Thursday, September 6, 2007

Its fun to be one!

So its almost already the "next weekend"...but last weekend was so much fun, I have to write about it.   Really, there wasn't much to it, but I feel so awesome that my friends and I could have so much fun doing absolutely anything or nothing at all.   We're so entertaining.

So the weekend involved epic music, birthday parties, dance parties, scattegories, notables, snuggle time, HSM (obvs), a Monster, The Last Unicorn, & lots o' foodz (yes...with a "z"...get into it!   If you haven't already and thought I wasn't cool enough to get you into it in the first place, pls see Jesse's newest tattoo).  So yea...we began by attending the much anticipated Monty Are I show at The Knitting Factory.   I actually made this one on time! I, also, believe it was my first time NOT getting lost on the way.  It never fails no matter how many million times I've been there before, I can never find it.   Anyways, after the usual face-melting performance, we wanted to get a head-start at the bars while the boys packed up the van.  This is when we met up with Jesse and Jonah at The Hairy Monk (I originally thought the name was Hairy Monkey, but I think Hairy Monk is even better).  We secluded ourselves in the back where we indulged in drinks, amazing fries (in circular form...kinda like silver dollars), and conversation.  We tried to decipher who would win in a fight:   Jonah or Jesse? We went with the latter.  Then, Jonah or Jessica?...again, the latter.  Sorry Jonah.  When we were done with the intense debate, it was time for MONTOURAGE.   We and the whole Monty crew met up at good ol' Angels & Kings.  There were lots of familiar faces, lots of drunken fools, and lots of people in general.   I'm sad I got tired and left the night fairly early...I mean, I missed out on someone taking a piss in the corner of the bar!  False, I would have been über repulsed.   Gah, people need to grow up!  Oh wait, they really DO need to grow up.  They were underage and shouldn't have been there in the first place.

Annnnyways, onto Saturday funz.  There's nothing more awesome than celebrating birthdays...especially when it's for a dog!  Monster (Becca's pup's) just turned one, and we threw him a minz surprise party at Erica's place complete with party hats, cupcakes, presents, and a birthday song!  Erica is quite the party planner.   Oh, oh...and not to mention, High School Musical party favors (wristbands and cups) which we may or may have not brought out with us later that night...which brings me to:   Justin & Tyler's housewarming party.   There's nothing like drinking from a minz keg and Zac Efron's beautiful face (PS...I don't drink beer, but I get excited for my friends who do...I mean, it's a minz keg!   It's so cute!).  Full on dance parties were had (obvs...we WERE with Team Couch!  Team Couch + The Curbside Gang = Dance Parties).   Erica took over DJ style and gave us quality beats to step to.  It made us forget that we legit got followed by three cars on our way to finding their party/new apt.   Note to self:  NEVER walk alone, in a group of 4 or less girls, or basically EVER after dark in Bushwick.  You WILL get cat-called and you WILL be followed by supped-up cars full of more-than-sketchy dudes.  I'll have you know, though, we were in defense mode the entire way.   My thumb was on my mace button ready for some spray-to-the-face action, Becca had 911 already punched in on her cell phone ready to dial, Erica had the minz keg in hand and was not afraid to bash some players down, and somehow...Kells had no idea we were being followed???   What???  Whatevs, we made it alive and vowed never to go back unless a boy had escorted us directly from the subway to the door in the shortest distance possible.   So yeah, after all those scare tactics, the rest of the weekend was pretty low-key.  We played some scattegories on the rooftop and an epic game of notables post (another) minz keg.   We watched both High School Musical 1 & 2 for the 3rd or 4th weekend in a row (it never gets old), several episodes of Rock of Love (we love Jes...die Lacey!), some fabulously cheesy Mandy Moore movie, and The Last Unicorn in which I apparently was deprived of during my childhood years (Mom?   Where were ya on this one?).  Erica, Becca, Kelly & I had a romantic dinz at the infamous "Sea" off the Bedford stop.   Miss Baillie and Jeffrey Ventre had taken me to the Manhattan version earlier that week as a belated birthday treat and apparently I couldn't get enough of it.  It's my new favorite non-vegan restaurant.   And as if all that talk about food wasn't enough, I cannot continue on without requesting a moment of silence for the beloved 255 Restaurant (not just an address, but an actual restaurant, too). It has since then been deceased.   We all took it pretty harshly upon our Sunday morning discovery, and it wasn't a good scene.  Literally, police had seen us in distress and helped us move on with our lives.   He directed us to a nearby diner/café which left us with comments like, "Um, guys...I kinda feel safe here...I don't know if I like it," "I feel like I need to change my shirt if we eat here." However, we left the eatery remarking, "here, you pay for your meal first, and then they forget your least at 255 you get your meal and then when you go to pay they forget your order," "I think I still have a hangover.   There wasn't enough grease." Our heart still is with you 255, you will not be forgotten!  Maybe Becca's party hat fowl was a subconscious ode to your memory.   Then again...probably not.  She left it in the freezer of the bodega when she was getting a Ginger Ale.  Not really related...Whatever.

That was our weekend, and that was my story.  The end.

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