Thursday, September 27, 2007

I want tattoos

...but I change my mind every 2 friggin seconds about what I want. I guess that means I shouldn't get one...huh? Actually, I don't really change my mind, there's just a bunch that I want (and that would actually mean something to me, too)...I just assume I'm craving one because I have zero! Someday, I swear I will be getting one...or two..or three. Hehehe. My parents will not be happy...although, my mom DID say she'd get one if they made ink that would disappear after 5 or 10 years....and she loves watching Miami/LA Ink. We have a bargain going on...I think I can make it happen.

Oof. I'm 25...I can obvs do whatever I want, I just don't want to break their little hearts. I lurve them too much. Oh dear, o dear....parents!

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