (i.e. the Mischa Barton, the Seth Cohen, the Desperate Housewives-ish narrator, the real-life relations we have to people in our own current lives. It'll be fun to get into.

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